Do you agree that students in middle and high school should be required to work 50 hours of community service while college student would be required 100 hours community service each year they are in school under barak obama's America serves plan?

T 2008/11/07 20:45:40
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America Serves
"When you choose to serve -- whether it's your nation, your community or simply your neighborhood -- you are connected to that fundamental American ideal that we want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness not just for ourselves, but for all Americans. That's why it's called the American dream."
The Obama Administration will call on Americans to serve in order to meet the nation’s challenges. President-Elect Obama will expand national service programs like AmeriCorps and Peace Corps and will create a new Classroom Corps to help teachers in underserved schools, as well as a new Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, and Veterans Corps. Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by developing a plan to require 50 hours of community service in middle school and high school and 100 hours of community service in college every year. Obama will encourage retiring Americans to serve by improving programs available for individuals over age 55, while at the same time promoting youth programs such as Youth Build and Head Start.

I copied the above from the obama website........

I don't know about you but the requirments set forth by the "no child left behind" act have my kid doing so much homework that there is barely time for them to participate in sports at school - now b.o. is stating that he will require them to do community service.................. And, lets not forget middle schoolers are not old enough to drive therefore you parents will have to drive your children where they are "required" to go in order to do their community service.

College students - or at least the ones I know - go to school then go to work to help pay for school then try to fit in studying. Under obama they too will be required 100 hours of service per year.

This is crazy!
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  • countessK 2009/07/29 20:15:07
    no, "mandatory servitude" is JUST another name for slavery and violates the 13th Amendment of the Constitution.

    Nothing "mandatory" is American. America is a free country, supposedly.
  • T countessK 2009/07/29 23:08:41
    You are very correct!
  • Sophie Liberty Griffin 2009/04/19 03:10:39
    Sophie Liberty Griffin
    no, people in school simply just do not have the time. specially people in extra activities, and thats mostly everybody, but that limits your time even more however thats during a school year. if its something that you have to do in the summer then ya sure i guess. but really making teenagers to community service work over summer, and having it required, come on really? i'd b fine with it if i didnt have to work and do so much. but it all comes down to time
  • Jayce Evans 2009/04/19 03:02:50
    Jayce Evans
    i agree with you on this. people in school simply don't have the time.
  • Smartass 2008/11/08 03:37:29
  • Sparky 2008/11/08 02:44:58
    This is wrong on so many levels not only is it forced servitude it is also unconstitutional as per the 13th ammendment . Also what would the punishment be for not complying with chairmen Obamas plan?
  • scarletsiren 2008/11/07 21:08:33
    100 hours per year is *nothing*. 50 hours per year is even less.

    I think it's a great proposal, and I'm not against it in any way. Community service is nothing but positive--to the volunteer and to the beneficiary. Instead of spending the entire weekend in front of the XBox, give them an hour to dedicate to helping the folks in the nursing home across the street, or cleaning up the trash on the local beaches, or organizing the donations at the goodwill store.

    These values are getting drowned out by the heavy influx of media and technology that our newest generations are primary targets for. Let's remind them what it means to live in a 'real' society; interacting with, affecting, and being affected by, 'real' people.
  • T scarlet... 2008/11/07 22:37:30
    So I suppose you will have time to run a carpool to pick up kids whose parents have to work in order to get them to their assigned community service? I just wish that my kids had time to play an XBox, nintendo, wii or what ever......the expectations at the public school that my kids attend pretty much require they are not affored time to even eat dinner at night due to the excessive homework they are given through the week and even the weekend...............

    I agree for those that have the time to give Community service it is great but to require it of young students or even to those who are working 2/3 jobs it is ridiculous....THe man is nothing short of an idiot.
  • Jus Liv... T 2008/11/07 23:12:47 (edited)
    Jus Live YOUR Life *Blood of a slave heart of a queen*
    There's no public transportation where you live? 50 hours a year is not that much considering there are 52 weeks in a year--Your kids can't spare 1 hour a week? That's like 8.5 minutes a day.
  • T Jus Liv... 2008/11/08 03:35:55
    so you would have a 11 or 12 year old middle schooler walk 8 miles to the nearest public transportation stop "alone" to do community service b/c its required of them while their parents are working? I'm sure that is exciting for child predators lurking around. A kid alone on public transportation or alone walking to their assigned duty.
  • Jus Liv... T 2008/11/08 03:50:32 (edited)
    Jus Live YOUR Life *Blood of a slave heart of a queen*
    I just asked a simple question. As far as the age thing goes--I began using public transportation when I was 8...Was I alone? Of course not, I had my older (11)brother with me and I don't recall any instances of child predators lurking *lol* Forgive me for assuming you lived in a city because if you're walking 8 miles to the nearest bus stop you've got to be living in a rural area. Anyways, like I said community service is a great idea...Just wait until your lil 11 and 12 year olds start filing out college applications. For some universities community service is highly regarded if not a prerequiste for admission. It just seems like people who oppose Obama are so self involved. I'd never thought I would hear a parent griping about their child doing community service....
  • T Jus Liv... 2008/11/08 03:56:52
    ......my kids love to help other people I'm not griping about them helping others I'm griping b/c I don't feel the government should lay down a law requiring my kid to do community service. If we allow the government to start mandating how we spend our time before we know it we will be told what day we can go buy groceries or how many minutes a day we can use our electricity, etc. It is just an avenue to begin revoking the freedoms we have. "The freedom to choose how we spend our time".
  • Jus Liv... T 2008/11/08 04:07:29
    Jus Live YOUR Life *Blood of a slave heart of a queen*
    With me being pro-choice and with you putting it in that perspective, I can totally see your point. We definitely want less government involvement. I still think its a wonderful idea to get children involved in their communities. I guess Obama sees mandating it as the only way it will happen....
  • scarlet... T 2008/11/08 05:39:39 (edited)
    Kids don't have the 'freedom to choose' how they spend their time. They are mandated against their will to spend 8 hours a day in school. Obviously, we adults know what's best for them, and can tell them what to do, right?

    If 8 hours a day learning math, science, geography and history is entirely acceptable and even bizarre to argue with, then what is your problem with *one* hour a *week* learning how to positively affect and appreciate a society that one is immersed in?

    If you ask me, community service will teach your child more valuable lessons and more practical skills than just about anything he/she will ever learn in school.
  • countessK scarlet... 2009/07/29 20:40:16
    There is a benefit to the child for learning math, science, etc. and their agreement is obtained by the parents, one way or another, before they get to the school.

    Forced physical labor by children, especially when it is being run by a military style organization (as specified by the bill) is not going to be something anyone will consider a benefit except those businesses who get the free slave labor.

    "Mandatory" just is all bad.
  • countessK Jus Liv... 2009/07/29 20:29:39
    You must not have read the bill. I live in LA and it is not safe for a kid to go anywhere on public transportation, the parents have to drive them everywhere they go. I would have to leave work to do this. It defeats the whole purpose and value of doing volunteer work when it's mandatory. The kid gets no joy because of being forced, the colleges give no credit because the kids were forced. Also, my kids have jobs plus school. They already volunteer in their church. I would be totally opposed to the government forcing them into their idea of "volunteer" work, implemented by a military style organization ( as required in this bill).

    The only way it works is if it's voluntary not mandatory.
  • scarlet... T 2008/11/08 05:35:20
    Is your kid the only person who attends school in your area? Because if he is, then I guess you have a valid point. If not, the bus stop won't be a barren and isolated buffet line for 'child predators,' as there will be other people there as well--including high-schoolers. Perhaps there are parents in your vicinity who can set up a chaperone system, to make sure that the kids at the bus stop are safe.

    As for transportation, your kid shouldn't have to walk 8 miles, especially not alone. If you really can't afford to take him, you can always talk to your neighborhood about carpools. If he has a bike or a skateboard or anything like that, maybe he could use that to get there--which would probably be fun for him, especially if some friends that live nearby could all go together. Investing in a pager or a cell phone is always a good idea if you are worried about your children.

    People underestimate 12 year olds. They are actually very bright little individuals and are much more capable than we allow them to be. Of course, I've never met a twelve year old that spent 50 hours a week busting his nuts on homework, so maybe your little wonder really is an exceptional case. I'm sure Obama includes a 'special needs' division in his plan.
  • countessK scarlet... 2009/07/29 20:34:40 (edited)
    If this was something that the parent or the kid actually wanted then solutions are possible. The problem is the word "mandatory" which equals "forced into". The parent agrees with education so the child goes along. Most responsible parents will disagree with forced servitude for their children. There is no benefit to something done against your will. How would you like it?
  • scarlet... T 2008/11/08 05:26:36 (edited)
    Community services can also be served after school. If your local school is located in a small town, your child can volunteer there for 20 minutes a day after he/she gets finished with classes. Carpools are a good idea, and if this actually gets passed as a law, mandating public transportation will be an easy (and necessary) thing to accomplish.

    If your child can't even spare 10 minutes a day, or one hour in a two-day weekend, due to homework, then it sounds like you need to invest in a private tutor, because your child is obviously struggling beyond what's normal. Schools get out at 3:00, and if your child gets home by four, that's 5 hours nonstop daily if he/she goes to sleep by nine. Then, 12 hours on Saturday and 12 hours on Sunday. 5 hours daily, and 24 straight hours on the weekend is far too much time to dedicate to homework--thats 49 hours a week--which is more than a full-time job. If your kid really needs to utilize every one of those 49 hours, and couldn't possibly cope with finishing his/her homework in 48 hours/week, then there is something seriously wrong that you need to address at home before you go pointing fingers at Obama's idiocy.
  • T scarlet... 2008/11/08 12:52:19
    actually my kids are very smart.... however more times than not my kids (including my elementary school kids) will have a minimum of 4-5 hours of home work nightly. And for my one child that struggles in math - yes we already have a private tutor 2 hours per week. AS far as public transportation - the nearest public bus stop to my house is 8 miles away. There are no sidewalks just the side of the road - a very dangerous place for a kid of any age to be walking and to be walking alone. But obviously you don't care much for children of any age if you are all for sending a kid out alone in today's world. WE will have to agree to disagree.. Obmam -idiot of the year - can't wait till we are rid of the man. ***and as a side note my kids volunteer to work at our church on sunday......
  • scarlet... T 2008/11/08 13:25:05
    Well that would be community service, wouldn't it.
  • countessK scarlet... 2009/07/29 20:48:45
    Yes, but not "mandatory" which makes all the difference.
  • countessK scarlet... 2009/07/29 20:47:40
    In high school my kids had 6-8 hours of homework every week night and much more on weekends. That is very common and they were great studets. It is due to so little being taught in public schools during classes, since teachers are not accountable for how well their students do. Most of the learning has to happen outside of class. Then he had church activities and some volunteer church work. His little free time left he needed to blow off steam.

    He would have to do this mandatory labor in addition to all that and I just wouldn't support that.

    Maybe if they want to implement this in poor black and Mexican neighborhoods to keep the kids out of gangs, that might be a good idea.
  • countessK scarlet... 2009/07/29 20:21:40 (edited)
    Volunteer work is great. "Mandatory volunteer work" isn't great. How would you like some military people to come along and take you from home on a Saturday morning (for the whole weekend) and force you to dig graves, paint buildings or whatever, the whole time treating you like the military treat new recruits. That's what's being proposed from elementary schools through college and for all retirees and all elderly. Functioning in a military style is stated in these bills.

    I don't see how anyone can get behind this. Sounds like a nightmare.
  • 232 2008/11/07 20:52:06
    not no but hell no
  • T 2008/11/07 20:48:01
    This man is an idiot.

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