Do ALL child molesters who believe in Jesus go to heaven?

☠Marz555☠ 2009/02/26 20:39:25
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I do realize that in the eyes of Jesus child rape is just as bad as eating pork or shellfish... but does anyone on earth believe that child rapists are in fact as bad as people who disrespect their parents?

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  • Crusader7 2009/02/26 23:09:31 (edited)
    no, that is just peoposterous.
    That view of the Bible is incorrect.
    1. Jesus tossed out the food restrictions. :)
    2. "Disrespecting parents", The Law was a perfect standard that couldn't be followed. Specifically the Laws that were punishable by death by anyone who breaks them.

    Examples of God's standard:
    A) A perfect person would never disrespect their parents or anyone.
    B) A perfect person would obey all of God's Laws.

    C)There is no such person.

    One must understand the message of the law before understanding God's gospel of grace.

    God is the holy standard.
    Man is the filthy rags standard.

    That's a beginning of wisdom.

    In regards to a child molester; Jesus foretold a very harsh penalty in hell. How can that person be forgiven? Based on His (Jesus) word, it is a very rare happening that a child molester truly repents to God.

    And once a true Christian, one would never do such an act for the Holy Spirit doesn't cosign for such evils.

    Love is in Truth...

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  • lurx: the soda jerk 2012/09/30 08:02:54
    Child molesters are saved... so long as they worship Jesus.
    lurx: the soda jerk
    Actually when Joseph wed Mary, he was supposedly 90 years of age, and she was 12.
  • seathanaich 2011/08/27 03:37:01
    no, that is just peoposterous.
    Nobody goes to heaven. It's fictional.
  • Golden Ratio 2011/06/30 13:55:33
    no, that is just peoposterous.
    Golden Ratio
    No child molesters go to heaven.
    Matter of fact people who "don't" abuse children don't go to heaven either.
    None of us are going to heaven, NONE!
    Because heaven is a creation of man, not any god.
    The concept of heaven and god was a man made thing to make people feel better about living a crappy life here on earth.
    Makes people feel like thy got another chance to get the brass ring in heaven.
    And lets greedy men treat people like furniture to make more money from faithful people who think they are going to heaven, so they put up with being used in this life.
    Kinda works out for everyone, don't cha think ???????
  • ☠Marz555☠ Golden ... 2011/06/30 18:32:29
    It seems like a suckers game through and through... Either you do accept it and give yourself fully to the concept and further relegate yourself as a subordinate of authority, or if you only mildly believe, you relegate yourself to the idea that you are not good enough.
  • Doc. J 2011/06/30 10:17:51
    no, that is just peoposterous.
    Doc. J
    Well it says here on the lable, that they have to repent their sins, as well as believe.
    So......you can take an axe, chop up a family of six, making them watch each other die, rape the 9yo girl before you use the axe on her, and as long as you tell the 'invisible man in the sky" that you are very, very sorry, and you accept his son, who is actually him, as your savior, EVEN if it's at the 11th hour on your deathbed....You're in.

    This is why, even if heaven existed, I wouldn't care to go there.
    I prefer better company.
  • ☠Marz555☠ Doc. J 2011/06/30 18:36:03
    And there is the cases of those who believe most of their lift that they are in some deal with the devil and going to hell, so they mays well do whatever they want because they are going to hell anyway... Usually they find jesus in prison, and feel that they are repented enough... and better than those who did not play the jesus card.
  • jidshfidsh 2010/07/07 23:20:10 (edited)
    I molest children but love Jesus, I am better than you!
  • shinnis jidshfidsh 2011/06/30 11:09:05
    So why are you here?
  • Doc. J jidshfidsh 2011/06/30 11:45:53
    Doc. J
    And you're MUCH nicer, because you swallow.
  • trios2009 2009/12/23 07:50:59
    yes, everyone who worships Jesus as god goes to heaven.
    ask for forgiveness, accept jesus into your heart if you haven't already. This is why child molesters can go to heaven:

  • ☠Marz555☠ trios2009 2009/12/29 02:25:19 (edited)
    Good deeds don't send you to Heaven. Evil deeds don't send you to Hell. What you believe about some dead cult leader is what dictates whether you are going up or down after you die... That's exactly why priests molest kids!

    That's right, just worship some guy as god and poof... Just like Koresh and Jones and the thousands of others who demand worship, all you need to totally shut down your mind and believe what they tell you.

    Can still rape babies and kill, hey Hitler loved Jebus probably alot more than you ever could.
  • jidshfidsh ☠Marz555☠ 2010/07/07 23:17:18
    Proof, bitch?
  • thepastord 2009/12/06 22:51:34
    no, that is just peoposterous.
    Go and sin no more! Confess, repent and turn away from that type of sin. That is where the problem sits. According to research, only 3% of molesters STOP. Biblically speaking, from a Christian couselor's perspective rapist and molesters who cease that behavior is by an act of miracle! I don't say this as a method of judgement or condemning, it's just the reality that it is THE "Sin Least Overcome".

    For the general population to get a better understanding of the mindset of this type of individual, I would recommend you get involved with "Prison Ministry". Forget couseling, it takes an act of a miracle to stop this behavior....... imho
  • ☠Marz555☠ thepastord 2009/12/09 18:50:01
    You would think that the power of jesus would somehow stop them from molesting kids...

    I guess jesus only preforms easy miracles nowadays
  • amy 2009/08/31 00:14:48
    no, that is just peoposterous.
    If they was of faith they would not be messing with kids, when you have faith in God you love him with your whole heart. you show your love by keeping his rules that he set on earth for you.
  • ☠Marz555☠ amy 2009/09/14 15:47:29
    they all go to hell... god does not forgive them if they believe in some dogma.

    I don't care what the dogma says.
  • FreakOfNature~S(he)Be(lie)v... 2009/08/28 00:48:41
    no, that is just peoposterous.
    First of all I guess I am going to hell cause I don't believe in god. Second of all They are scum! They dont even deserve Hell!
  • Methylamphetamine 2009/08/16 02:00:58
    I molest children but love Jesus, I am better than you!
  • Jewel 2009/07/11 14:22:15
    yes, everyone who worships Jesus as god goes to heaven.
    The Bible says whoever believes. It doesn't go on to say except for child molesters, rapists, murders, etc.

    That and the fact that no one sin is greater than another. Sin is sin.
  • ☠Marz555☠ Jewel 2009/07/12 16:49:47
    the nuts who wrote it... clearly had little forethought.

    the only mortal sin is to believe that the bible is B.S.... LOL
  • Christina 2009/06/01 03:41:48
    no, that is just peoposterous.
    I believe that god is a forgiving god, but I also believe everyone is entitled to their own mistakes but to think that you can continually make these mistakes and expect god to forgive you My opionion is he won't, you have to truly repent to get his forgiveness
  • CALVIN BENET 2009/05/10 14:28:54
    no, that is just peoposterous.
  • tralee 2009/04/02 09:23:20
    yes, everyone who worships Jesus as god goes to heaven.
    isn't that what the catholic say-an every1 in jail believes? every1's soul is worth saving? to bad as victims our souls are the ones truly lost!
  • tralee tralee 2009/04/02 09:27:21
    an yes that is sarcasm-some souls just need to be nuked-an face it catholics an religious fanatics alike-if your god was all forgiving an good-why would he let the littlest lambs be sacrificed?
  • AnnaLee 2009/03/18 21:52:51 (edited)
  • ~*AJ*~ 2009/03/02 22:52:51
    yes, everyone who worships Jesus as god goes to heaven.
    yes i do believe that but they have to do more than just worship God, they have to build a relationship with Him and confess their sins and know that Jesus died on the cross to save us.
  • grim_one1150 2009/03/01 19:44:13
    no, that is just peoposterous.
    It's a sin that is punishable by an eternity of torture in a blazing lake of fire.... Why do you ask?
  • DemonKiTTiE ♥ In MUSE I Tru... 2009/03/01 11:47:08
    Child molesters are saved... so long as they worship Jesus.
    DemonKiTTiE ♥ In MUSE I Trust ♥
    Won't that be a surprise!
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2009/02/28 17:03:45
    no, that is just peoposterous.
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    Sorry, I can't believe child molesters really believe in Jesus.. And should you be respectful of your parent if he molests you?
  • Smokey Nick~be... 2009/02/28 18:14:06
    A person with no forgiveness in their heart, for them, living is even worse punishment
    than death.
  • Yankee ... Smokey 2009/03/01 21:34:34
    Yankee Gal in the VI
    Now come on, do you really believe that?........
  • Smokey Yankee ... 2009/03/02 01:15:15
    Yes I do.
  • Yankee ... Smokey 2009/03/02 12:26:22
    Yankee Gal in the VI
    one of the few of a dying breed.:-)
  • Smokey Yankee ... 2009/03/02 17:47:31

    I'm an optimistic person, and I understand what you're saying. I think that most of us have a good heart. But don't get me wrong. If someone harmed any of my loved ones, I really don't know how I would react. I'm a former war veteran (Iraq), and I defended my life in the best way I knew how and how I was trained. I don't believe in killing someone for no reason, but if evil came my way, I'd take care of it swiftly. The same can be applied to a child molestor. They are SICK in the HEAD! However, I can't take the law in my own hands (because if I did, that person would be missing a body part), but I also know that I can't harbor an unforgiving heart because that would destroy me as a person.

    Hey, my ex wife cheated on me a decade ago while I was out defending and fighting for our country. Her actions left me as a single parent to raise my 7 year old daughter alone. More than a decade past and now I'm remarried to a beautiful wonderful person. Guess what? I believe that the worst of my life actually turned out to be the BEST of my life. The only way I could have brought beauty in my heart was to let go of my past, and FORGIVE.

    Does that make any sense? Hey, it didn't to me years ago! At the time, I wanted my ex to drive off a cliff and die. Now, I know better....

    Take care my friend!

  • Yankee ... Smokey 2009/03/02 18:00:01
    Yankee Gal in the VI
    Makes plenty sense, we need more good men like you.
  • Smokey Yankee ... 2009/03/02 18:08:04
  • jidshfidsh Yankee ... 2010/07/07 23:18:50
    Why is your comment long with blank space, ****munch
  • GINGERBREAD 2009/02/28 14:36:00
    no, that is just peoposterous.
    The only time a child molestor gets religion is when he gets caught. The only "cure" for a child molestor, short of a death sentence, is to turn him into a eunuch. That way, he can be useful, singing as a soprano in a choir. Fix it so he has to squat to pee. Then all children will be safe from that monster.
  • COMALite J GINGERB... 2012/10/01 02:24:17 (edited)
    COMALite J
    Doesn’t work that way. It might work on true pedophiles (people actually sexually attracted primarily to prepubescent children), but most of the child rapers are not actually pedophiles. They have very different mental issues, usually involving feeling helpless, powerless, emasculated, and oppressed in their adult interactions (e.g. overbearing wife, boss, etc.), and feel a need to pull themselves up the only way they know how, by pulling other people down, through humiliation, to wield unjust power over someone even more helpless than themselves (and who’s more helpless than a child?).

    For them, raping (whether women or children) is not about sex, it’s about power. Castration or even penile amputation won’t stop them. Many rapists use objects such as broom handles to rape with. If they were doing it for sexual gratification, why would they do that? Broom handles have no nerve endings!
  • GINGERB... COMALite J 2012/10/01 13:24:48
    Then the other 2 options we will have is to lock them up until they are dead, or put them to death ASAP.
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