Did you know what live in Australia is Like

freespire 2012/03/21 00:14:12
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Australians pay more for power . The research claims Australians pay more on average than Japanese, British, French, Irish and New Zealanders, News Limited reported.

It says that household electricity prices are already 70 per cent more than the American average - a figure set to balloon to 160 per cent in two years.

The statistics are part of a report by the Energy Users Association of Australia (EUAA), with members that include BHP Billiton, Coles, Bluescope Steel, RailCorp and Rio Tinto.

The executive director of the EUAA, Roman Domanski, said prices would increase once the federal government's carbon tax and locked-in price increases come into effect.

"Add in the carbon tax from July, further network price increases and renewable energy subsidies and inevitably our prices are pushed to the point where they are challenging Denmark and Germany as the most expensive in the world," he told the Daily Telegraph.

According to the research, which compared prices in 92 jurisdictions from more than 35 countries, NSW ranked fourth behind Denmark, Germany and South Australia.

The state was followed by Victoria at fifth, Western Australia at sixth and the Australian Capital Territory was 21st.

when you read about story of such injustice forced upon the Australian Public by it's leaders who live on wages far beyond that of the average income earner it make one wonder why any one would want to migrate to live in this country little lone the problems pensioners face trying to make ends meet each week with such corparate powers taking the very food of the meal table. good thing last years clothes still fit.

Read More: http://finance.ninemsn.com.au/newsbusiness/8438653...

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  • meshell 2012/04/02 22:34:47
  • freespire meshell 2012/04/03 01:30:36
    so ture it is thanks meshell
  • Mike 2012/03/21 00:29:09
    so much for the Australian dream
    It's bloody expensive there - and you'll pay 45 % tax on every dollar you earn
  • freespire Mike 2012/03/21 00:57:49
    you got that right
  • Jiorgia Mike 2012/05/25 09:58:01
    thats not quite true...
    it is expensive here though.
    you pay 10% tax on every dollar you SPEND and the average person pays 30c on every dollar EARNED in taxes after $37,000 dollars of income and 15c on every dollar before that.
    you can get alot of that back come tax season though.
  • Woj Jiorgia 2012/11/05 23:27:17
    But that depends on how high your annual salary is. It is around 45c of every dollar you make when you earn over 180K a year

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