Do Republicans think they can lie about Obama and get away with it?

Mopvyzo USA 2012/05/24 14:34:42
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They must think the voters are stupid and will be duped.


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  • dispatcher 2012/05/24 16:14:52
    Why LIE , when the truth has facts. Problem is Liberals CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH !!!!

    FACT, obama promised a transparent administration but hides everything they do behind closed doors & when AMERICA is sleeping.
    FACT, Michele is the ONLY 1st lady in history,that has to have 22 stafff memebers for herself.
    FACT, he has lied about energy independence , claimed during his 2008 campaign AMERICA WOULD NOT BE DEPENDING UPON FOREIGN OIL !
    FACT, he claimed he would cut government spending & reduce the defifict while creating a budget that AMERICA can afford.

    The list goes on & on & on but the liberal sheep followers refuse to listen & see the light. for obama was ,is and always will be a NO GOOD LYING SOCIALIST SCUMBAG who has turned his back on the AMERICAN people & will only offer promises for votes. Come Nov 2012 ,WE THE PEOPLE shall speak up & take OUR HOUSE BACK from this tyrant and that is a FACT you can believe in !!!

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  • Hula gi... bigfoot 2012/05/25 00:30:25
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    Please wise one on what issue are you talking about as all but one thing I've ever talk about was fact that had back up the only one didn't have written documents but first hand knowledge of the person Obama bullied. So please tell us what the right has been wrong on.

    Oh by way it's a compliment to call someone a Right Wing Nut Job. As a Wing Nut is used to tighten something down while turning it to the right so we are just holding onto the Constitution's might unlike those of you that are trying to turn the Constitution to the left which is nothing less than theft of this country.
  • bigfoot Hula gi... 2012/05/25 04:53:39
    the RWNJs are Wrong.fact!
  • Hula gi... bigfoot 2012/05/25 05:07:22
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    Oh wise one please what are they wrong on? Not wanting to destroy this country?

    Are you a Acorn staffer or a Union thug?
  • Pamela Hula gi... 2012/05/25 17:46:17 (edited)
    Bigmouth oh, I ment Bigfoot is a liberal progressive advocating control of the government.
  • bigfoot Pamela 2012/05/26 19:58:08
    and you are correct.I am a Liberal Progressive.and I have a Big Mouth and Loud Voice,when I encounter Ignorance and Stupidity.if you read my earlier comment to you,you would know I lived down 93 in Mass from N H.and drove through Lawrence Mass before 93 was built.so why don't you tell Hula,how the Government turned New Hampshire from a poor rural state by instituting military/naval contracts and bases and paved highways and roads into a progressive state with access to the center of Boston and its surrounding communities with the best educational and health facilities and employment opportunities in the world.how people living in mobile homes moved into real housing.yup!get government out of your life.life in N.H. is pretty good these days isn't it?
  • Pamela bigfoot 2012/05/27 12:45:14 (edited)
    If I were you, I would not go around admitting I was a Liberal Progressive. Because it's like having a terrible disease. You need to be cured of your affliction.
  • bigfoot Hula gi... 2012/05/26 20:46:23
    you lied about Acorn.Acorn was cleared.and you RWNJs found guilty of manufacturing the accusations.Every Benefit YOU enjoy as a Worker from Management to Unemployment is the Result of Union Activity.why do you Think your RWNJ Politicians are trying to Break Unions? some working people are so misinformed they will vote Republican.can you imagine that?kind of like a GM Auto Worker Voting Republican.some will.they like being unemployed and in poverty.Do Yourself a favor.using your computer,look up history of unions,look up creation of the deficet,read history of the Reagan and Bush Administrations,look up why did we go to[bush/cheney] war?
  • Hula gi... bigfoot 2012/05/26 22:54:10
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    We never lied ever about Acorn. You must be an Acorn rat. Acorn is as crooked as they get but you creeps had to change the name in each State so you could take money from the unsuspecting people that you steal from.

    If Acorn is so honest why are they indited all over the place for voter fraud.

    You are a Union supporter too? Wow, good for you putting businesses out of order, making businesses charge more so they can't compete so they leave this country.

    Wow, you must be an SEIU Thug.
  • bigfoot Hula gi... 2012/05/26 23:23:52
    those Mystical Distortions and Lies only seen and heard by RWNJs are appearing under your Avatar.Google ACORN.read accounts of their operation.read what they were charged with?and Who[RWNJ Operatives]planted the evidence.where they learned how to create the evidence.whats the phrase?you are intitled to your opinion.Not,the creation of your own Facts.what are you afraid of?you can repeat those Idiotic Lies until the Cows come home.I can even agree with you.however,the Facts and Truth are going to stand forever.
  • Hula gi... bigfoot 2012/05/27 04:11:35
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers


  • Pamela Hula gi... 2012/05/27 11:54:44
    Love it!
  • Hula gi... bigfoot 2012/05/26 05:23:08
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    Ah, another lefty that can't present facts. They bash but not one in fours years states their case with truth. Never has happened.
  • bigfoot Hula gi... 2012/05/26 19:28:10
    you two together don't add up to half a wit.Acorn was cleared of all the lies and false charges created by the RWNJs in their criminal efforts to defeat Obama.
  • Pamela bigfoot 2012/05/26 23:55:13
    Your another liberal IDIOT. Big government does not work fool. You can't keep spending money you do not have. When will you liberals wake up?You are destroying this country.
  • Pamela bigfoot 2012/05/26 23:59:07
    Obama is one of the worst Presidents we have ever had.
  • Pamela bigfoot 2012/05/27 00:06:05
    It was cleared under the corrupt Democratic party. If you had any sense you would know this. But as we all know Liberals are deficient in any common sense what so ever.
  • bigfoot Hula gi... 2012/05/26 20:26:05
    FACTS? there is truth and information that can be verified with a stroke of a computer key by searching out the actual participants in the event and their quotes.Then there is the RWNJ Interpretation of those same events and quotes that Contradict what the Eyes have Seen and what the Ears have heard.preferring the RWNJ Mystical Version apparently you will Sacrifice Your own Self Respect of being Intelligent and Knowlegeable and accept Complete Nonsense as facts. and worst of all repeat it.you're the one,in your private moments,who has to look in the mirror and like what you see.
  • Pamela Hula gi... 2012/05/25 17:43:07
    You are right!
  • Pamela Hula gi... 2012/05/25 17:41:24
    Good one!
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2012/05/24 21:46:46
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    It works for Obama.
  • Helmholtz 2012/05/24 21:41:25
    If most people hear something frequently enough, I think that they'll start to believe it at some level.

  • urwutuis Helmholtz 2012/05/25 00:44:58
    That cracks me up. I knew FOX was bad but I didn't think it was worse than no news at all.
  • Obama F... urwutuis 2012/05/25 03:48:25 (edited)
  • Pamela Obama F... 2012/05/25 17:51:07
    It'a a wonderful book.
  • Obama F... Pamela 2012/05/25 18:29:29
    Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi
    And 100% fact
  • urwutuis Obama F... 2012/05/26 17:10:10
    How is that relevant to FOX viewers being less informed than people who don't watch any news.
  • Obama F... urwutuis 2012/05/26 17:11:24
    Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi
    It will be wonderful to have a small-government, fiscally-conservative President in the White House again; someone committed to Constitutional principles, a balanced Federal budget, and someone committed to free enterprise priciples in the health care system.
  • urwutuis Obama F... 2012/05/26 22:08:57
    Again, irrelevant
  • Buoyant... urwutuis 2012/05/25 17:37:18
    Buoyant Leadraft
    Fox is not news
  • Obama F... Buoyant... 2012/05/25 18:29:52
    Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi
    and libtrad media is?
  • Buoyant... Obama F... 2012/05/25 20:33:55 (edited)
    Buoyant Leadraft
    Just because you call it silly names like "libturd" does not make it "not news"
    Fox on the other hand is complete right wing opinion smothered in spin, lies and outright bias, covered in a thick creamy coating of utter bull crap dumbed down for the average republican sheeple audience who have been programed to believe it. Fox viewers are consistently the most ill informed viewers in America, Another hard core fact you won't here on fox news!

  • Obama F... Buoyant... 2012/05/25 20:36:20
    Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi
    So your going to your a liberal rag wed site to back you up, , that funny.
  • Buoyant... Obama F... 2012/05/25 20:46:42 (edited)
    Buoyant Leadraft
    They are just bringing attention to the study that was done and confirmed, that had nothing to do with a liberal source. They are talking about it.
  • Obama F... Buoyant... 2012/05/25 20:52:02 (edited)
    Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi
    Again, if all your going try to tell me that liberal media dose not lie , forget it, not going to happen. and as long as the liberal media dose not vet Obama , they can ever be trusted liberal media liberal media
  • Buoyant... Obama F... 2012/05/25 21:16:35
    Buoyant Leadraft
    Vet Obama? oh god, you're a birther...classic!
  • Obama F... Buoyant... 2012/05/25 21:33:32
    Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi
    liberal media bias has been around since there have been liberals to do the “reporting” of the news. But this fact should surprise no one. After all, the news media has always been filled with bias of one type or another. In fact, there was a time when American customers of the news knew exactly which newspapers sported which point of view. It was taken for granted that one newspaper supported one side and another newspaper a different side.
  • Buoyant... Obama F... 2012/05/25 21:41:17 (edited)
    Buoyant Leadraft
    But i think when it comes to real facts one side gets it wrong more often then not... "FOX NEWS!"

    Although i have to tell you in all fairness, i was utterly disgusted with the liberal media over the Trayvon Martin case. Trying to paint the victim as a sweet little 14 year old and Zimmerman as a racist blood thirsty beast. Fox did not jump the gun on that one. I think they got it more right then the other side. OMG... DID we just agree on something?
    Noooooo! Whats happening? The world will end in 2012, that must be it!!! ::: shivers:::
  • Obama F... Buoyant... 2012/05/25 21:52:28 (edited)
    Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi
    "Fox viewers are consistently the most ill informed viewers in America, Another hard core fact you won't here on fox news!:" your words.

    liberal bigot liberal bigot liberal bigot
  • Buoyant... Obama F... 2012/05/25 21:57:00
    Buoyant Leadraft
    LMAO... well, it was nice well it lasted anyway!!! ::: sigh:::
  • Obama F... Buoyant... 2012/05/25 22:01:40
    Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi
    good bye

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