Do you ever wonder if the Global Financial Meltdown is completely deliberate ? If not why are banksters allowed to get away with their crimes virtually scott free.

Stormy 2012/07/10 06:56:03
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The world is reeling from one financial scandal to another, week after week it's another bank that has vaporized it's depositors money, like MF Global's Corzine. or JP morgans' Jamie Dimon, and now Bob Diamond from Barkley's rigging libor rates. The scandals are getting bigger and bigger all the time, and the toothless captured regulatory agencies are the last to admit there is a problem, let alone punish the massive fraud and law breaking that is occurring on a global scale. Banks have a massive gambling problem and the tax payers are picking up the tab for the losses, in the way of massive bank bailouts, negative real interest rates, and austerity imposed on populations ravaged by banking bets gone wrong.

It is becoming very hard to believe that this amount of fraud and recklessness is just caused by greed and lack of regulation. It is becoming obvious that the various regulatory agencies are captured by the very people they should be regulating. The banks are marking their own report cards, and the latest Libor rigging scandal was actually discovered by a journalist rather than a regulator. What is really going on here? Your thoughts please.
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  • Nimitz 2012/07/10 21:55:01
    None of the above
    It's deliberate, period.
  • JanHopkins 2012/07/10 12:17:38
    I think it's a conspiracy and here's why. . .
    Don't you find it odd that massive amounts of wealth can just vanish and no one knows who has it now?
    The bankers want an international digital only currency and this is how they will get it. All for your own good of course.
  • Lisa Farkass 2012/07/10 12:09:49
    I think it's a conspiracy and here's why. . .
    Lisa Farkass
    The corruption is so blatant anymore it is pathetic. They don't even bother to hide it anymore. What the bankers have been allowed to get away with is pathetic and you only have to look at who has given the most in campaign contributions to who to find out the why, that and the fact that the average american income down 8 % over past 4 years but that of Congress has gone up UP 15 % in the same time!!! WAKE UP>>THEY ARE BENDING US OVER BUT GOOD...THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US< SAVE YOURSELVES...
  • Stormy Lisa Fa... 2012/07/20 08:23:57
    The banking cartel lines both sides of the isle don't they ? It's just a matter of just the banksters or the Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil, and Big Pharma pulling the strings as well.
  • Tink123 2012/07/10 11:27:10
    All of the above
    You reach a point where it becomes mathematically impossible for that many people to be that inherently stupid as to make sooo many of the same stupid mistakes over and over again, with sooo much evidence to LEARN from.

    When a pattern emerges, it's best to take notice.
  • Andrew 2012/07/10 08:28:45
    Whether or not it is a conspiracy, I don't know. I do believe it is here in this country. American would never choose to become a part of the World government without some economic disaster driving them to desperation. So Obama, in my opinion has been chosen to bring this about. Don't forget his biggest contributor, George Soros is a globalist and is pulling the strings attached to Obama.

    This whole economic morass is both a part of the need for man to follow some diety and their refusal to follow the One True God of the Bible. The Bible says, "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be." This is the natural progression of the downfall of man and the evidence that without Jesus Christ, we are a doomed race!
  • Stormy Andrew 2012/07/10 09:21:25
    But the global financial meltdown started before Obama ever came into power. Obama inherited the whole mess caused by Bush deregulating the last remaining safeguards in bankingand finance. He inherited a surplus from Clinton and a booming economy which he turned into a Global Financial mess. Blaming Obama is unfair. Having said that I think Obama has blindly followed the advice of the Bankers like Geitner because he was thrust headlong into a crises that few people in the world even understood let alone knew how to fix.
  • Andrew Stormy 2012/07/11 07:47:02
    I never claimed he was the only one involved. But he is complicit and so blame is appropriate!
  • Stormy Andrew 2012/07/20 08:29:13
    I would certainly like to see some banksters like Jamie Dimon and Corzine and Bob Diamond actually face some criminal charges for their blatant frauds that's for sure. Come on Obama, put these guys in jail !.

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