Do Canadians Like Their Health Care System?

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The Canadian system is great. Wait times for critical care are very short.
There are no co--pays, no HMO to rule on whether care is "allowed" and
people are free to choose any doctor they want. Home care, drugs for
people over age 65 and drugs after the first $1000/yr for everyone else
is covered. Heart surgery, cancer surgery, transplants are all fully
covered with no limits. Nursing home care, post stroke rehab,
physiotherapy is covered. Health coverage is not linked to your job, so
you can change jobs without worry. If you travel within the country
you are still covered.

And the Canadian system covers 100% of the population at about 50% of the cost of the American system.

Why do people try to say that Canadians hate their health care program?
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  • Matton 2010/08/05 01:55:07
    Thanks for this! I spent a lot of time in Canada via new york, Americans are blind sheep who can't find a pasture till they sink in a lake like the piper!...again thanks!

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  • Spizzzo BN-0 2010/08/07 07:03:17
    Spizzzo BN-0
    A lot of Americans choose to believe nonsense that happens to match their own biases. Surprise!
  • VERYwiseguy 2010/08/05 10:35:36 (edited)
    Watch SiCKO I was just taken by ambulance to an ER from a car accident 12 days ago and waited 2 hrs.I returned this week and waited 4 hours.I went another time to the ER in severe pain my whole face swollen fearing a tooth abscess entering my bloodstream at 4am.waited over 4 hrs. Dr. seen me for 2 minutes.Diagnosis,swimmers ear,out of pocket cost $1100.00.I had AIG health Ins.at my old job and it sucked considering I paid big money for it!
  • DavidPhillips 2010/08/05 04:49:31
    "Why do people try to say that Canadians hate their health care program?""

    Because Foxbots will believe anything they are told...

    And I am sure that the Canadians like the fact that so many here think that there system sucks, because it will stop the healthcare border hoppers...Americans going to Canada...
  • Matton DavidPh... 2011/02/13 19:02:36
    Exactly, and yes they laugh at us in disbelief as the rest of the world does.
    what greedy savages we are in the usa that we won't even give grandma her meds unless we take her home. This is filth! at it's finest.
  • Conservative in California 2010/08/05 03:02:19
    Conservative in California
    If the Canadian system were so wonderful, why are they privatizing it?

    Why do thousands of Canadians come to the U.S. each year?

    Why are waiting lists months or years long when they are weeks long in the USA?
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ Conserv... 2010/08/05 03:07:04
    More than "thousands" go to Canada for their drugs. More than number of Canadians who come here for treatment. Unlike the UK, Canadian physicians aren't government employees... they're in private practice, and each province's medical association functions as a quasi-union when negotiating with the provincial government over the fee schedule [can you imagine that happening with Medicare in the US?]. Hospitals are subject to more direct government control, in terms of funding, controls on capital expenditures, and the like. So there already is a degree of [heavily regulated, price-controlled] "privatization" in terms of physicians.
  • Conserv... ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2010/08/05 04:11:33
    Conservative in California
    drugs that were invented in the United States, copied by the rest of the world, and sold back to Americans? Be nice to eliminate the FDA to be able to save millions more lives every year, but the Central Planners think they know better than consumers and the free market despite a 0% success record.
  • jmp Conserv... 2012/07/03 11:15:52
    Nonsense. you should educate yourself. This is too important to just guess. Google if Canadians like their healthcare system. Google statistics that tell simple truths
  • jmp Conserv... 2012/07/03 11:14:28
    It is private AND universal. Get informed
  • Matton 2010/08/05 01:55:07
    Thanks for this! I spent a lot of time in Canada via new york, Americans are blind sheep who can't find a pasture till they sink in a lake like the piper!...again thanks!
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ Matton 2010/08/05 01:59:57
    I get tired of listening to people who say that Canadians hate the heath care system.
    Did you enlarge the image that I put with this post?
  • Matton ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2010/08/05 02:14:56 (edited)
    No i did not but ican provide an image for you now ican provide image
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ Matton 2010/08/05 02:23:34
    Sure. Does it compare Canadian health care to American health care?
  • Matton ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2010/08/05 02:44:33 (edited)
    There is no American health care...unless you are rich or working for a company that owns you under the clause of health-care. you are more a slave to health care then to dolor income..it's sick! and people sheepishly follow the order of self protection as the slave drivers know they will!
  • Conserv... Matton 2010/08/05 03:03:06
    Conservative in California
    85% of Americans have health insurance.
  • Matton Conserv... 2010/08/05 03:18:27 (edited)
    53% of Americans have health insurance. on an average This is a state to state measure in some states only 17% have insurance .a pre existing condition and a loss of a job after cobra leaves you measurable
    LEFT FOR DEAD! No individual who is working for a living can afford proper insurance for health, The costs without using the insurance will take your car and home away!. Imagine if you actually got sick?
  • Conserv... Matton 2010/08/05 04:14:04
    Conservative in California
    more government regulation and Central Planning is the cure?

    Eliminate government entirely from medicine and health insurance, end licensing laws of medical professionals, abolish the FDA, and medicine and healthcare will be inexpensive and readily available to nearly everyone, while life expectancy will drastically increase.
  • Matton Conserv... 2010/08/05 06:29:35
    You are a fascist ...a cooperative enemy to Americans we sell ourselves out to third world poverty nations again?
    what after manufacturing cnc machines now full tech?...idiot where were you born ?
    my guess would hell!
  • Conserv... Matton 2010/08/07 04:36:04
    Conservative in California
    fascists only exist with big government.

    Classical liberals (modern conservatives) believe in free market capitalism, the Constitution, limited government, and individual liberties.

    Progressives in the Democrat party love big corporations, big unions, and big government.
  • Matton Conserv... 2010/08/14 03:04:37
    Fascists AND THE FILTH of greed wreck america you are part of the sell out of america...shame on you! Progressives are people unwashed from the coolaid you drink...What church is that again you wash at?

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