Do you ever get annoyed when people on here say "If you don't like it here then find another country"

Pixie·ŸŸMzAwesome♠ƤĦĂĔŢ♠ 2012/05/09 23:49:33
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  • Pixie·Ÿ... Bett17 2012/05/10 02:24:47
  • Bett17 Pixie·Ÿ... 2012/05/10 02:53:47
    Why thank you Pixe, do come and visit! And I'll be taking a trip to the states this summer holiday. :D
  • Pixie·Ÿ... Bett17 2012/05/10 02:54:41
  • mich52 Bett17 2012/05/10 04:17:19 (edited)
  • Pixie·Ÿ... mich52 2012/05/10 04:22:04
  • FencerCat 2012/05/10 02:21:04
    Yeah, because I tried to move to another country but got a run-around about jobs/work permits.
  • Darlene 2012/05/10 02:17:53
  • rustyshackelford 2012/05/10 02:06:47
  • lonewolf 2012/05/10 02:01:56
    no, i did find another country. its very similar to my personal beliefs.
  • H H 2012/05/10 02:00:55
    H H
    No, I just wish the people who have made it a bad country had never been here and that they would leave. Given that the country is in decline and that there's nothing I can do to change that, I would gladly leave.
  • turtledove123 2012/05/10 01:59:08
    Yes, I do. You may not like something that is going on. You may not like something that you have discovered that this country is doing, or has done that you do not agree with. However, that is your right, as an American to disagree. How dare they say that to you? They have no right to say that to another American. That is the premise that this country was built on. The right to disagree. Therefore, they need to shut up, and let others have their opinion. If they disagree, they have the right to give arguments for their point of view, but not the right to tell you that you have no right to have your opinion.
  • David Lindner 2012/05/10 01:48:27
    David Lindner
    no and its true, you should.
  • flaca BN-0 2012/05/10 01:36:32
    flaca BN-0
    Yes. They're usually the kinds of people who have never lived in another country.
  • Xerxes 2012/05/10 01:33:01
    Considering this is my country MIB III
  • TheMadChameleon 2012/05/10 01:29:00
    Yeah, it's annoying. I've been told this myself. Last time I checked, I live in America, which does allow for difference of political opinion, religious opinion, ect. If they don't like my right to dislike parts of this country, maybe THEY are the ones who ought to go form their own country where everyone must agree with them. But then, saying so is hypocritical. Ah well.
  • Pixie·Ÿ... TheMadC... 2012/05/10 01:34:48
  • Lisa 2012/05/10 01:28:07
    No, they are fools , I was born here and not leaving.
  • hannah 2012/05/10 01:22:18
    yes. even though i was born in this country, i think its very mean and offensive to others that moved here. if people genuinely have problems with something than they do. we're all humans despite the race so lets all start acting like it, cause quite frankly any of those people who can't respect other people's problems are the ones who are aliens cause they are not even acting human whatsoever.
  • EdVenture 2012/05/10 01:20:45
    No I wonder if they represent a conspiracy effort or how badly the education they got must have been.
  • Nekosarethebest 2012/05/10 01:19:21
    Nope. I wanna go to Canada.
  • apachehellfire65 2012/05/10 01:16:06
    no! i just tell them to lick my arse.
  • Bibliophilic 2012/05/10 01:12:34 (edited)
    Nope. There is not a country without its ignorant masses. If they're serious and not half-joking I'd be concerned.
  • Angela Chambers 2012/05/10 01:07:46
    Angela Chambers
    I'd say, "sounds good to me, this country is going to hell, anyway."
  • Pixie·Ÿ... Angela ... 2012/05/10 01:09:37
  • Morgan 2012/05/10 01:05:03
    Well if anyone ever said that to me I'd say "you first"
  • Pixie·Ÿ... Morgan 2012/05/10 01:06:52
  • Morgan Pixie·Ÿ... 2012/05/10 01:09:38
    the only true Americans are NATIVE AMERICANS!! they were here first.
  • Pixie·Ÿ... Morgan 2012/05/10 01:10:14
  • hannah Morgan 2012/05/10 01:24:44
    HELL YEAH! man i wish i could rave you TWICE (not that theres anything wrong with other people living here). so technically its our country. of course if any fellow native americans talk to any foreigners like that they are not any better.
  • Morgan hannah 2012/05/10 01:27:00
    no they arent. and thanks
  • hannah Morgan 2012/05/10 01:56:56
    hey no problem. XDDDD
  • Relay 2012/05/10 01:02:46
    no, if you are an immigrant to a country and all you do is complain about it or try to change it to be like the country you left, example you cant say merry christmas anymore because some foreign person thought it was disrespectful ...in that case i say GTFO.

    And if you are born in a country and all you do is complain about the country and you have the option to leave on your own then i say make the change, You dont like the freedom? STFU or GTFO.
  • Pixie·Ÿ... Relay 2012/05/10 01:03:40
  • Relay Pixie·Ÿ... 2012/05/10 01:15:38
    can you walk outside with out bombs dropping, or stepping on land mines? i can, im not being drafted into the military, i can walk down the street to get milk, i have the right to go to school and make as much money as a man in the same job.. i can vote..

    so tell me, what freedoms do you not get living in the U.S.?
  • Pixie·Ÿ... Relay 2012/05/10 01:20:00
  • Relay Pixie·Ÿ... 2012/05/10 01:45:32 (edited)
    well here, i have that option, sounds like you need to take a trip to canada or another state...
  • Pixie·Ÿ... Relay 2012/05/10 01:48:26 (edited)
  • Relay Pixie·Ÿ... 2012/05/10 02:11:00
    stupid Christians ....they need to have someone they love taken away from them or the marriage certificate revoked so there no how it feels ...

    but as people have been saying for many many years now, religion and politics will eventually destroy everything..
  • Pixie·Ÿ... Relay 2012/05/10 02:11:57
  • Pixie·Ÿ... Relay 2012/05/10 01:20:35

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