Dirty Dancing for Kids?

Everything I ever wanted to know about dirty dancing I learned from a top video today on That Video Site. One major problem, however. The dancing was being done by children. Even worse: the dancing was supervised by adults who felt the need to provide pointers.

In an outside corridor of dirty white walls and a smudged cement floor, a dozen or so Spanish-speaking children ranging in age from 3 to 18 were grinding on each other a la Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey style. Boys had girls bent forward and were gyrating their, uh, bodies towards the girls' backsides. Other boys had girls against the wall, palms forward, as they rotated their hips in a fashion that made my jaw drop to new depths. It was, for lack of better words, shockingly horrific.

The best part – or worst part – about this video of unknown origins from another country that surely has different values/cultural beliefs than we do in the United States is adults were prompting the kids to do it. Surely, any human being on this planet who isn't a pedophile has to know that encouraging dirty, and I mean, dirty dancing for kids is just not OK, right?

I thought it couldn't get worse until a scantily clad older teen girl with her naked butt hanging out above her tight jeans and boobs flopping out of a string hot pink tank top started grinding up against a little boy who was probably around 4.

Other "highlights" of this video include the sandwich dance, with a pre-teen sandwiched between two boys' swiveling hips. Oh, and when one of the adults goes to help one of the older girls get her grind on with some guy who can't keep his hands off her rear end.

You know, I wasn't even allowed to dance growing up because dancing "was from the
devil." Of course, my friends had parties and we danced in that all too
awkward girl's-arms-around-the-guy's-neck with the
guy's-hands-around-the-girl's-waist with six-inches-between-them kind of
dance. Well, after seeing this video, I'm starting to feel that maybe
dancing is straight from the devil.

Excuse me, but I have to go take a shower. I'm just feeling exceptionally dirty now.

Read more: http://www.thatvideosite.com/video/school_dances_s...

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  • Isma'ila (God has heard)! 2010/02/08 05:34:38 (edited)
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    Those teachers are freaking pedophiles! I hope the parents of these children kick the teachers ass! This is an abomination! I am thinking about reporting that video to the FBI so that an investigation can be done.
  • Attila 2010/02/08 05:01:29
    that is some disturbing stuff. Well that didn't happen at my Catholic School that is for sure.
  • GarGirl 2010/02/08 04:53:27
    !!! I Love n I mean love the movie dirty dancing it is on of my favorite movies EVER! But I couldn't even make it past a minute of that video! What is wrong with those adults!!
  • ~Captain Ryu Kiryu~ 2010/02/08 04:37:41
    ~Captain Ryu Kiryu~
    I couldn't watch the whole thing. It was too horrific. What is this world coming to?
  • sonofason 2010/02/08 04:30:56
    May God help us!
  • MIRANDDAAA :) 2010/02/08 03:06:06
  • betrayed~in nyx i trust 2010/02/08 02:02:40 (edited)
    betrayed~in nyx i trust
    okay.....i like dirty dancing as much as anyother teen. but that wasnt dancing. that was sex with clothes on.
  • liNDyliCiOUS 2010/02/08 02:01:28
    Well wasn't that more disgusting than what you see at high school dances.
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/02/08 02:00:23
    Rememebr this is the Democrat Party wholl lead each and every pediophile out there into what he really wants. What a sick perverse party. Perhaps it is time to disband this collectioin of Paper saints and try most for treason.
  • JadedTLC jackola... 2010/02/08 02:10:02
    i don't think you know what you're saying. So, I'll forgive you. It's difficult to understand the difference between being a republican and saying outrageous and shocking things to get attention.
  • Deb JadedTLC 2010/02/08 02:43:43
    I don't think you have any clue what you are talking about. I'm with Jack....it would appear you know nada about the Hate Crimes Bill. Protecting pedophiles...gosh, who is the president now? Duh.

  • MaxxaM 2010/02/08 01:57:33
    OMG that was so disturbing, what country was that?

    how wrong
  • Eric ~ The Logician 2010/02/08 01:09:09
    Eric ~ The Logician
    That's disturbing on too many levels...
  • NakedWombat 2010/02/08 00:48:21
    The other issue that needs to be considered is cultural differences. Some cultures have everybody sleeping in the same room. The kids lie on their beds while mum and dad have sex. Yet the parents aren't having sex with their kids.
  • NakedWo... NakedWo... 2010/02/08 00:54:26 (edited)
    However, it is not a dance school I would put my children in.
  • Cooperboo c: 2010/02/08 00:06:21
    Cooperboo c:
    i like the movie dirt dancing, but kids doing all those dance moves is just not . . . appropriate. i dance, but not exactly like that. whoa!
  • FD-Firefighter 2010/02/07 23:52:48
    wow, where do u think they learned that?
  • VampireGirl901 2010/02/07 23:43:12
  • kerriiiiiii 2010/02/07 23:29:49
    ohmygosh... please excuse me while i go throw up.. tht is horrible.
  • Arauzxa 2010/02/07 23:19:03
    Wow...that is so wrong!

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