Do Eighty Percent Of Serial Killers Vote Republican? Do Pedophiles Vote Republican Too? Or Are Posts Like Those That Claim Such Just Plain Idiotic?

AARGH! 2011/08/26 17:08:06
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Democrats are not Pedophiles and Republicans are not eihter but there seem to be a few SH con idiots that like to equate that. And before some idiotic con starts whining about how much BS this post is I'm being sarcastic in the wake of all the moronic posts that are created by the cons on SH that label liberals as lacking morals. The most recent being all the completely vile con attacks on liberals saying they approve of pedophelia...sick motherf*ckers these SH cons...

March 14 2010

Washington, D.C. – Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer. For decades those names, and the names of dozens of others, have stalked the American consciousness. Until recently when terrorists became the boogeymen of john wayne gacy
a nation, the serial killer was the monster of our nightmares, the demon of our subconscious, stalking us at every street corner, along every poorly lit alleyway. While the reality of serial killers was always far from the fantasy, the existence of real life monsters served to provide us with an outlet for deepest fears.

Even in the face of global terrorism, there is something deeply disturbing about the serial killer that continues to disgust, repel, frighten, and fascinate beyond any kind of rational explanation. Perhaps it is the sheer abnormality of the serial killer, perhaps it is the fear that a person we know or love could be one, or perhaps it is just the sheer fascination we have with death, presaging and perhaps rationalizing our own eventual demise. Psychological questions aside, a new poll has indicated that the general population in the United States may have more in common with serial killers than previously believed, namely political leanings. A new poll of living and deceased serial killers has shown that upwards of 80 per cent lean towards conservative ideals and the majority routinely voted Republican, something becoming more and more common throughout the United States as a whole.dennis rader btk

“Across the board, serial killers are predominantly conservative in their political leanings. Gary Ridgeway, Dennis Rader, and probably the biggest name of all, Ted Bundy, were all active in the Republican Party at some level. Quizzing other killers showed the same thing, that the vast majority vote Republican,” said lead pollster David Quick. “We gain no analysis from this, it garners us no insight into the workings of the minds of conservative politicians or serial killers, but it is an overwhelming majority. Because serial killers come from diverse backgrounds and possess vastly different IQ’s they appear to have nothing in common save their conservative ideals and their desire to butcher people. It’s compelling data to be sure.”

Reportedly, David Berkowitz has never voted, but actively supported independent Ross Perot in the 1992 Presidential election.david berkowitz

“Eighty percent is extremely high considering that it’s roughly fifty-fifty in the general population. It could be the feeling of control, self-entitlement, or some other deep set psychological rationale but what it really means is opportunity, especially in today’s political climate,” said Scrape TV Political analyst Gabriel Kinsey. “The Republicans are certainly on a role and the conservative movement can absorb all comers. The momentum is certainly on their side and the best thing right now would be to bring everyone they can on board, even if they are of questionable moral and ethical standing. One thing the Republicans really need is stardom, celebrity, which helps penetrate the swing voters and something the party has been sorely lacking, which many of these people would bring in basketfuls.”

One name often mentioned in Republican circles is Jeffrey Dahmer who officials believe would help bring in younger voters. The case for Dahmer is complicated by his death in 1994.sarah palin

“True, there aren’t all that many serial killers in the United States but like the Democratic Party has Hollywood, which is equally limited, by securing this support that minority could speak with a very loud voice and add significant weight to the growing power of conservatives in the country,” continued Kinsey. “Add to that the fact that there are up to 300 serial killers throughout the world right now, a big chunk of them undoubtedly in the U.S., and their support could help tilt 2012 in the right direction.”

Sarah Palin, a leading contender for 2012, has reportedly made several visits to Dennis Rader, better known as BTK, at his prison cell in Kansas over the last few weeks.

reportedly visits dennis rader btk prison cell kansas weeks nbspEdward Bastil, Political Correspondent

From Scrape TV News

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  • Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru 2011/08/26 17:27:50
    Yes The Posts That Compare People's Political Affiliations To Deviant Behavio...
    Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru
    Of course they are. I agree with everything you say on this topic. How many times have I been called un-American,for supporting a sitting president. How many times have o been labeled a welfare recipient, lacking in morals just because I do not despise Obama. How many posts have I seen that insult my intelligence simply because I politely disagreed. Here's a tip people, IT'S ALL B.S. Very few people know jack about me personally and to assume otherwise based on my political affiliation is the height of stupidity. Thanks for doing this poll, hypocrisy runs deep on BOTH sides!!!

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  • Creative AARGH! 2011/08/27 03:49:31
  • AARGH! Creative 2011/08/27 03:55:52
  • Creative AARGH! 2011/08/27 11:24:59
    Pictures seem to be helpful when dealing with delusional hypocrites.
  • AARGH! Creative 2011/08/27 12:42:33
  • Creative AARGH! 2011/08/27 12:48:57 (edited)
    DING, DING, DING we have a winner! Sadly you called yourself out in your own question and just don't see it.

    "Yes The Posts That Compare People's Political Affiliations To Deviant Behavior are idiotic."

    Now go away, I'm starting to sneeze.
  • AARGH! Creative 2011/08/27 19:44:02
  • Creative AARGH! 2011/08/27 20:13:20
    If your intention was to make yourself look like a hypocrite you have succeeded.
  • AARGH! Creative 2011/08/27 20:18:19
  • Creative AARGH! 2011/08/27 23:47:39
  • tomas Creative 2011/08/27 04:10:59
    You nailed that one. Both are deranged.
  • Dawn 2011/08/27 00:53:01
    What's The Difference...
    again i'm flummoxed by how many people have no idea what your point is . ..

    but yeah, it's very stupid. actually, yours has more fact than a few i've seen around in the last few days. a couple that claim that it is liberal psychiatrists that are pushing pedophilia - now how the hell do we know whether they are liberals?? one of them has supported chemical castration in the past that doesn't seem like a . .. . . ah, eff it.

    yes, such posts are idiotic. the aberrant freaks of the world are not representative of a political affiliation; even if they've attached themselves to one.
  • Jake Dawn 2011/08/28 14:38:15
    See a Psychiatrist.
  • Dawn Jake 2011/09/07 16:18:32
  • Sandy 2011/08/27 00:46:47
    Yes The Posts That Compare People's Political Affiliations To Deviant Behavio...
    However, if some Christian conservative and/or conservative does commit a murder, the right is all over the story to make it seem otherwise. (ie, Norway killer).
  • Diana 2011/08/27 00:41:29
    I believe all Pedophiles and seriol killers are liberals.Just being Sarcastic !
  • sjalan 2011/08/27 00:15:30
    Without actual studies you'll never know.

    Most serial killers and pedophiles are in jail, convicted of felonies. Felons can't vote.
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2011/08/26 23:56:15
    Yes The Posts That Compare People's Political Affiliations To Deviant Behavio...
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
  • SharonJohnson 2011/08/26 23:53:44
    Yes The Posts That Compare People's Political Affiliations To Deviant Behavio...
    Which left wing rag did you find this
  • AARGH! SharonJ... 2011/08/27 00:09:51
  • AL AARGH! 2011/08/27 08:44:40
    And just where is that rag then? How about some real proof we can ALL believe in for a change?
  • AARGH! AL 2011/08/27 12:44:06
  • AL AARGH! 2011/08/28 02:36:53 (edited)
    LMAO! I know enough to understand your left wing propaganda when I see it Buddy! Its just too bad it isn't working out as good as you thought it would is all!
  • Diane 2011/08/26 23:52:39 (edited)

    I've always wondered what the voter populations are like on either side. I wonder if there are any polls or studies on this rather than just opinion.

    There may or may not be any correlation but it would be beneficial to find out.
  • AL 2011/08/26 23:44:57
    LMAO! And just look at all the bleeding heart Liberals that are trying non stop to get harden criminals back out in the streets as well!
  • tomas AL 2011/08/26 23:52:03
    Agree. And for these Liberal idiots who try and link mentality deranged serial killers to the Republican Party are about the lowest of the low, nothing more than pathetic POS.
  • AL tomas 2011/08/27 00:05:56
    LOL! I was in the National Guard back in the 60s myself,- so I know for a fact just who the far left trouble making Rioters where! Even this very issue is nothing more then a big smoke screen for them!
  • HillaryLover 2011/08/26 23:40:04
    Some where I read that serial killers, pedophiles, racists, and gun owners, are predominately Republican, conservative, Tea Baggers, etc. I am not sure how good the source. Ted Bundy was a hot shot Young Republican, but John Wayne Gacy was a Democrat.

    Ironically, most killers on death row supported capital punishment before they were caught.
  • HiYa 2011/08/26 23:33:41
    No These Posts Are Right On Target...
    I think this information makes a complete profile of a person. No one has any problem equating someone's sexual preference or religion to a political party. Now Sexual Deviant or Criminal Behaviors are the holy grail? If ppl. are gonna subject others to sweeping generalizations they should sit shut if the facts bare out.
  • JohnFitzgeral12 2011/08/26 23:27:11
    Yes The Posts That Compare People's Political Affiliations To Deviant Behavio...
    Serial killers don't have enough time to vote, trust me.
  • Creative JohnFit... 2011/08/27 01:10:21
    Lets hope you aren't speaking from experience.
  • Melizmatic Creative 2011/08/27 04:56:26
    I rather hope he is.

    There are already enough whackadoos out there voting based solely on their emotions.
  • Creative Melizmatic 2011/08/27 11:27:38
    So you hope his experience as a serial killer offers him his incite?
  • Melizmatic Creative 2011/08/27 16:55:38

    'Incite' is a verb.
  • Creative Melizmatic 2011/08/27 17:40:01
    Thank you spelling Nazi.
  • Melizmatic Creative 2011/08/27 17:46:19
    Grammar, actually.

    grammar GRAMMAR NATZI

    And no problem; any time.
  • Creative Melizmatic 2011/08/27 17:47:47
    You did understand what I meant didn't you?
  • Melizmatic Creative 2011/08/27 17:48:54
  • Creative Melizmatic 2011/08/27 18:50:26
    How cute, you tried to avoid answering the question.
  • Melizmatic Creative 2011/08/28 02:28:15
    There is no 'try'; one either does or does not.

  • Creative Melizmatic 2011/08/28 03:14:44
    I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, I see you don't deserve it.

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