Do you agree that raising taxes for the top earners as the President and Democrats want will help fix the deficit, or will it cost more jobs as the Republicans say it will?

LauraPauls 2011/06/29 17:16:32
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  • MichaelJ 2011/06/29 18:33:12
    Taxing the rich will cause more jobs to go overseas.
    The fact is that raising taxes will reduce growth, thus increase unemployment. Not really that hard to see the relationship.

    The fact is that we have to live within our means and it's got to start now. I urge all Americans to contact their representatives and demand NO INCREASE IN TAXES FOR ANYONE! We need dramatic cuts in spending not take more money out of the economy.
  • NPC 2011/06/29 17:20:09
    We need to cut taxes and cut spending! Cut, Cut, Cut!
    Raising taxes will never happen with this current House of Representatives. Odumbo is barking up the wrong tree !
  • MichaelJ NPC 2011/06/29 18:35:08
    NPC, I wish I was as confident as you are about our republican house members. This will be a great opportunity to see who is ready for the HARD road ahead.
  • NPC MichaelJ 2011/06/29 18:47:36
    I think they are now ready.

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