DMV Offers HIV Testing: Wonderful or Weird?

News 2011/11/23 14:00:00
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You know the saying, "It's like killing two birds with one stone"? Well this is more like killing a bird and a fish, because these two problems have nothing to do with each other. According to The New York Daily News, a Washington, D.C., DMV is now offering free HIV testing while you wait.

The program is an attempt to fight off the city's disproportionate HIV rates by "meeting people where they are," as the program overseer, Sheila Brockington, told The New York Daily News. Evidently, everyone is at the DMV. She added, "You're waiting anyway. You might as well."
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  • MarkWard 2011/11/24 01:11:16
    Why not add in a proctologic examination? After all, the DMV (a branch of the Government) is run by a bunch of A-HOLES!

    HEY! I've got a GREAT IDEA...

    INSTEAD of having people there to do HIV tests, how about having MOPRE people do DMV transactions - and let us all GET THE HELL OUT of the DMV SOONER?!

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  • shindogg 2011/12/22 08:46:32
    very inappropriate for any DMV. whoever came up with this idea should be shot. just because somethin is important doesnt mean you should do it while youre waitin for somethin else thats not even nearly as important. when is drivers license equal to an HIV test? thats right, never!
  • bwhastings 2011/12/07 23:15:58
    I will also say weird on this one. I just don't see what driving has to do with HIV, but I do believe testing should be more publicly accessible and endorsed by the government. I wouldn't mind a law that requires free testing every so often until we find a cure. Awareness of having HIV decreases the spread by a huge amount and we are on epidemic status now.
  • Inquisitve Kat 2011/12/05 22:27:57
    Inquisitve Kat
    I think this is excellent! It removes the stigma for a lot of people who would otherwise resist going for testing.
  • Jeanne Leigh 2011/12/05 22:09:35
    Jeanne Leigh
    i think it is rather weird...perhaps another way to keep track of people...but i also think it could be a good thing.....altho how long will the wait time be now?????
  • Heywood Jablomi 2011/12/04 16:08:16 (edited)
    Heywood Jablomi
    I have a stupid idea: Why not test people for driving skill (or lack thereof)?

    Or better yet, the DMV could test people for common sense, or test their IQ -- you know, BEFORE issuing them a license...
  • nikmoser 2011/11/30 01:42:00
    I actually don't think it's wonderful OR weird, I think that taxpayer money could be going to something else. Sure, let there be free services... but not available to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE they go. A lot of people can afford to get tested themselves, and this is making it easy for them to get it done "free" (at cost to everyone else, of course).
  • gambitgarrison 2011/11/29 21:57:49
    And in other news, ob/gyn's will now be offering services at the produce stand in your local grocery store. These are truly weird times we are living in.
  • mac9 2011/11/29 16:12:48
    It's in DC after all. You can expect much of that nonsense there. Hell...even San Francisco isn't doing that lame crap.
  • jacktown kid 2011/11/29 15:59:05
    jacktown kid
    And strange too
  • coach k 2011/11/29 13:10:15
    coach k
    i think its a good idea for those who want it
  • Derek Wuest 2011/11/29 10:33:46 (edited)
    Derek Wuest
    def. wierd. i think an IQ test would be more effective. Maybe it would keep some of the dumbasses off the road. I guess the aids test is for the police, when they pull u over they will know wether or not protection is needed before they start fv(kin ya...
  • garret stewart 2011/11/29 08:28:53 (edited)
    garret stewart
    Why the he// are my motor vehicle taxes, tabs, fees paying for this $h1t! I want more dam roads! Heck at least return to me what is surplus instead of spending on this garbage! W.T.H.!! By the way NOTHING is free!
  • A Founding Father 2011/11/29 08:12:39
    A Founding Father
    They know that you will be in line at the DMV long enough that your blood sample can be sent to the lab over in WVA and tested and the results returned before your number is called for your license renewal. Good idea.
  • Fillmore A Found... 2011/12/01 20:54:20
    ROFL! True. I spent 5 hours in line the last time I went in.
  • A Found... Fillmore 2011/12/01 20:59:41
    A Founding Father
    Did your test results come back "Negative"?
  • Fillmore A Found... 2011/12/01 21:15:18
    LOL yes
  • Lisa 2011/11/29 04:30:08
    Why dont they put some Gyno tables in there and give quick Paps too! Geez...
  • Wizard 2011/11/29 04:22:32 (edited)
    I do not know what the deal is.
    My health is between me and doctors, and it used to stay that way.
    Letting the state know your condition is just this short of dumb.
    Next thing, the insurance companies that tap your driving records are taping your health too.

    big brother
  • ktmg 2011/11/29 02:51:19
    Just waiting on the Mega Giant Wal-Mart to start testing, at a discounted price of course!
  • A Found... ktmg 2011/11/29 08:17:16 (edited)
    A Founding Father
    You are late to know? WalMart announced two weeks ago they were opening urgent care medical services in their larger stores, where you could get an HIV, PSA, or other test along with a culture for strep, etc... Great idea, absolutely great and will impact the price of medical treatments for minor illnesses, relieving the ERs of some of the burden.
  • Tin Man 2011/11/29 02:34:20
    Tin Man
    Not a bad idea, tho' tacky.
  • otuniya... Tin Man 2011/11/29 18:35:25
  • Aidoff Obama 2011/11/29 01:24:59
    Aidoff Obama
    They should start makin arm bands so HIV positives can wear it on their arm like the Nazis did.
  • TheMadChameleon 2011/11/29 00:05:45
    But a good weird, I suppose......
  • dawn 2011/11/29 00:01:34
    What does the DMV have to do with AIDS?
  • A Found... dawn 2011/11/29 08:22:38
    A Founding Father
    Those who test "positive" get a special license plate number, like "HIV + 3459"
  • HoneyBadger 2011/11/28 23:52:35
    Well, people get aggravated when they find out that their newborn's blood has been sampled soon after birth at the hospital for inclusion in a global genetic database. Perhaps the 'matrix' has figured out that fear can be utilized to motivate people (I mean human resources) to obliviously comply with... the programming.
  • Predators Eyez 2011/11/28 22:26:45
    Predators Eyez
    I can imagine the pictures on licenses coming out worse.
    "Okay, we are ready to renew your picture now. Oh! by the way, you are HIV+". *SNAP*.
  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/11/28 21:18:41
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    It might be great to others but i dont think those places lend themselves to being sanitary enough for it. Of course, i have hospital staff in my house so my say is more critical than others.
  • Beagle Mom 2011/11/28 21:16:25
    Beagle Mom
    What a waste of time and money. Free clinics abound for HIV tests. And creepy!
  • sam ashton 2011/11/28 21:08:54
    sam ashton
    one abbreviation can be used to summarize: WTF! Great another reason to sloow down the DMV.
  • Charles E 2011/11/28 20:46:27
    Charles E
    First, are the people doing the tests qualified?
    Second, who is paying for these tests?
    Third, if DMV has the people and time to do these tests, why does it take so d*** long to get a driving license?
  • The Elitist Libtard SodaJerk 2011/11/28 20:41:43
    The Elitist Libtard SodaJerk
    You'll probably have to wait a century for the results.
  • Met 2011/11/28 19:52:27
    Brilliant. Do something useful with that down time in the DMV line. They should open up a sperm bank too.
  • A Found... Met 2011/11/29 08:20:41
    A Founding Father
    The line at the DMV has no shortage of sperm donors, which is part of the problem they seek to identify.
  • Callaway 2011/11/28 19:42:54
    Plenty of places to have those tests done for free other than providing yet another governmental agency with even more for their personal health data base and info they frankly don't need. Less freaking government they still just don't get the drift!!!!!
  • melody_K 2011/11/28 19:06:14
    Okay, my JOB is HIV prevention and I think this is weird. Harmful? No. Just I don't see the connection AT ALL. I mean more power to knowing your status, I just want to so totally know what the meeting was like where someone was like 'hey, we should test at the DMV' and everyone was like 'great idea!!!'.
  • Brother Bo 2011/11/28 18:45:31
    Brother Bo
    Most of these people would never get themselves checked otherwise
  • MAMMY51♥POTL~PWCM~JLA♥ 2011/11/28 17:12:54
    If they test positive, then what?
  • Aidoff ... MAMMY51... 2011/11/29 01:27:25
    Aidoff Obama
    Then they can wear their special arm bands that indentifies them as a HIV positive,

    The Arm Band invention is courtesy of the nazis, they did it to the jews to identify them.
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