Do you blame obama? Or do you think bush handed over the US already falling apart?

kidkewlsgirl8888 2011/03/15 16:36:25
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  • meltrab9194 2011/03/16 12:55:07
    Bush handed it over..
    he handed it over already falling apart so when obama came he was walking on eggshells so even if he did a small mistake everyone knew and blamed him and now everyones saying he a bad prez
  • Todash 2011/03/15 19:33:00
    I blame Obama...
    Because he demanded to be put in the driver's seat when he KNEW there were no brakes, a cracked steering wheel and one headlight and he STILL had the audacity to bitch about "The whole problem with this car is the last guy that drove it".
  • Lady Whitewolf 2011/03/15 18:32:46
    Bush handed it over..
    Lady Whitewolf
    Bush signed the papers starting this mess....
  • Heather 2011/03/15 18:24:44
    I blame Obama...
    obama. bush at least attempted... obama just throws money away. he has ruined our economy ... and with him in office its hard telling if we will ever have a stable economy again.
  • flaca BN-0 2011/03/15 18:03:12
    I dont blame anyone
    flaca BN-0
    Neither Bush nor Obama are to blame.
  • lurx: the soda jerk 2011/03/15 17:34:20
    Bush handed it over..
    lurx: the soda jerk

    ...although it's a free country, rest assured that there will always be those who blame Obama for an economic meltdown that occurred in 2007.
  • randy 2011/03/15 17:25:12
    A lil of both...
    AND Congress. This has been coming long before either of those 2.
  • jOkEsOnYoU 2011/03/15 17:23:52
    Bush handed it over..
    Dang, I meant to choose a little of both.

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