Do You Agree With the TSA's Decision to Allow Small Pocket Knives in Carry-On Luggage?

ABC News U.S. 2013/03/09 11:04:51
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  • Christopher Bookkeeping 2013/03/10 01:46:54
    Christopher Bookkeeping
    I am wishy washy on this issue (sorry some people don't see everything in black and white). On the one hand a little pair of nail scissors and that knife for cuticles etc. is hardly a deadly weapon however a swiss army knife in the hands of a person trained to use a knife and knows where the femoral artery is could reek havoc on an airplane, and what is a big Knife to one TSA worker may be a Small knife to another. So fina lverdict: since we have been used to this for 12 years I say keep the ban of all knives large or small. Here is an idea: offer lower fares to people who have NO carry on or checked luggage. If they need a change of clothes buy them at the GAP etc. with the money saved.
  • sbtbill 2013/03/09 18:01:20
    Small pocket knifes are a usefull tool. The TSA has gone way over board on this stuff. If the airline attendents don't like it issue them bolos.
  • EllaBella 2013/03/09 17:33:50
    yes and thank you and please God can't we just as the most free people on earth get back to living normally and without being asked to prove our innocence before we exercise our contractual right to just get on the damn plane.
  • Christo... EllaBella 2013/03/10 01:48:54
    Christopher Bookkeeping
    You actually believe that we are the "most free people on earth?" LOL.
  • EllaBella Christo... 2013/03/10 05:00:20
    I know that I am, I cannot speak for you.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2013/03/09 16:42:22
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    No I do not
  • tom C 2013/03/09 16:41:01
    tom  C
    why is a knife needed on the plane?.......
    if you are taking it with you...just put it in your checked baggage....pretty simple..
  • EllaBella tom C 2013/03/09 17:48:46
    it isn't even any of your business and it doesn't become your business until I have to interact with you and, if for some incredibly unlikely reason, I then brandish my Swiss Army knife in your face. I am so sick of the idea that you or anyone else has a right to know what is in my purse or my pocket. Everybody pays to get on the plane, it is still safe to assume that everyone on the plane is there for the same reason you are, to get to somewhere else. There is no need to restrict me, my dad or my son from having a pocket knife - there never was. .
  • sbtbill tom C 2013/03/09 18:10:26
    Because it is on my key chain. Because I want it there when I need to open a package and it is a pain to put back on and sometimes I forget. Because I might buy a chapstick in one of those antitheft packages and want to open it on the plane. Because a screw on my glasses might come loose and need tightening. Because I might want to cut a cupon out of a magazine.

    Besides we have the right to keep and bare arms, don't we. Isn't this a violation of the 2nd amendmant?
  • Bronar 2013/03/09 15:53:08
    Seems dunb.
  • Tordgaard 2013/03/09 13:32:26
    No. If you need a knife at your destination, put it in your checked luggage.
  • lisa 2013/03/09 12:30:08
    We need something to protect ourselves against the hijackers. terrorist killed by passengers on plane
  • EllaBella lisa 2013/03/09 17:39:32
    bad things happen. we gave away some fundamental freedoms because of that picture right there. well, i'm here to tell you that it could happen again. But, I prefer to live free every day and risk having it happen again and even happen to me or happen to someone I love rather than to voluntarily give away the freedoms which I enjoy..
  • ed 2013/03/09 11:59:10
    NOPE,what's next one small bomb?
  • Andrew 2013/03/09 11:58:24
    But, I would like to see the TSA disbanded and the security measure on airplanes given to the individual air carriers! They have a vested interest in their own security and would be held responsible by the buying public if there were any breeches!
  • sbtbill Andrew 2013/03/09 18:04:42
    They also have a vested interest in cutting costs that is even greater. Security costs money and the public forgets very fast the carrier who had a problem. Besides they frequently change their names to protect the guilty.
  • Andrew sbtbill 2013/03/09 19:47:43 (edited)
    Yes, but only the very foolish would cut to the point of diminished security. One incident and they would be bankrupt since nobody would fly them again!
  • Christo... Andrew 2013/03/10 02:00:46
    Christopher Bookkeeping
    Do you honestly think that the management of ANY airline stop their careers as airline executives just because an airline goes belly up? Ugh this is another case of people actually THINKING that corporations are people too. And please don't get into stock prices because that is where there are stop losses, straddles, put calls etc.
  • Andrew Christo... 2013/03/10 08:38:34
    If a manamger of an airline cut security to the point that a terrorist incident happened, their airline would go bely up and no other airline would hire them as the shareholders would rebel since their stock prices would probably tumble as the result! Apparently, you know nothing of economics and corporate business!
  • Christo... Andrew 2013/03/10 01:56:21
    Christopher Bookkeeping
    God you know nothing about management policy do you? Have you ever heard of a decision tree? It is based upon the concept that an absorbable loss if dwarfed by profits etc. makes ANY risk acceptable as long as it is offset by profit. succinctly put if an airplane full of passengers blows up and the airline is able to obfuscate or make the incident page 3 news then all they have to do is do a PR campaign and the loss will be acceptable to your precious "buying (and ignorant) public".
  • Wolf 2013/03/09 11:45:43
    Should allow all passengers to carry arms to protect themselves ---

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