Discrimination in Medicaid, from ObamaCare..... SCOTUS, Approved ObamaCare and Gave States Option to accept Medicaid.... Legal Immigrants get Covered and Citizens Don't, in States that turn down Medicaid

ReconMarine~PWCM*AVA*BTTB*JLA* 2013/01/24 23:24:08

Immigration fallout from saying no to 'Obamacare'
Excerpts from Article Below....Full Read in Link Below....


Associated Press / January 23, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Governors who reject health insurance for the poor under the federal health care overhaul could wind up in a politically awkward position on immigration: A quirk in the law means some U.S. citizens would be forced to go without coverage, while legal immigrants residing in the same state could still get it.

It’s an unintended consequence of how last year’s Supreme Court decision changed the Medicaid provisions of President Barack Obama’s health care law. The overhaul expanded the federal-state program for low-income and disabled people. The Supreme Court made the Medicaid expansion optional for states, which complicated things.

The quirk in the Affordable Care Act was not planned. It came about on the twisting route that laws follow from Congress to the president’s desk and to the courts.

To be sure, no one is talking about the government buying health insurance for illegal immigrants. That’s not allowed under Medicaid or Obama’s law. Instead, the issue here is between U.S. citizens and legal immigrants, those who are lawfully present in the country.

Here’s the convoluted background:

Starting Jan. 1, 2014, the health care law will offer health insurance to millions of people now uninsured. Middle-class uninsured people will be able to get taxpayer-subsidized private policies through new markets called exchanges. Low-income uninsured people will be steered to Medicaid, a government program jointly funded by Washington and the states.

Under previous laws, legal immigrants have to wait five years to qualify for Medicaid. Ng'andu said Hispanic advocacy groups wanted to lift that restriction during the 2009 congressional health care debate, but couldn’t get political support. The Medicaid waiting period remained in place, but a compromise was reached that would allow low-income legal immigrants to get subsidized private coverage in the new health insurance exchanges.

The health care law expanded Medicaid to cover millions of low-income adults who are ineligible under current rules. As written, the law assumed that every state would accept the Medicaid expansion, with Washington paying for most of it. So the law stipulated that people below the federal poverty line — $11, 170 for a single person, $23,050 for a family of four— could not get subsidies for private coverage in the exchanges. Medicaid was to be their only option.

Legal immigrants here for less than five years remained an exception.

Along came the Supreme Court. It upheld Obama’s law, but ruled that states were free to accept or reject the Medicaid expansion. The court did not touch the issue of coverage for legal immigrants in the health insurance exchanges. That provision remained in place.

And that’s how the immigration glitch came to be. Poor people in a state that turns down Obama’s Medicaid expansion can only get government subsidized coverage if they are legal immigrants. U.S. citizens are out of luck.Continued...

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  • Marek 2013/01/24 23:47:16
    That is indeed complicated and citizens get screwed. Roberts should have ruled obamacare unconstitutional and force Congress to start from scratch.

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  • JCD aka "biz" 2013/02/08 21:14:39
    JCD aka "biz"
    Why do some states "turn down Medicaid"?
  • ReconMa... JCD aka... 2013/02/08 21:25:07
  • JCD aka... ReconMa... 2013/02/08 21:39:58 (edited)
    JCD aka "biz"
    sbtbill said on January,26 that "the feds offered to pick up 90% of the tab". Is he right?
  • ReconMa... JCD aka... 2013/02/10 09:45:58 (edited)
  • JCD aka... ReconMa... 2013/02/10 16:10:42 (edited)
    JCD aka "biz"
    Not sure about that. I just googled "Medicaid expansion", it seems that several GOP governors have accepted Medicaid expansion exactly for that reason, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota and Ohio. I also read that the federal government will pay states the full cost of Medicaid expansion for the first three years, and after that 90%.
  • ReconMa... JCD aka... 2013/02/14 20:38:36
  • JCD aka... ReconMa... 2013/02/15 19:22:36
    JCD aka "biz"
    Arizona's per capita income is around $35,000, its rank in the country is 41.
  • texasred 2013/01/25 23:04:07
    Am I angry and disgusted about this? You bet. Chief Justice Roberts needs his a$$ kicked.
  • ReconMa... texasred 2013/02/08 21:25:53
  • Lanikai 2013/01/25 17:27:32
    How much more effed up can this place get?
  • ReconMa... Lanikai 2013/01/25 19:18:00
  • Lanikai ReconMa... 2013/01/25 20:59:42
    I agree.
  • ReconMa... Lanikai 2013/02/08 21:26:53
  • mighty mouse ~PWCM~JLA 2013/01/25 15:34:07
    mighty mouse ~PWCM~JLA
    .."We have to pass it to find out what's in it"
  • ReconMa... mighty ... 2013/01/25 19:20:24
  • topcat128 2013/01/25 15:00:32 (edited)
    The losers in Obamacare are seniors on Medicare. Almost $1 trillion dollars will be taken out of the Medicare funds(over the next 10 years) to pay for free health insurance for so-called poor people. All this starts in 2014. What people on Medicare, like me, will receive is poor third world health care at best. We work all our lives and pay out taxes and this is what we get from Left-wing, Liberal-Socialist, communist and Islam lover Obama.
    My friends ask me what we could do about this, all I can tell them "Don't Get Sick".
  • Lanikai topcat128 2013/01/25 17:28:19
    And seniors were bamboozled into voting for the clown out of fear of "losing their medidaid". He is a shyster.
  • ReconMa... Lanikai 2013/01/25 19:26:25
  • ReconMa... topcat128 2013/01/25 19:23:41
  • Lanikai ReconMa... 2013/01/26 17:37:15
    News headline this morning says that the SS safety net is going to disappear under omumbai.
  • ReconMa... Lanikai 2013/02/08 21:30:56
  • Tic-Toc 2013/01/25 13:53:21
    It Fuigures... Screw the citizens
  • ReconMa... Tic-Toc 2013/01/25 19:27:10
  • Cat 2013/01/25 06:57:21
    ?Que passa? LOL
  • ReconMa... Cat 2013/01/25 19:28:16
  • Cat ReconMa... 2013/01/25 19:44:50
    No, but if they think we're foreigners we might get cared for better. LOL.
    n'est pas?
  • ReconMa... Cat 2013/02/08 21:34:17
  • Cat ReconMa... 2013/02/09 00:39:07
    Better throw in Ngyen, Singh, Assad, Kwan and Patel just to be safe.
  • ReconMa... Cat 2013/02/10 09:46:48
  • Lanikai ReconMa... 2013/01/26 17:38:12
    We are going to be collapsed and forced into the MexiCanaMerica alliance.

    The European Union set up for North America, as has LONG been the UN's goal.
  • ReconMa... Lanikai 2013/02/08 21:35:18 (edited)
  • Rodney 2013/01/25 02:03:37
    Why does this administration have to put traps in everything they do? The way they create complications and hidden rules only makes it more difficult to decipher what they mean. Here's another hit to seniors I just learned about. It has not been inforced for a very long time, but now suddenly, the Obie administration is going after every dime.

    Start after age 70½. Remembering to take these withdrawals is essential to your retirement security. You must take your first required minimum distribution by April 1 of the year after you turn 70½. Subsequent distributions are due by December 31 each year. The penalty for failing to take this distribution is a stiff 50 percent tax in addition to regular income tax on the amount that should have been withdrawn. "You're not saving yourself anything by not taking distributions," says Grace Cavanaugh, a certified financial planner for Cavanaugh Financial Group in Plymouth, Minn. "The penalty for not taking the right amount is severe."
  • Lanikai Rodney 2013/01/25 17:29:27
    Watch the video about the browning of america. That explains a lot, the dependent classes come here and suck the system dry, collapse it and the dems can take over, in a totalitarian way. Which is what they want.
  • ReconMa... Lanikai 2013/01/25 19:34:33
  • Rodney Lanikai 2013/01/26 01:35:02
    Oh yes, I understand well what their plan is. Add to that, Hispanics are prolific breeders and even if we stopped all immigration now, they would eventually become the majority. That is the scheme of La Raza and the Dems.
  • ReconMa... Rodney 2013/02/08 21:37:51
  • Rodney ReconMa... 2013/02/09 03:47:37
    We may well end up with not only another revolution, but a second US Mexico war on our hands before long.
  • HOMBRE Rodney 2013/02/09 04:08:13
    M13 Took over California. They a war the Cripts. This will be the new racist war and it's already begun. Something the news won't report on.
  • ReconMa... HOMBRE 2013/02/10 09:58:53
  • Rodney HOMBRE 2013/02/11 21:36:59
    Yeah, these groups are being ignored by the media and the politicians. There will come a time that we HAVE to act against them.

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