Do You Believe In The Tea Party Movement?

SLIDESHOW: Do You Believe In The Tea Party?

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  2. We're Sliding into a Socialist Nightmare

    We're Sliding into a Socialist Nightmare

    Oh no! It’s like 1930s Germany up in here! Except no it isn’t. When you're a Tea Partier, words can mean whatever you want. In this case, “socialism” refers to “any political opinion with which I do not agree.”

  3. Sarah Palin is the Next Ronald Reagan

    Sarah Palin is the Next Ronald Reagan

    This could actually be true some day, but the scary part is they think it’s a good thing.

  4. Barack Obama Isn't Eligible to be President

    Barack Obama Isn't Eligible to be President

    There’s actually a conspiracy theory within this conspiracy theory: some of them think that birthers are actually liberals trying to make the Tea Party look crazy. If so, well done, Evil Liberal Conspiracy Dudes.

  5. Government out of Healthcare! Whoops, What's Medicare?

    Government out of Healthcare! Whoops, What's Medicare?

    They hate the idea that the government might have some say in their health care. But in the same breath they demand that the government not touch their Medicare, which of course is a government-run program.

The Tea Party remains a loosely coalesced band of strict constitutionalists and fundamentalist Christians (that doesn't sound like any kind of party to me!), despite efforts to project the image of a cohesive force capable of defeating ... whatever. Republicans? Democrats? Reform? Whatever it is, well by golly they don't like it!

The greatest new development since their crushing defeat with regard to health care is their vague threats of Civil War Part Deux. Sorry, but we're not too worried. Actually, it sounds adorable! Imagine a ragtag group of seniors with Confederate caps, their Rascals all gassed up and rarin' to go! Doesn't that sound cute?

We won't ever get a clear list of actual things they want (and "not that" doesn't count), so what is it really that they believe? Take a look at the delusions of the Tea Party.
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  • TinCanSailor 2010/04/06 00:36:34 (edited)
    I don't see any dilusions. I see honest, hard working, American citizens trying to have their voices heard. They do not want our country to become second rate to Cuba, Venzuela, North Korea or Iran. These are people that value thier freedom and the Free Enterprise System.

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  • TheRealMike83 2012/12/09 22:50:48
    Im amazed at how middle class to rich all these people look lol. Quite healthy too :P
  • Callum Hayden 2012/03/24 18:02:21
    Callum Hayden
    I'm from the UK and we've have an NHS ( National Health Service ) system similar to that of Obama Care in our country for over 20 years!

    A common misconception is that people think that by introducing a NHS they will have to pay an extortionate amount of tax to fund the NHS system. This is not true. While I respect that hard working Americans are protesting their rights to a free enterprise, don't we all have a responsibility to help our fellow man?

    National health care is a good idea, and if the US government spend more on their citizens healthcare and less on invading foreign countries then the USA would be a much better place to live for everyone ( not just the rich )
  • Brandon Callum ... 2013/03/17 19:35:12
    I don't care too much about taxes and the like, but I do care about government getting to big and having too much power over the people and workers of the helth care system. This mandate is one giant step in that direction
  • Roger S... Callum ... 2013/04/30 05:18:43
    Roger Stokes
    99.99999% of Americans have no clue what was passed with Obamacare or what is in this 15000 page bill so please do not compare it to the NHS in England as you have no clue what you are talking about. And for the record your healthcare leaves a lot of people without the healthcare they deserve.
  • Puddin' Tane 2011/10/16 23:10:30
    Puddin' Tane
    Are you serious? Can't you read the signs?
  • JAA 2011/09/10 19:03:59 (edited)
    When 80% or more of the citizens of the USA profess to be "Christian", then it makes sense that a great majority of the Tea Party is Christian. Duh! They are not a "band", they are a "movement" of everyday citizens, most of whom are only senior (mature) in their intelligence, experience, and wisdom of what makes a country great. Those who see them as anything but honorable are what we term "part of the problem", and you know the saying, "If you're not part of the answer, you're part of the problem."

    You have been given a list of actual things the Tea Party wants, but you choose not to listen, or your comprehension skills are very limited, or you're, well, a socialist or worse.
  • jjirehgirl JAA 2012/11/06 01:08:10
    100% are haters and racist...tell the f'n truth.
  • JAA jjirehgirl 2014/02/02 19:48:29 (edited)
    IMO, people who resort to the "f-bombs" and who cannot carry on an intelligent and adult conversation ARE, INDEED, part of the problem. You seem to be what we call a "low-information voter". Reading & reading comprehension are lost skills. Sad.
  • FanOreilly 2011/09/10 16:41:46
    Yes, I support the Tea Party Patriots

    support tea party patriots tea party patriots
  • Denise Kopulos 2011/04/08 11:29:55
    Denise Kopulos
    Republicans sure werent worried about spending whe n George W was giving out 77 billion to Wall Street Ceo's so they could keep there 2 million $ a year bonuses, and selling everyone Bogus mortgage. Republicans arent happy unless they are lining there own pockets with the blood of others
  • Marek 2011/02/25 22:34:02
    Yes, I believe the Tea Party is the greatest movement that ever happened after the original Tea Party.
  • JoeKremer 2011/02/24 01:04:18
    A. They're not all Fundamentalists; many are religious moderates (I know a lot who are Catholic)
    B. They're not strict constitutionalists. Where are they protesting the Patriot Act?
    C. They know what they're after. Eliminating the mainstream political parties, and giving more power to the common people in doing so.
    D. Those are some pretty dang vague threats then. It's more along the lines of worrying about the state of freedom and wondering how far the government will try to go.
    E. I doubt even half of them are seniors.
    F. You know they're are some African Americans in that band right? That one swastika that came up was making a reference to the Nazis being socialist, and comparing Obama to them.
    G. What they want is to go back before Bush back to the days of Reagan. Before massive government bailouts and before Washington went off the deep end (they were still crazy, don't get me wrong).

    And Finally, I am not a republican, tea partier, christian, or any of that. I am an Atheist and a Technocrat.
  • RobMugsHamilton 2010/11/04 04:20:26
    Sounds like you should be "worried about the delusions of the Tea Party". They're taking over libtard!
  • Clean Knickers 2010/07/28 23:14:32
    Clean Knickers
    Hell yes! People with morals and family values need to take this country back! Liberals are destroying America while they think their helping it!
  • citizenxyz Clean K... 2010/09/03 01:39:10
    OK, Im pretty middle of the road, and vote on both sides, depending on whos running. Answer me this please. HOW are liberals "destroying" this country? Take the country back from who, those who won the election? What the hell are you people so pissed about?
  • RobMugs... citizenxyz 2010/11/04 04:23:13
  • hillard. citizenxyz 2011/01/03 21:50:44
    watch the news...peopl like you man..uneducated voters...thats where this all starts.
  • JoeKremer Clean K... 2011/02/24 01:05:41
    Yes, because George Bush and the republicans did such a wonderful job, with the Iraq war, the first round of bailouts, and all of the other crap they screwed up with.
  • RBruno 2010/07/17 21:23:37
    The Teabagger movement is a TOTAL scam and farce! It's just a bunch of whiny Republican LOSERS who don't have any respect for the American Democratic system. Why didn't we see any teabaggers protesting while the Rethugs were ruining this country with wars, lies, deregulation and economic meltdown? They had NO problem with that at all. Suddenly a black Democrat is in the Whitehouse who just wants to fix all the f*&kups; of the previous trainwreck of an administration and they're j just mad as hell! It's totally laughable and a joke! The teabaggers just need to come to the realization that this is how our elective process works ... they got a chance and ruined everything they touched so the American people fired them to give the other guys a chance.. By doing all this "Let's overthrow the government and take back America" crap, they're showing total contempt for the elective process. The American people decided who they wanted to run the country. The Teabaggers had no issue with that when the Supreme Court decided they should be in charge. Suddenly, when proven incompetent, and hence fired by the American people (not the Supreme Court), They're mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore. Typical Republican hypocrisy if you ask me but that's they're M.O. anyway so nothing new or unexpected here.
  • citizenxyz RBruno 2010/09/03 01:40:02
    great points.
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