Do you find the word "whitey" a racist word to use towards caucasians?

Shalom 2008/06/15 00:14:40
Yes, it is racist and should not be used!
No, it is just a word and is not racist.
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This word, which I find offensive and racist, is thrown around alot of SH towards caucasians. I want to know what everyone thinks of this. Other words I hear are "white devil, cracker and inbred". And please, keep the fighting down and have some manners and class PLEASE! And for those who say it is not a racist word, here is the definition from Wikipedia and the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitey
Whitey, in American slang, a derogatory racist term for white people. See Cracker (pejorative).
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  • Pat Black dragonfli 2008/06/23 11:34:04
  • dragonfli Pat Black 2008/06/23 12:10:36
    Not sure I understand your response. Can you not comment because you have been blocked by the pollster?
  • Pat Black dragonfli 2008/06/23 13:02:53
  • Hobo 2008/06/23 03:19:06
    Yes, it is racist and should not be used!
    Attack the racists now!
  • Pat Black Hobo 2008/06/23 13:28:35 (edited)
  • LaZbum ~ McCain/Palin '08 2008/06/23 01:53:08
  • Mikitty... LaZbum ... 2008/07/10 12:42:55 (edited)
    Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU
    i'm gonna be a browny because i'm a light skinned african american :) gonna browny light skinned african american
  • cj 2008/06/23 01:08:24
    No, it is just a word and is not racist.
    i dont think its racist,i think its just stating the obvious
  • Catita cj 2008/11/01 04:18:23
    Then if the word whitey states the obvious, the word black or "n" does the same, states the obvious.
    Both have a racist connotation.
  • . . . . 2008/06/23 00:51:16
  • Pat Black . . . . 2008/06/23 13:29:08
  • . . . . Pat Black 2008/06/23 16:17:59
  • Pat Black . . . . 2008/06/23 16:30:47
  • Hitch 2008/06/23 00:46:36
    Depends on who says it. If a friend says it to me, I don't really care. Most people who say that are gonna be joking....
  • peace train 2008/06/23 00:45:48
    No, it is just a word and is not racist.
    peace train
    No !!!! just a word!!!!!
  • Pat Black peace t... 2008/06/23 13:29:25
  • Kassie 2008/06/22 20:35:45 (edited)
    Yes, it is racist and should not be used!
    Yes I do think that whitey is a racist word . Beacuse its hurtful to white males. It's just like calling black people the "N" word. That's how I see it.
  • err 2008/06/22 19:23:33
    Yes, it is racist and should not be used!
    Yup. I live by a primarily black area, and they can call us whatever they want but if we call them anything offensive, you better run.
  • Shalom err 2008/06/23 23:35:32 (edited)
    Or you will be dead. I have personally known 3 people who were killed after calling someone the N word.
  • D~Presi... Shalom 2008/06/24 15:35:14
  • D~Presi... err 2008/06/24 15:35:02
    Why be mad that you don't have the freedom to make a racist remark? Why not sue? Or prosecute?

    Animosity at being unable to use a racial epiteth is indicative or a larger problem. It is systemic.
  • irish 2008/06/22 18:46:31
    Yes, it is racist and should not be used!
    any reference to anothers skin tone in a derogatory manner is racist!
  • Alyssa 2008/06/22 17:31:36
  • cassie bee.;; 2008/06/22 16:03:25
    No, it is just a word and is not racist.
    cassie bee.;;
    Nah, i mean we are white people, if they call us white, it would be like calling a dog a dog! hah.
  • highlatte 2008/06/22 15:57:29
    Don't offend anyone using "bad names" lol except of course those with white skin. Target! The only minority on the planet you can take pot-shots at and the butt of jokes. Reality check!
  • Boris Badinov 2008/06/22 13:58:24
    Yes, it is racist and should not be used!
    Boris Badinov
    That would be its origins, of course. I don't know of any other use for it. racist origins
  • green eyed luck 2008/06/22 12:43:30
    Yes, it is racist and should not be used!
    green eyed luck
    yes and i hered BLACKES call white "paper"
  • Tommy Watts 2008/06/22 08:26:34
    Tommy Watts
    Naw! As long as I can keep saying Nigger, who cares?
  • BenSundown 2008/06/22 06:44:55
    Technically, it is, and I might see how some could be offended by it. I don't think being white is a negative characteristic; people of all ethnicities can be great human beings. Therefore, to use "whiteness" as an insult is just not right.

    The use of this word, however, is not nearly as loaded as many of the other racist slurs used in the English language (or other languages for that matter, but I'm just referencing the language I'm familiar with). So, if someone were to refer to me in that way, I'll just say "whatever". To someone of another ethnicity that has been oppressed, a slur can mean much more than an individual insult.
  • Danale 2008/06/22 06:28:51
    Words can hurt but only if we let it... using those words just shows ones ignorance for all sides...
  • Betty boop 2008/06/22 04:59:12
    Yes, it is racist and should not be used!
    Betty boop
    I can't see how it could be anything else but racist.
  • Spud 2008/06/22 04:19:52
    Yes, it is racist and should not be used!
    Do you find the word "blacky" racist?
  • iM-SO-S... Spud 2008/06/22 13:46:08
    no not really it depends on how your using it because were i live if theirs someone really dark we call them names like that because thats their nickname and 1 of my friends from my old neiborhood was really white and we call her that and she doesnt have problem with it
  • JBLOVER105 2008/06/22 03:28:10
    No, it is just a word and is not racist.
    sorry I clicked on the wrong one but Yes I do think it os racist.
  • ashleye 2008/06/22 03:27:47
    I think its funny
  • Mike 2008/06/22 01:38:45
  • Pala 2008/06/22 00:59:56
    Yes, it is racist and should not be used!
    I feel that people really to get off this racist tip. Not one race of people is better than the next. Everyone was put on Earth the same way and should be treated the same. Racist words have really hurt people and races of people. It just needs to stop.
  • pastafarian 2008/06/21 22:24:03
    I personally favor being referred to as a "honky," I guess I'm just old-fashioned.
  • highlatte pastafa... 2008/06/22 15:58:56
  • Nate SD 2008/06/21 22:17:35
    No, it is just a word and is not racist.
    Nate SD
    As a white person I am not particularly concerned about racism toward white people. We still pretty much control everything.

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