Do you get tired of seeing Obama's face on your tv?

There was a letter to the editor in the Decatur, Illinois, Herald and Review in which the writer stated that he was offended by the tv in a business he was in because the set was tuned to Fox News. He further stated that he shouldn't have been "subjected" to propaganda. I suppose CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS would have been perfectly acceptable to him though. My point is this. Yesterday, I was at McDonald's and the station was tuned to Fox. I spent about 15 minutes there and for a least 10 minutes, Obama dominated the stories and gave a speech to boot. On Fox, no less. Even Fox is beginning to show more and more of the guy in Washington.
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  • Shayes ™ 2009/06/19 18:56:11
    Shayes ™
    Yes! Sometimes I try to stick around and give the man the benefit of a doubt but once he opens his mouth I'm disgusted by him. His rhetoric is so mind numbing!
    stick benefit doubt opens mouth disgusted rhetoric mind numbing
  • Charlie 2009/06/19 18:42:43
    Not as tired as we were of Bush's. I had to turn every time he came on. He was embarrassing!
  • bookfan Charlie 2009/06/19 22:05:08
    To ME, Obama is the one who's embarrassing! Even Hugo chavez thinks
    Obama's a joke!
  • Bluturfcurse 2009/06/19 18:40:59
    I'm sick of everything he does being revered as the best thing since the birth of Christ. He kills a fly and is related to war heros. I'm ill over it all.
  • Southern Man 2009/06/19 18:12:26
    Southern Man
    Yes I Do
  • Bev 2009/06/19 18:07:55
    When I see his face on tv I either switch channels or shut it off. I do not care what network has him on. I can watch a fictional story and be told it is fiction or I can listen to OHB tell a fictional story and be told it is the truth. As my grandmother used to say "Damn a liar, you can catch a thief."
  • jking 2009/06/19 18:03:13
    I'm lucky I don't watch T.V. just videos and DVD's. But I sure as hell am tired of seeing his face on my computer!! But that’s my fault I keep coming back to sodahead- - LOL
  • qmaven 2009/06/19 17:55:49
    He needs to get down to work and quit campaigning. Maybe though we are better off with him campaigning, it gives him less time to come up with more socialist programs.
  • BobT 2009/06/19 17:02:49 (edited)
    Yep. . . to say he's overexposed is an understatement. Bernie Goldberg's book, "A Slobbering Love Affair: The True (And Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance Between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media," says it all. As far as I'm concerned, I'm justa bout all "slobbered & romanced" out with Obama!
  • Robin B 2009/06/19 16:51:27
    Robin B
    Absolutely! The next picture I want to see of him on my TV in his mug shot after being arrested for treason against the USA.
  • hook Robin B 2009/06/19 18:20:02
    oh you are so right.
  • Charlie Robin B 2009/06/19 18:44:12
    Hold your breathe until that happens, please!
    hold breathe
  • Michele Charlie 2009/06/19 22:01:52
    Please do us that favor.
  • Robin B Charlie 2009/06/20 02:48:19
    Robin B
    Now Charlie I am not a democrat., why would I display tantrum like behavior. I am just waiting for him to self destruct.
  • Diamond Girl 2009/06/19 16:46:36
  • Charlie Diamond... 2009/06/19 18:44:45
  • Michele Charlie 2009/06/19 22:02:25
    I like that.
  • Mike Charlie 2009/06/19 23:03:10
    Our haters do motivate us and you have been doing a fine job! Thanks for the motivation!!!
  • dzynrbob 2009/06/19 16:42:43
    Well, for one, I rarely watch TV........I'm too busy for it. Second, he's rarely on 'House' 'The Closer' 'CSI' 'Law & Order SVU' 'Lost' ( though he does LOOK lost quite often.) or 'Sportscenter'
  • brianm_33 2009/06/19 16:38:09
    Buddy you can't even go to the bookstore without having to see his arrogant face. I went to borders yesterday and it seemed like every aisle I walked down Obama was watching me like big brother...lol. bookstore arrogant borders yesterday aisle walked obama watching brother lol

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