Do you celebrate your rights on Veterans Day?

\V/ 2009/05/23 06:22:41
weird people
Yes of course, and Im going to celebrate free speech and the bill of rights right now!
The only Bill I'm celebrating is Bill O'reily and he's told you you have the right to shut up!
I know a socialist when I see one!
Hell is heating up just for you, you liberal scum question asker!
You've got a date with destiny!
I'll celebrate next year if we still have a Constitution.
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Believe it or not, one of the largest political blogging places on the planet, sodahead, is dominated by folks who think Johnny "Wet start" McCain and Sarah "Caribou Barbie" Palin" were the dream ticket to a quick Jesus comeback, {Conservative Christian Private Golf club in Heaven} here I come!} type of crowd.

There are quite a few true believers in Sodahead, who haven't changed that much since the days they bar-b-qued women that tried to practice herbal medicine without a license. A fitting send off to an eternity of more hot flames, courtesy the God of Christianity that dominates the sinful thoughts of the unbaptized...

There are many there who feel they have a "personal relationship" with Jesus and while herbalists are burning in hell they will be having the time of their afterlives.

I have asked current events questions, of this group, not about celebrities, something Fox news viewers know very little about. But more relevant questions like about the "surge" in Afghanistan. Is this surge about making the mayor of Kabul, also known as Mohamed Karzai more popular? Guard the opium, get the gas or hunt for that elusive Osama which the FBI has not bothered to indict for 9-11 so why the fuck would Biden make such a claim during the campaign and not be strangled by an angry mob is beyond my comprehension.

What about the assassination of Benzair Bhutto?

WASHINGTON: A special death squad assassinated Pakistan´s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto on the orders of former US Vice-President Dick Cheney, claims an American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh. Mr Hersh, a Washington-based journalist who writes for the New Yorker magazine and other prominent media outlets, also claims that former US Vice President Dick Cheney was running an `executive assassination ring´ throughout the Bush years. The cell reported directly to Mr Cheney. In an interview to an Arab television channel, Mr Hersh indicated that the same unit killed Ms Bhutto because in an interview with al Jazeera TV on Nov. 2, 2007, she had said she believed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was already dead.

I'm glad I can point these things out due to the heroic sacrifices of American Armed forces.

Thank you American Armed Forces! You are the greatest! Now, just get the hell back here, NOW!
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  • \V/ 2009/05/23 06:34:03
    Hell is heating up just for you, you liberal scum question asker!

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  • Tsisquaya 2009/08/29 03:03:13
    None of the above
    The way I celebrate Veterans Day is by visiting the VA and visiting the graves of those fallen. It is the day I dedicate my efforts for all those that served and still serve.
  • BIGFOOT 2009/06/01 20:48:21
    Yes of course, and Im going to celebrate free speech and the bill of rights r...
    I celebrate MY VETERANS DAY. 16 years of service to my country. A veteran is someone who, at one point in his/her life wrote a blank check made payable to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA for up to and including his/her life. As far as the assassination squads go, well the U.S. has them like anyone else, no denying that, yet I question anything that comes from a onesided jouranlist who works for a hostile countries t.v. Makes me think I don't know about anyone else.
  • Little Angel 2009/05/29 22:58:01
    None of the above
    Little Angel
    What freedom of speech??? Think about that one before
    you try to answer! freedom speech answer

    They are not able to tell what they are doing or working on!
    The freedom speech answer working ??
    Lots of people want to get rid of it or change it! freedom speech answer working lots people rid change
  • Dagon 2009/05/29 17:50:25
  • flash101 Dagon 2009/05/30 01:19:21
    Does anyone know where this guy came from? a nazi in the U.S That spits on our flag and cusses returning wariors. Is this the type of people we need in America or am I the only one that he is irritating with his old retoric and smal vocabulary.
  • Dagon flash101 2009/05/30 01:27:22 (edited)
  • \V/ Dagon 2009/05/30 14:51:33
  • Dagon \V/ 2009/05/30 18:21:18
  • flash101 Dagon 2009/05/30 13:07:16
    Thank you for having the balls to answer , Semper Fi I may have spent most of my life in the Army, but God loves the Corps.
  • Dagon flash101 2009/05/30 14:42:15
  • \V/ flash101 2009/05/30 14:54:39
  • flash101 \V/ 2009/05/30 20:41:12 (edited)
    I fought for right for your right to run your mouth , but you know that, If you want to see my balls, you'll have to take that up with my wife!
  • S.Sif:* 2009/05/28 13:24:29
    None of the above
  • flash101 2009/05/25 01:14:49
    Hell is heating up just for you, you liberal scum question asker!
    You think I spent 21 years and disabled myself for the hell of it!
  • \V/ flash101 2009/05/25 04:15:39
  • flash101 \V/ 2009/05/26 04:04:11 (edited)
    Are you piss that I served my country and defended your rights or jusy a jack ass in general? Did you searve your country? Have you ever done anything except piss of a shit load of vets? You need too crawl back under your rock befor a real soldier ( notice I didn't say Man) seps on your ass. If you don't love this country enough to die for her , get the hell out! And that goes for the dumb ass that gave you a rave also.
  • \V/ flash101 2009/05/26 04:36:32
  • flash101 \V/ 2009/05/28 07:58:29
    where in the hell did you pull Saigon and that shit from, are you reading what is being writen?
  • \V/ flash101 2009/05/28 16:34:08
  • flash101 \V/ 2009/05/29 08:32:34
    I would like to meet youface to face, I aint that old
  • \V/ flash101 2009/05/29 22:33:44
  • autumn darling 2009/05/23 16:53:45
  • Crazy C 2009/05/23 13:59:57
    None of the above
    Crazy C
    R U Confusing Memorial Day with Veterans Day??

    ... okay, bye.
  • \V/ Crazy C 2009/05/24 06:19:54
  • Crazy C \V/ 2009/05/24 13:41:38
    Crazy C
    Memorial Day is in honor of the nation's armed services personnel KILLED in wartime. (i.e. visiting memorial sites/cemeteries)

    honor nations armed services personnel killed wartime visiting memorial sitescemeteries

    Veterans Day to honor all who SERVED or fought for the United States in any branch of the armed forces. (i.e. parade)

    sitescemeteries veterans honor served fought united branch armed forces parade
  • \V/ Crazy C 2009/05/25 04:32:32
  • Crazy C \V/ 2009/05/25 04:40:45
    Crazy C
    Well, I am Mexican but I teach and went to school in America too so because of that I learned the difference.

    I don't think Stalin or Hitler are in comparison either one a lesser evil.
    (They were both extremely intelligent psycopaths)

    My uncle died in Vietnam, but he was not an idiot, rather ignorant of the facts.

    I don't celebrate wars.

    And I am not going to a memorial weekend sale on monday because I hate shopping and the whole mall thing, rather I am going to drive two hours to the veterans cemetery and visit my friend's grave who fought in Vietnam as well.
  • \V/ Crazy C 2009/05/25 04:45:50 (edited)
  • Crazy C \V/ 2009/05/25 04:52:44
    Crazy C
    No. I dont celebrate Cinco de Mayo for various reasons.

    I do however celebrate Sept. 16.

    And Benito Juarez had initially very good reforms in regards to land ownership.
  • rebecka 2009/05/23 07:33:20
    Yes of course, and Im going to celebrate free speech and the bill of rights r...
    he he like i do anything els that day ???
  • 477777 2009/05/23 07:20:41
    Hell is heating up just for you, you liberal scum question asker!
    Why the HELL haven't i seen or heard of you before?? Great post!!! heating liberal scum asker heard post
  • \V/ 2009/05/23 06:34:03
  • Go Green 2009/05/23 06:31:27
    Yes of course, and Im going to celebrate free speech and the bill of rights r...
    Go Green
    Great Poll "V" Thanks for making it!
  • Poet003 Go Green 2009/05/23 19:51:50
    Using that day to study politics with a open mind is not a bad concept.
  • Poet003 Poet003 2009/05/23 19:54:18
    I raved you.
  • Go Green Poet003 2009/05/24 20:39:57
    Go Green

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