Do you have a birth certificate?

Autarchic 2011/05/10 22:59:57
George Washington didn't have one, neither did Abraham Lincoln! Why do you?

In short, a government issued birth certificate is issued with consent of one parent at the time of birth. The birth certificate is sent to a government agency, generally the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Here, another ‘birth certificate’ is issued, this one spelling the name of the baby in all capital letters, creating a fictional entity (strawman or trade name). If the name on the birth certificate were to represent the baby as a natural individual, it would be spelled with the appropriate upper and lower case lettering. For example, John Quincy Adams, not JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. The all capitals spelling of the name creates a corporate fiction (a strawman, a trade name), which the government can regulate and control.

With the issuance of a birth certificate on this fictional character, this strawman or trade name is placed into international commerce. The government issues a bond on the birth certificate in the amount of $630,000 (today’s value), and the bond is sold on a securities exchange. It is always purchased by the same corporation, the Federal Reserve Bank. Through some trickery and deception, the baby becomes the surety which guarantees the payback of the bond. The trick is to get the baby to volunteer to pay... all of his (or her) life. And that is what the following essay is about... how to avoid becoming liable for a fictional strawman or trade name that was a creation of government for the purpose defrauding the individual (the baby).

To be more specific, a second "negotiable instrument" is drawn on the value of the first that is held by the state, which is then bought and so "accepted for value" and then held by the Depository Trust Corporation. (Also see "Who Is Running America?".)

Negotiable Instruments include 'Promissory Notes', 'Bills of Exchange', 'Letters of credit', 'Bills of lading', 'Securities' (such as stocks and bonds) as in the "security of the person", 'Deeds' and 'IOUs'.
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  • ~TimelordGallifrey~ 2012/11/11 06:38:43
    Yes I do!!!!!
  • Autarchic ~Timelo... 2012/11/11 16:03:34
  • ~Timelo... Autarchic 2012/11/11 17:49:42
    Y wrong?
  • Mississippi lady 2011/05/12 22:38:56
    Mississippi lady
    I have one; but I am not agreeing to pay anthing.
  • keeper 2011/05/12 22:28:52
    I have one... freshly forged... ink isn't quite dry yet... LOL
  • none 2011/05/11 19:42:39
  • Jake - 4Q2 2011/05/11 13:28:10
    Jake - 4Q2
    Yes, because there are too many things which require one to not have one.
  • Autarchic Jake - 4Q2 2011/05/11 13:33:54
    I do not need or want anything that requires one!
  • Jake - 4Q2 Autarchic 2011/05/11 13:36:57
    Jake - 4Q2
    Have fun getting a passport, student loan, bank account....
  • Autarchic Jake - 4Q2 2011/05/11 13:53:15
    Have no use for a passport, I do not borrow and I do not deal with crooks!
  • Jake - 4Q2 Autarchic 2011/05/11 13:58:33
    Jake - 4Q2
    Well, if I were 65, maybe I could feel that way too. I'm 26. I get to worry about having a passport, having to borrow (because my 65 year old boss doesn't wish to give me a wage I can make a living from); and I don't deal with (nor did I mention) crooks either.
  • Autarchic Jake - 4Q2 2011/05/11 14:08:07
    Banksters and lawyers are the biggest crooks of all. All borders are political. Don't spend more than you earn. Your wants are greater than your needs.
  • Jake - 4Q2 Autarchic 2011/05/11 18:05:56
  • Autarchic Jake - 4Q2 2011/05/11 18:20:55
    Everyone needs food and shelter. You said that, not me.
  • Jake - 4Q2 Autarchic 2011/05/11 18:23:32
    Jake - 4Q2
    Right. You just implied it.
  • Autarchic Jake - 4Q2 2011/05/11 18:27:39
    Where did I do that?
  • Jake - 4Q2 Autarchic 2011/05/11 18:29:40
    Jake - 4Q2
    "Don't spend more than you earn. Your wants are greater than your needs." And if that ISN'T what you were trying to do, I guess you don't know as much about me as you think you do.
  • Autarchic Jake - 4Q2 2011/05/11 18:39:57
    Everyone's wants are greater than their needs! Why would you be concerned about being able to borrowing, if you don't spend more than you make? I was just going by what you said!
  • Jake - 4Q2 Autarchic 2011/05/11 18:41:30
    Jake - 4Q2
    You have 125k to drop on a house, dude? I don't.
  • Autarchic Jake - 4Q2 2011/05/11 18:44:43
    I live in a $750 house.
  • Jake - 4Q2 Autarchic 2011/05/11 18:48:53
    Jake - 4Q2
    I live in a $900 a month apartment with a huge crack in the bathroom wall and a hell of a breeze in the winter time.
  • Autarchic Jake - 4Q2 2011/05/11 18:54:02
    I shopped around before I bought my home. I have everything I need, a roof over my head, shelter from the rain and wind. I do not care what the Joneses have. I'm not attempting to impress anyone.
  • Jake - 4Q2 Autarchic 2011/05/11 18:56:21
    Jake - 4Q2
    Obviously, dude; neither am I.
  • Autarchic Jake - 4Q2 2011/05/11 19:03:35
    I would live in a pup tent on a river bank and drive a $200 car before I'd pay $900 a month anywhere. Save my money until I could pay for what I want.
    river bank 200 car pay 900 save money pay pup tent
  • Jake - 4Q2 Autarchic 2011/05/11 19:04:49
    Jake - 4Q2
    Well, here; you'd get arrested for that.
  • Autarchic Jake - 4Q2 2011/05/11 19:10:53
    Then I'd relocate, to where I could do that. Possessions are an anchor around your neck. They keep you from going wherever, whenever you want. I came into this world with nothing, I still have most of it left, and I'm taking it with me when I leave.
  • Jake - 4Q2 Autarchic 2011/05/11 19:12:12
    Jake - 4Q2
    Peace, dude
    peace dude filthy hippie
  • Tim Ramsay Jake - 4Q2 2011/05/18 06:30:39
    Tim Ramsay
    I agree with both of you that we need to find a way to break the cycle of slavery that we are in. I too am working towards that. I have 5 acres paid for out in the country and I am starting to develop a homestead. I do still work a regular job and it has taken a long time to get to this point. It is also hard to make the transition because I have become accustom to the lifestyle. But the freedom that comes with it is soul cleansing. This is another good step in the right direction. http://famguardian.org/Subjec...
  • Gregaj7 2011/05/11 06:04:22 (edited)
    I took a certified copy of mine and put some of the following language on it, in red:





    (corporate fiction name here) XXX-XX-XXXX

    Then I sent this, with a two-surety/three signature private off-set bond, and a cover-letter, to Timothy F Geithner (Secretary of the Treasury) registered (private international mail) mail. It was received, accepted, and kept. This effort now makes me Trustee of the BC trust, not Geithner.

    Disclaimer: This is not to be construed or taken as legal advice. Caveat Emptor!
    Please do your own research and due diligence prior to attempting anything within the commerce/legal realm.
  • ConLibFraud 2011/05/11 02:14:36
    I am running for president of the United States! I don't need one!!! How dare you ask!!!
  • KCurtis 2011/05/11 01:48:42
    I had to get a copy of mine in 2006 to get a Drivers License in my new state where I moved, they would not accept the short form as proof of citizenship. Doncha think it should be at least the same for the office of POTUS.
  • Cliff 2011/05/11 01:25:54 (edited)
  • Max7 2011/05/11 00:29:29
    The year that I was born, the country courthouse burned, so my uncle and I went to a lawyer, and my uncle varified that I am who they say I am, and I was born where they said I was born and to the parents responsible for my birth, the affidavit was then sent to the county in which I was born, and they then stamped it with the seal and made it legal.
  • Autarchic Max7 2011/05/11 00:32:58
    None of that was necessary. Only if you want to play someone else's games.
  • Max7 Autarchic 2011/05/11 01:51:25
    I'm not sure that I know what you mean, but it was necessary for me to get a validated Birth Certificate, especially now when you travel, you have to be able to provide requested proof. I am not into games, the only game I really enjoy is football.
  • NWOpposed Max7 2011/05/11 08:16:19 (edited)
    There you go, you were then officially a slave. Oh wait, that didn't really happen until you got a SS number and did your first 1040.
  • Max7 NWOpposed 2011/05/12 02:53:19
    Talking to you is like talking to a wall, trying to read your comments is like trying to read through steel.
  • NWOpposed Max7 2011/05/12 04:19:04
    Yep, well supported and structurally sound.
  • Max7 NWOpposed 2011/05/12 13:32:48
    Far from being logical or sound
  • Randy 2011/05/11 00:12:12 (edited)
    Try to get a passport without one? I had a duplicate, unacceptable! I had to have a notarized copy from the Court House.

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