Do you believe that everyone is born with a specific purpose in life or do you believe that people make their own purpose?

ashdragon88 2010/01/10 18:54:37
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  • rightside 2010/01/10 21:05:22
    My purpose in life is to serve God. Each person is given that purpose. Each person has a role to play and choices to make.
    When King David was handing over the crown to his son Solomon, he told him to first seek God with all his heart.
    When you do that, every thing else falls into place.
    You are at your happiest when you do that throughout life.

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  • Kyle Hill 2012/01/28 04:35:07
    Kyle Hill
    Maybe for some of us our purpose is to an in indirect way to awaken abilities in others which is sometimes why we cannot find our purpose.

    Some of us may be here to help others when the right time requires it. Not a moment earlier and not a moment later.
  • Kyle Hill 2012/01/28 04:30:31
    Kyle Hill
    I'm finding out that believing in God after obesrving what religion is right. I've come to the conclusions that it's about a personal relationship rather then blindly following someone's interpation of laws.

    I believe when God allows new Christains (even old ones in some cases) to experience nothing but set backs after set backs it's to get that person to wake up and ask if what they are following is really in alignment with God or to just be noticed by the group/organization they are following.

    Satan is trying to tell that person God isn't real by making them follow an outer religion blindly fooling them into thinking they are following God and God is trying to say: "no no no wrong way!"
  • ♠♠♠JeLLo♠♠♠ 2010/01/14 19:52:47
    I believe life is what you make of it. Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. The only thing that is definite in anyone’s life is death.
  • Helo Chick 2010/01/13 21:00:21
    Helo Chick
    I think people make their own purpose. Some people feel the opposite way, that other people decide their fate for them. That's a crock. If you fight hard enough and try to make your life better instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, something good may actually happen to you.
  • Mrkando 2010/01/13 04:41:13
    This is not a yes or no question.

    We all have innate abilities that would often allow us to do more than we think possible. Making that determination is how we discover that purpose. Often we discover our purpose only after someone we respect and admire points the way. We then, perhaps for the first time, realize what that purpose is. And so it is a combination of both.
  • FREED Speaks Up 2010/01/13 03:08:26
    FREED Speaks Up
    I believe we are born for a God given purpose. But the choice to walk in it is up to us.
  • mrigor 2010/01/12 17:01:41
    Our only hardwired purpose is to survive.
  • socokid mrigor 2010/01/12 17:07:10
  • wombat 2010/01/12 16:29:28
    You are born with specific skills, thats your purpose
  • ShahnazRoxs(: 2010/01/12 15:01:52
    we all are.
  • Killjoys Queen 2010/01/12 13:06:39
    Killjoys Queen
  • Kitty 2010/01/11 22:55:47
    I beleive that everyone may have a purpose. Even if they don't know it. Its only time to tell what your purpose was. Maybe your purpose was to make someone the happiest person on earth. Maybe its as simple as keep everyone smiling. IT can be the little things that can make the difference.
  • Lady Suspicious 2010/01/11 22:42:31
    Lady Suspicious
    I believe in them... v
  • seathanaich 2010/01/11 20:40:22
    People make as many purposes (plural) in thier lives as they want to. This applies to everyone, whether they want to accept it, or not. Those who think they have only one purpose can make that claim; but their actions say otherwise. Cheers.
  • tekay 2010/01/11 20:09:54 (edited)
    i think they were born to have a purpose
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/01/11 19:37:49
    We all are born to a specific purpase in God's eternal plan. Why does this not always seem to be true. "The ruler of this World" is also called Satan.
  • Mejink 2010/01/11 17:06:31
    Both. I believe in a sort of reincarnation, where we are a spirit after we die, and we make life contracts with other spirits either in body or out of body, and it is in my opinion and belief that we are born when and where we would most be needed. Because of this law, that means we have the opportunity to fulfill our potential at that time. So there is a level of pre-planning, but only in that determining destination is the beginning of a complex journey. We are born into a time when we have a window of opportunity. It is during this time that self-determinism definitely comes into play. No one will tell you why you are here - it is for you to figure out. You, like everyone else, was put here for a reason, either because they had something to learn or because they had something to do. However, one can miss this path, or settle for something that doesn't encompass all of who they are. In which case, they will probably struggle until they find it. So it's a mixture of both. We have a tendency of popping into existence at just the right time, but not necessarily always the constitution to go through with things.
  • driley 2010/01/11 15:58:55
    I strongly believe that each of us are personally given identity and purpose by our Creator. I also believe that the best possible happiness and contentment are ours when we find that purpose and follow it.

    Much like my diswasher. I could wash my clothes in it. It may even get them a little bit cleaner, but it works best when I use it in the purpose for which it was designed.
  • FREED S... driley 2010/01/13 03:04:19
    FREED Speaks Up
    Well said! Amen!
  • a 2010/01/11 15:06:32
    We all have a purpose when we come into this world. It's up to us to learn what it is and then make sure we accomplish our goals.
  • lines 2010/01/11 10:57:10
    Each individual i think is born with a purpose they can choose to fulfill or not. It is as though if your religious, that God has a plan, but you can ultimately choose your own fate by simply being active in life and what you want to do.
  • noro noah lines 2013/08/09 03:12:03
    noro noah
    then is it true that we a destiny after being born to this world which will decides our fate like we have a higher purpose for humanity?
  • Bad Angel 2010/01/11 10:46:25
    Bad Angel
    I believe that to some extent we are born with the ability towards having specific talents that we were blessed with. I believe it is up to us to find out what those are and to develop them...And in the same way finding out what you feel your purpose is in life.
  • Ahrtal 2010/01/11 05:06:50
    I don't know. I often wonder, having escaped death thrice over my lifetime. Only by chance circumstances? I can't conceive of any higher purpose I might have. I've done my share, more than my share, of bad deeds, but learned from them. I'm a better person for it all, but.....Maybe it was all for those two grandsons, who would not have been born otherwise, one of which is descended from a Dachau survivor. Everything we do is, I suppose is purposeful, be it bad or good, or even to us incidental. I guess each life is like the stone thrown into the lake that creates the ripples, each one individual, but all ultimately dependent on each other.
  • Mrs. Daydreamer :) 2010/01/11 04:37:07
    Mrs. Daydreamer :)
    God has a plan for each of us.....and everything happens for a reason.
  • Adam Troy 2010/01/11 04:31:00
    Adam Troy

    I believe everyone, and I do mean everyone, is born to perform as they are supposed to perform. It's written before birth, and each carries out this written performance, good or bad. It's called predestination. I can tell you why I feel this way, but you won't believe me. Bye: Adam Yroy
  • Ginger Snapp 2010/01/11 04:10:30 (edited)
    Ginger Snapp
    i have no idea why im here and if theres a reason

    ...i would like to think that my life will leave something important and positive on the world and those in it

    that im not just another one of a billion people on the earth who lives dies and is forgotten in time

    i guess if you dont want to be forgotten you have to do something truely extrodinary

    id like to figure out how to do that before i die so it wont be as though i never existed
    i just got to figure out something that im good at and can do proffesionally

    im 18.... havent found anything yet...... it concerns me. I guess i could try writing but i dk

    im so lost when it comes to carrer and future and college

    its hard enough just worrying about wear ill be living in 4 months and if i can even graduate highschool, let alone the rest of my life future college wear ill living 4 graduate highschool rest life

  • Dussy 2010/01/11 03:24:51
    People make their own purpose. Generally speaking, starting with high school, people decide what career paths they wish to follow.
  • Dora Rachael 2010/01/11 02:55:28
    Dora Rachael
    God has given us free choice and I believe we are responsible for making our own happiness. On the other hand, I sometimes wonder if we choose the life we will lead before we are born. I do believe God has a purpose for all of us.
  • STU~PWCM~JLA~POTL~AFCL 2010/01/11 02:54:58
    With the possible exception of very unusual people (such as prophets and saints of the Bible), I don't believe that everyone is born with a specific purpose in life. I do believe that the nature of an indivdual's personality, as determined by genetics, will play a very significant role in the general direction one will take in choosing a career (arts, sciences, sales, management, etc.).
  • Scud 2010/01/11 01:52:28
    Maybe people make their own purpose, but fate dictates that they were going to make that choice alll along. Fatalism vs. Indeterminism
  • Shelly 2010/01/11 01:32:08
    born with a purpose
  • Xinea 2010/01/11 01:02:52
    On my more depressing days, I think some out-of-world power is just screwing with me, but on my happier days, I believe that I'm in control of my own life.
  • Alexander 2010/01/11 01:02:29
    No you are born you live then die. What you do between birth and death depends on the choices you make, so hope that you make the right ones.
  • ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pl... 2010/01/11 00:46:47
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    well i believe that everyone was put on earth for a specific purpose from god and that purpose is great followed by many blessings.
  • Smokey 2010/01/11 00:25:44
    I like feet! feet
  • I_heart... Smokey 2010/01/11 12:51:30
  • Smokey I_heart... 2010/01/11 20:52:30
    Seriously, I do believe that "some" people are born with a specific person, but not everyone.
  • Charon 2010/01/11 00:14:44
    Make your own way or don't. your in control.
  • apachehellfire65 2010/01/11 00:01:10
    i believe life is what you make it.we choose our own destiny.

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