Do you agree with cloning?

oy 2007/06/21 21:28:13
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From Wikipedia:

Cloning is the process of creating an identical copy of something. In biology, it collectively refers to processes used to create copies of DNA fragments (molecular cloning), cells (cell cloning), or organisms. The term also encompasses situations, whereby organisms reproduce asexually.


Therapeutic cloning

Therapeutic cloning refers to a procedure which produces cells, specific body parts, and organs to be utilized for medical purposes. This has not yet been realized, but it is the subject of much active research. Currently, patients subjected to transplantation are administered immunosuppressive drugs to prevent recognition of the foreign transplant by their immune system and its subsequent rejection. The ability to clonally derive tissues and organs from the patients' own cells would abolish the need for immunosuppressive drugs and would allow the patients to live a life without the potentially serious side-effects of immunosuppressive drugs. More importantly, the ability to clonally derive organs would alleviate the current shortage of transplants and would possibly reduce waiting times for transplants to become available.


Ethical issues of cloning

Main article: Ethics of cloning

Although the practice of cloning organisms has been widespread for several thousands of years in the form of horticultural cloning, the recent technological advancements that have allowed for cloning of animals (and potentially humans) have been highly controversial. Some believe[citation needed] it is unethical to use a human clone to save the life of another. Others have countered that people who exist today and have interpersonal relationships and personal histories should take precedence over never-conscious life at any stage of developmental maturity. Many religious groups oppose all forms of cloning, including the potentially life-saving cloning of individual organs, on the grounds that life begins at conception. However, the idea that life begins at conception is based on modern scientific descriptions of reproduction and discussions of conception in the texts of major religions are not factually accurate. Furthermore, in the old testament, the recommended punishment (payment of a fine decided by a judge) of a person who causes miscarriage of a human fetus clearly indicates that the fetus is not considered equivalent to a person. Concerns also exist regarding the protection of the identity of the individual and the right to protect one's genetic identity.

The social implications of an artificial human production scheme were famously explored in the novel Brave New World and also in the movie The Island. These fictional works explore the prejudices that could develop against clones with respect to a kind of slavery or caste system."
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  • oy 2007/06/21 22:08:53
    I don't agree with human cloning... but I do think that cloning organs and such to save people that need transplants could be good.

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  • mohammed noor 2012/01/06 16:34:33
    mohammed noor
    i really dont think that it would e true as no human can creat any spritual soul excpt th one whoi is most gracful and the most merciful thinkm who is that . that is Alklah the creator of the universe and all celecial object whtin it.
  • namealwaystaken 2009/07/02 07:22:29
    This is an extensive issue, with many different aspects and 'what ifs.'

    I absolutely think it's beneficial to clone organs.
    I think until scientists can work out the kinks in the cellular age/lifespan of the clone, it should NOT be tested on humans.
    If/When cloning is perfected, I see no real purpose for the application of it. For one thing, there are already plenty of kids in the world that need homes, let's take care some of them first. Another, the population of the world is already increasing exponentially, do we really want to speed up the process?
    I do have to admit that it would be cool to be able to clone someone like Einstein and see how his brain works or see if he can use today's technology to further advance scientific discoveries.

    Also, the article in your question said "Concerns also exist regarding the protection of the identity of the individual and the right to protect one's genetic identity." That does scare me and I think that would become a huge issue.
  • Adam 2009/05/20 00:30:21
    Things like Organ cloning are possible life savers, and absolutely great. Things like making a slave race are evil, wrong, and firmly fictitious.
  • chynna 2009/03/16 19:51:11
    i dont think that we should clone animals or humas its a watse of time and money. we should all leave it up to GOD to do his job. and what if something chemicaly happend and i become a monster then we would just have a monster living on the beatiful earth. what a huge disaster
  • mohamme... chynna 2012/01/04 19:03:12
    mohammed noor
    dont think about money . it i no becaue no one can create any spritual soal accept the one creator allah
  • Original_Dragon13 2009/02/18 15:32:52
    But for organ transplant purposes only.
  • hatshepsut123 2008/09/22 00:28:41
    BIG NO! people are going too far...
  • Icedragon1969 2008/06/20 15:43:10
    Let's analyze this.

    If I clone your cells to grow you a new liver, there's no issues of type matching or rejection. I'm failing to see a negative here.

    If you were cloned, the clone would not be you. It would be like having an identical twin born many years after you. It is not a gateway for your immortality or anything of the kind. You now have an identical twin that must grow up and experience life for themselves. I'll admit that I'm failing to see an advantage of this, but there's not really any minus either....that I won't bring up in a minute.

    Cloning of people, but flawing the genes so that you create a slave race essentially. Now we have a problem. Clones or not, these are still human being and they deserve to be treated as such.

    The one real negative I see to cloning is that it could seriously narrow genetic diversity and set us up for extreme trouble with disease or parasites at a later point in time. Case in point, the world's food supply basically rests on five closely related grains: wheat, corn, oats, rice, and barley. These grains have been hybridized and selectively bred to the point of almost no genetic variability. They are also hit by many of the same diseases and pests. Bottom line: the bulk of the world's food supply could readily and easily be wiped out by a runaway epidemic of a single disease. Resistant bacteria anyone? This is the problem with cloning.
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2008/06/04 17:50:22
  • gmanj77 2008/05/14 19:11:29
  • Rayan 2008/04/06 14:20:06
    Cloning at it's purest form - simply a replication of an object.
    For very explicit reasons, we need cloning to replace organs that are damaged. This should not interfere or have a conflict with moral issues, obviously, because this is not a crime. What remains implicit is the judgment to make cloning humans legal.

    As you can see from poll results worldwide, majority have a great sense of morality. Scientists should not be over-zealous when it comes to cloning, because it may raise ethical issues. This may be due to "designer babies", the destruction of nature ( or rather, altering the way life is formed) as well as the ability to create "super humans" Sometimes somethings are better left unexplored or untouched. If we go beyond the phase of cloning humans, then it would lead to another chain of effects.( like "I, Robot", i guess?)

    Therefore, for me, cloning should just be to cure illness, and that is as far as it should go. However, exceptions can be made.

    Consider : Cloning humans - Clones are sent to war. Encouraging war ?
  • nltsierra 2008/02/24 04:04:12
    It seems that we have enough ways to reproduce and there is more than enough humans and animals in this world. I don't see the need for random cloning for meat production
  • cassienicole 2008/02/04 02:16:41
    Its a lose-win situation. It would be amazing to clone a person, but my bio teacher brought up the fact that we could just clone a bunch of humans and use them as soldiers and we could treat them as slaves verses humans.
  • marekgothgather 2008/01/17 21:48:24
    I wanted to for so long, but the idea of having a "clone" of my dead son, just wouldn't be the same no matter how much I want him back
  • SassafrAsh 2007/11/23 19:50:05
  • NOone 2007/11/20 13:50:13
  • R 2007/11/18 20:13:27
    I fully support cloning someone amazing (human only) and then killing the clone to research the oddities that the individual had. But not cloning just for the hell of it. With the end result always being the clone being killed, it is slightly more okay in my book.
  • Snarkosaurus 2007/11/18 19:04:07
    I agree with stem cell stuff, but cloning is beyond unethical.
  • deana 2007/11/18 18:51:47
    sure, why not? its not like its going to hurt anybody. actually i think its a very good thing. if we could clone enough animals and/or plants we could stop world hunger. no one can say that would be a bad thing
  • chris 2007/11/14 17:35:24
    cloning is good. and please stop protesting cloning for religious reasons! the unites states is supposed to be religion-neutral, so how would you like it if someone said "you cant (insert something you regularly do here) because our god says so."?? it's the same thing
  • Arel chris 2008/02/21 13:31:29
    You are right about the expression of religous freedoms so don't ask someone to stop expressing themselves just because you don't agree with what they are saying.
  • chris Arel 2008/02/21 18:51:06 (edited)
    as long as no one's freedom encroaches on somebody elses'.
  • NICKI70 2007/11/07 05:24:50
    Not humans because if given the choice a greving parent would clon a child who has died. ANd it would remind me of a Steven King novel.
  • DELETED 2007/10/15 21:19:01 (edited)
  • chris DELETED 2007/11/14 17:36:21
    its sad that you need your god to give meaning to your life. did you ever consider that there are things to live for in this world?
  • DELETED chris 2007/11/15 06:24:58
  • chris DELETED 2007/11/18 05:19:58
    i dont know about you, but the law is what keeps me from doing destructive things. oh yeah, and im here because of my parents, not some god
  • DELETED chris 2007/11/18 06:34:54
  • chris DELETED 2007/11/18 17:23:33
    any morals i have came directly from my upbringing. besides, theres no proof or whether or not people have souls or not.
  • DELETED chris 2007/11/18 18:52:22
  • deana DELETED 2007/11/18 18:55:08
    your conscious only tells you to do what you were taught is right.
  • DELETED deana 2007/11/19 00:27:03
  • oy deana 2007/11/21 21:12:49
    Just thought I'd say I'm not a religious freak, but I don't understand how come people won't just leave others alone just because they have faith (or lack there of). Plus, does it really matter where your conscience is coming from as long as you have one?
  • bob chris 2007/11/18 17:51:31
    sorry about that, i ment to uprave you
  • chris bob 2007/11/18 18:15:26
    it's cool
  • oy chris 2007/11/21 21:10:12
    I hope it's not just the law, and you don't do destructive things because you feel it's wrong :)
  • chris oy 2007/11/26 18:26:26
    the law has alot more influence on me than any threat of "eternal damnation" i consider real consequences, not made up ones
  • oy chris 2007/11/26 20:11:38
    I meant it more like... I hope you don't do destructive things because YOU don't think it's right. And it's only made up in your opinion, so you should respect others and not belittle their beliefs.
  • Celeste-o-bot 9000 2007/10/15 10:38:02
    Celeste-o-bot 9000
    I only think it's right if we use it for cloning certain organs for transplants and what not. Hopefully help that list of people waiting for doners. As far as cloning people, I think it's wrong. It'll cause many problems.

    And just because they were cloned, does not mean they are not human and have feeling like the rest of us!
  • ladybug 2007/08/21 04:20:57
    Not if its to literally clone a human being, but I completely agree with stemcell purposes for medical intervention

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