Do you get tired of seeing Obama's face on your tv?

There was a letter to the editor in the Decatur, Illinois, Herald and Review in which the writer stated that he was offended by the tv in a business he was in because the set was tuned to Fox News. He further stated that he shouldn't have been "subjected" to propaganda. I suppose CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS would have been perfectly acceptable to him though. My point is this. Yesterday, I was at McDonald's and the station was tuned to Fox. I spent about 15 minutes there and for a least 10 minutes, Obama dominated the stories and gave a speech to boot. On Fox, no less. Even Fox is beginning to show more and more of the guy in Washington.
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  • Ken 2009/06/19 15:55:02
    I get tired of people trying to defend the failed presidency of Obama. He has done more damage to the U.S. in four months that Bush did in eight years.
    His face always looking up to the ceiling is becoming repulsive, how does he read that prompter when he's looking at the ceiling?
  • Dan 2009/06/19 15:51:54 (edited)
    This egocentric jackass wants to be a pop star instead of being the responsible leader that our country needs. He makes me sick!
    egocentric jackass pop star responsible leader sick
  • SD 2009/06/19 15:51:27 (edited)
    Absolutely tired of seeing and hearing him. I mute the TV most of the time he is on and go do something else. Of course that's after I shout my obscenities at the TV first! LMAO
  • BobT SD 2009/06/19 17:08:17
    Hey SD. . .I can relate to doing something else. . . like changing a roll of toilet paper! LOL
  • **Bessie** 2009/06/19 15:46:50
    Yes...to answer the question....I think he is stalking me!!!
  • SD **Bessie** 2009/06/19 15:53:43
    That's funny! I like it!
  • **Bessie** SD 2009/06/19 15:55:50
  • finalfl... **Bessie** 2009/06/20 21:00:26
  • **Bessie** finalfl... 2009/06/21 03:37:24
    Good idea! Thanks blue eyes!
  • Diane T **Bessie** 2009/07/28 02:48:28
    Diane T
    LOL made me smile!
  • **Bessie** Diane T 2009/07/28 04:30:22
    YAY! I like to do that!!
  • zlgriff~PWCM~JLA 2009/06/19 15:43:43
    this is when i'm glad i don't have an antenna or cable. i just have my dvd collection:) i can pick what i want to watch:) not that i have that much time to watch anything with the kids :P
  • TexCyn ( the ticked off Texan) 2009/06/19 15:42:03
    TexCyn ( the ticked off Texan)
    I am definitely getting tired of seeing him. His smug and arrogant face has quickly become irritating. I thought I was sick of seeing GW Bush until now. Now when I see GW... he looks pretty darned good .
  • cmdrbnd007 2009/06/19 15:39:23
    OMG, could there ever be someone more in love with seeing them self on tv? You can't turn on the TV without having to see his face. We have now gone from one extreme to the other. I don't think President Bush made adequate use of the media and I think President Obama can't get enough of it.
  • Diane T cmdrbnd007 2009/07/22 03:27:49
    Diane T
    My son studied on Hitler a bit after seeing Valkyrie. Hitler did the same thing making sure the people saw him as often as possible. I guess the paranoia came later.
  • STEELAN... Diane T 2009/07/28 02:04:54
  • Diane T STEELAN... 2009/07/28 02:46:23
    Diane T
    Thanks its a long read will check back.
  • Chris 2009/06/19 15:37:24
    Everytime I see that mug of his on tv I just want to throw the remote at him......I change the channel instead.
  • Marie/M2M2K™-#1Conservative... 2009/06/19 15:36:41
  • zlgriff... Marie/M... 2009/06/19 15:42:32 (edited)
    maybe if everyone just stopped watching tv altogether the ratings would be so bad that they wouldn't bother with it anymore :P

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