Do you feel safer or less safe in a crowd?

ABC News U.S. 2013/04/17 17:49:40
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Schools of fish; flocks of birds; tribes of people — on a deep level, there seems to be safety in numbers. But is there?

As the Boston Marathon bombings showed, in today’s increasingly populous, globalized and urbanized world, crowds freely assembling are prime targets for terrorists. And then there are accidents, such as 2011′s Indiana State Fair stage collapse and the Black Friday Walmart stampede in 2008, that remind us of the dangers of crowds.

Does being in a crowd make you feel safer or less safe? Answer the online ballot and watch “20/20: In an Instant” Friday at 10 ET for stories exploring this question.

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  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2013/05/11 23:02:21
    Less safe.
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    I have never liked crowds, they make me feel really nervous.
  • Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio 2013/05/01 19:25:28
    Less safe.
    Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio
    i am at peace at all time. at all time there is choas and i bring order to it. i walk the same here and there. so why be safe anywhere?
  • jumpboots 187th PIR 2013/04/27 02:52:33
    Less safe.
    jumpboots 187th PIR
    If we got rid of the politically correct gang i would feel a lot safer. And if the bombers where !WHITE" like Timothy McVeigh or the shooter at Fort Hood,was! WHITE" An execution would be no problem,now would it?
  • Doublestandards 2013/04/26 22:26:06
    Less safe.
    All this fear would've been lessened if Bill Clinton captured Bin Laden for the Embassy Bombings as he had a couple opportunities which Syria actually was willing to HAND OBL for free but Bill Clinton refused the offer.

    Bill Clinton pardoned more terrorist then he captured.
  • Lerro DeHazel 2013/04/23 15:31:15
    Lerro DeHazel
    I feel safer amongst Ragheads with Knapsacks and Back-Packs on their backs, since their Pyro-Techniques are probably more apt to be duds than accidental dischargers . . .
  • Michael 2013/04/23 14:46:37
    Less safe.
    But this is not new!
  • GrandmaLou 2013/04/23 09:19:59
    Less safe.
    Then again, I have never liked being in a crowd.
  • Zoe Michele 2013/04/22 23:49:40
    Less safe.
    Zoe Michele
    how about neither. I'm not going to let it change my behavior.
  • sbtbill 2013/04/22 23:38:28
    Actually, just the same. I was surprise it took this long for something like this to happen I also expected more killings when it did. It will happen again. It always does and always has.
  • Warfinge 2013/04/22 22:46:29
    Less safe.
    I do not. I never have. I like to be on the edge of crowds at events and parties. Not because I fear terrorism. I just like solitude and a good field of view.
  • Lucy 2013/04/22 21:37:01
    Less safe.
    I stay away from crowds.
  • Alexis82 2013/04/22 20:49:39
    Less safe.
    Too many people.
  • Tobi 2013/04/22 20:29:08
    Less safe.
    It's best to not be in a crowd at all
  • Cookie Monster 2013/04/22 20:01:23
    Less safe.
    Cookie Monster
    I feel less safe but I can't let that interfere with what I do in life.
  • Chi~Cat 2013/04/22 19:01:28 (edited)
    Went through all the evacuations (sometimes 3 xs per day) in our building in Manhattan prior to the '93 bombing of WTC and '01...not only that, a loved one got sick in Tokyo and called in one morning in 1995, a rare thing to do, and that was the day their subway tunnels/trains were attacked and many died from sarin gas. The major stop was my Mom's stop. You cannot go through life living in fear of attacks, you must be aware and be ready. The good thing about living in a major city is learning how to read people...can't happen all the time but enough to help out or get the hell out. Be aware and trust your instincts.

    edit: sp.
  • Steven Carr 2013/04/22 17:47:07
    Steven Carr
    It depends on who is doing the killing. If they want to cull the herd then 'no'. If they are fixated on me then' yes'. A sniper could work in either situation. It also depends where you are. I've seen people attacked in a crowd and no one would help. All you can do is be aware of your surroundings and yell like someone stepped on your big toe!
  • Chi~Cat Steven ... 2013/04/22 19:02:09
    Great post, Steven.
  • Julien Peter Benney 2013/04/22 11:46:13
    Julien Peter Benney
    Besically, I am less likely to stand out or be noticed for errant behaviour when there are many others around me.
  • Chi~Cat Julien ... 2013/04/22 19:03:25
    Another great post.
  • harry 2013/04/22 01:15:20
    Less safe.
    I do not like crowds. I am clostraphobic. I prefer walking in the woods with bears and snakes. I like fresh air. Last time I was in a crowd, someone cut the godawfulist fart I ever smelled.
  • a7x4ever<3 2013/04/22 01:07:13
    Less safe.
    I feel like people aim for the big crowds..
  • Rod 2013/04/21 11:22:32
    I don't feel safer and I don't feel less safe. There should have been a third answer to your question.
  • ruth.mcilroy.3 2013/04/21 10:40:56
    When you're by yourself, you never know who could corner you, who could take you away without anybody realizing. There'd be nobody to hear you if you screamed for help, there's be nobody to see. At least with a crowd there is a higher chance of somebody stepping in to help.
  • Platinum Fangs 2013/04/20 23:19:10
    Less safe.
    Platinum Fangs
    Not because of bombs, but because I can get pick pocketed, trampled in a stampede, or contract a disease. No thanks. I'm the wolf that stays away from the masses of sheep.
  • DianaXoGirl 2013/04/20 21:11:35
    Less safe.
    I tend to know what I should do in the case of an emergency but when I see a big crowd doing something else I tend to follow the crowd thinking that they are right and sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't.
  • Tanya Smith 2013/04/20 18:16:55
    Tanya Smith
    I have a pretty good sense though of being able to tell when somehting is off kilter....and tend to bug out of the area quicker than most would....
  • Pedro Doller ~Inc. 2013/04/20 18:00:17
    Less safe.
    Pedro Doller ~Inc.
    Your probably less safe in a crowd, especially during flu season.
  • john 2013/04/20 17:43:18
    I like people around me...
  • RobHom 2013/04/20 16:47:12
    Less safe.
    I haven't felt safe in crowds in ages....
  • SoLongFairLady 2013/04/20 16:17:49
    Less safe.
    If you know where this is from then you know how i feel about crowds.
    Resident evil tokyo scene
  • Tobe 2013/04/20 15:48:44
    Less safe.
    Well, it depends...
    It's like this: I don't feel safe alone at night, I don't feel safe in a huge crowd if something terrible were to happen, 'cause I know that there are so few of us who will do something, so it all depends on the situation, I guess ^^'
  • TuringsChild 2013/04/20 15:44:20
    'schools' provide safety from individual predators. But teams of predators just turn crowds into 'bait balls'. So really, it depends.
  • Steven ... Turings... 2013/04/22 17:48:08
    Steven Carr
    I like your analogy.
  • Prime Time Lime 2013/04/20 15:41:25
    Prime Time Lime
    Crowds never bothered me,and events like the marathon do not scare me,for the odds of something like this happening to me is very,very,very small.There are very many events to go to and fear should not prevent us from going.
  • stevegtexas@aol.com 2013/04/20 15:38:42
  • wes 2013/04/20 14:42:24
    Less safe.
    However I will be paying more attention to details and certainly not abstain from my norm!
  • lipton7.62 2013/04/20 14:39:47
    Less safe.
    Aside from possible bomb and shooting attacks crowds are also great places to transmit swine flu and other diseases easily, Avoiding large uncontrolled crowds is always a great safety tip.

    swine flu
  • sbtbill lipton7.62 2013/04/22 23:40:46
    Yes disease is worse in crowds and with sequester cut backs at the CDC and food inspection I do feel less safe about that.
  • harley oldman 2013/04/20 14:25:42
    Less safe.
    harley oldman
    I never have liked large crowds......In GOD and Glock I trust....everything else takes their chances.
  • fallen 2013/04/20 12:34:00
    Less safe.
    hate crowded places
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