Did the U.S. Torture Prisoners in Guantanamo?

jt 2009/11/03 17:53:22

On April 16, 2009 the Obama administration released previously classified documents that detailed interrogation techniques used on detainees by the U.S. in Guantanamo Bay prison, including waterboarding, sensory deprivation, exposure to freezing temperatures and more. Some intelligence officials, including those in the Bush administration who outlined and approved the techniques, insist that these interrogation tactics were justified and did not constitute torture, but others see them as blatant human rights violations. Did the U.S. "torture" detainees?
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  • Elephant Lord 2012/01/31 05:07:52
  • Lucy formerly of Finchley 2009/11/13 09:25:57
    Lucy formerly of Finchley
    These people publicly saw off people's heads. Death itself is too good for them.
  • doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~... 2009/11/08 13:02:41 (edited)
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    Not tortured, humiliate maybe. But that isn't torture!
  • fireware0062 2009/11/05 22:13:33
    who cares, think of this.... if we were in their prison, it would be exactly the same, maybe even much worse, the only difference is that we are not that cruel to do the worse, we just kicked their asses! it was just an ass-waxing!!
  • Helo Chick 2009/11/05 20:41:48
    Helo Chick
    I really don't care if they were tortured. Do you think they gave a rats ass about all the Americans that were killed by them and others like them? Nope.
  • mowerman-back to bust libs 2009/11/05 04:58:24
    mowerman-back to bust libs
    I hope so and and really don't care, but if we did I hope we got some good intell.
  • W.R. Monger! 2009/11/04 22:39:42
    W.R. Monger!
    they still have their heads attached to their shoulders don't they? so i'd say that whatever happens to them is far short of what should happen if you ask me.
    besides waterboarding (unless you consider the near drowning i got) my dad exposed me to worse...
  • cmdrbnd007 2009/11/04 19:34:01
    It depends on your definition of torture. None were killed, their lives were not put in jeopardy, they were not maimed or mutilated. They did have to suffer under loud music, and hot and cold temperatures, they were forced to stand in uncomfortable positions for hours and of course they were waterboarded. If those are your definitions of torture then I guess they were. Personally, I don't think so.
  • hook 2009/11/04 18:29:39
    did we catch them on fire before they were waterboarded NOOOOOOO!!
  • **Bessie** 2009/11/04 17:50:30
    I agree with Politically Incorrect Dan.........Who Cares?
  • san 2009/11/04 14:31:52
    Didn't you see the pictures from Abougarab (I know the spelling is wrong), so why ask. All countries use torture, I don't care what anyone says. Torture has been used since the first war. Do I agree, no,but whether we use it or not, they (all enemies) will use it on our troops if caught.
  • cmdrbnd007 san 2009/11/04 19:35:45
    Oh, yeah we put underwear on their heads and made them stand around naked. I don't think that raises to the level of torture as seen done to US soldiers.
  • san cmdrbnd007 2009/11/05 06:27:43 (edited)
    They also smeared fecies on them and I just said all countries used it and regardless of whether we use it or not our troops will still be tortured. What r you talking about?
  • cmdrbnd007 san 2009/11/06 15:19:05
    I think I would rather have shit smeared all over me than have my fingernails pulled off.
  • san cmdrbnd007 2009/11/06 18:07:45
    I never said which was worse but that regardless of whether or not the American military totrtures their POW's it still will be done by other countries and to our troops when they are captured. And I will pass on the shit and the nail pulling.
  • Lorenzo 2009/11/04 13:29:56
    I hope so.
  • White Orchid 2009/11/04 11:10:08 (edited)
    White Orchid
    They Should Never Take Prisioners In The First Place That Shouldn't Be A Rule Or An Option I Don't Believe In That ... Execute Them ! ... PERIOD ! ... Ya Know ... War Is Not A Game ... You Go In Do The Job And Thats It ... Period... Done Deal ... It's Either Us Or Them ..... Period ... None Of This Pussy Footing Around It's ... Such ... A Waste ... Of Time .... The Enemy Is Not Tender Hearted , Caring Considrate Nor Do They Play By Anyones Rules And You Know It .... They Have That Same Mind Set ... That It's Either Us Or Them ... So What Are We Doing Here ??? Extermination People ... Lets Get It Done ! ...
  • DavE 2009/11/04 08:11:11
    I wasn't there and don't know for sure one way or the other.
    But I sure feel like BR Obama and his corrupt pal Holder have tortured the American people.
  • Attila 2009/11/04 05:40:44
    I don't feel we did. And even if we did I don't care.
  • CaliGurl 2009/11/04 04:57:42
    Hell Yes, We did. And Bush and Cheney should be tried for these crimes against humanity. What a disgrace to our country... harming innocents for political gain. Unacceptable and inhumane. Shameful, to say the least. I hope God has mercy on America.
  • White O... CaliGurl 2009/11/04 11:41:50
    White Orchid
    Innocent ??? What Planet Do You Live And Or Come From ??? You On Drugs Girlie ??? ...
  • CaliGurl White O... 2009/11/04 19:11:34
    Yes... over 1,000,000 killed in Iraq. Innocent people, including women and children. Don't forget about our over 4,000 American Troops that never had to die because we entered into an illegal war. No, Hon, I'm not on drugs. I read and watch REAL news. I pay attention. That's all that's required to gather your facts. Try it. It works. Knowledge is power... therefore, I am powerful. Peace.
  • White O... CaliGurl 2009/11/04 21:12:05 (edited)
    White Orchid
    Knowledge ??? What Your Talking Is Common Knowledge No Big News Flash Dear Oh & By The By ??? I Watch FOX And Hal Lindsy.com ..... How Much More REAL Can You Get ?? ... I Know The Facts ... ALL ... To Welll ... My Son Has Served ( And I Am DAMN PROUD OF HIM ) And Is About To Return For The THIRD TIME MIND YOU ... Because He .... CHOSE... To ( Like So Many Others ) Because He LOVES HIS COUNTRY And Is NOT A Coward And .... KNOW'S WHAT IT TAKES .. ( Un Like Unrealistic People such As Yourself Who Can't Seem To Get It ThroughTheir Heads ) And Has A HEART... For And IS PROUD ... TO STAND FOR HIS COUNTRY Unlike So Many ... Thats the way The Ball Bounces People Die Innocent And Non ( Including The Possibility Of MY SON And I KNOW IT VERY WELL ) ... Terrorists want to come and Take over YOUR COUNTRY AND KILL YOU And US ALL And You Expect Us To Just Lay Down And Say ... "OOPSIE ! Minor Explosion There In New York Boy's We Know Ya Reeeeelly Didn't Mean It Come On In Have Beer " ???... YOUR OUTA YOUR MIND ... You try going over there and living in a daily war zone ... Because Thats EXACTLY What You'd Be Living In HERE If WE DO NOT Fight Them Off ! Oh I Assume You Do Remember 9 /11 When WE ?? ... Were Attacked ?? ( And How Many Of OUR INNOCENT PEOPLE DIED ?? ) And The Continuance Of The Attempts Of These Idiots To Threaten Us And Plant Bombs HERE ??? ... WAKE UP CHILD !
    Is That What You Want For Our Country ??? Use Your Brain ... REALITY CHECK !!! ... Peace To You ...
  • CaliGurl White O... 2009/11/04 21:24:13 (edited)
    Thank your son for his service. You sound like a proud mom, that is wonderful.

    I'm anti-war, but I understand that it is sometimes a necessary evil. Most Americans were in support of The Afghan War. It's the illegal war in Iraq that is killing too many innocent people... and not for any good reason. I can't stand the fact that well over 4,000 innocent American troops were killed in Iraq... in vain. I would hate for your son to be a statistic. Peace to you, too.

    people reason 4000 innocent american troops killed iraq vain peace
  • Unmistakably Liz 2009/11/04 04:31:01
    Unmistakably Liz
    You gotta Love American Hypocrisy... I think it happened, I think It is horrible, I think that we are no better than the rest of the world.

  • White O... Unmista... 2009/11/04 11:40:35
    White Orchid
    How Sad For You .... You Call Them Quality People ??? Go Spend A Night In The Cell With Any Of Them ...
  • Unmista... White O... 2009/11/04 16:10:39
    Unmistakably Liz
    Who said anything about Quality?
  • White O... Unmista... 2009/11/04 21:25:37
    White Orchid
    You Do Not Get It Do You ??... Zooooom ... Right Over Your Head ...
  • Unmista... White O... 2009/11/04 21:32:19
    Unmistakably Liz
    No I don't. I think you are putting words into my mouth. You say I call them quality people. I never said they were quality people. I think you are just trying to stir shit.

    mouth quality people quality people stir shit

    However Americans are not suppose to use cruel and unusual punishment. It is against our constitution. I am not saying the people in there did not deserve what they got... But we are as bad as they are by doing it.

  • Philadelphia Freedom 2009/11/04 04:05:23
    Philadelphia Freedom
    What would have made people happier , we could have just killed them on sight when we caught them . If you have never served you don't know what these people are capable of .
  • moomoof 2009/11/04 04:04:57
    You are still questioning that?

    Well i guess from what i read here not many people care

    I do

    You people sicken me
  • White O... moomoof 2009/11/04 11:21:12 (edited)
    White Orchid
    Welll Then Maybe You Need To Go And Live In Their Country MR .SYMPATHETIC ... Lets See Just How Sympathetic They'll Be Towards YOU And How Long You'll Last ! I Dare You .... You'll Be Crying For Your Momma ! ... And When You Come Back ... IF ... You Get Back ... We'll Just See How Sick We Make You Feel Then ... You'll Be Kissing This Very Ground You Live On Now ... HOME SWEET HOME !
  • moomoof White O... 2009/11/04 12:17:51

    What the hell are you even talking about
    You know what nevermind i will just say this i will never kiss the ground i live on got it
  • nightlight 2009/11/04 03:48:42
    Probably. But so what? Remember these are the same guys who would enthusiastically behead our people if they had the chance and have often done so.
  • White O... nightlight 2009/11/04 11:38:31
    White Orchid
    Exactly ! ....
  • Bill 2009/11/04 03:40:14
    after 9/11 I don't give a shit. torture the hell out of them make them watch porn
  • nightlight Bill 2009/11/04 03:53:11
    And only give them BLT's minus the lettuce, tomato, and bread. And, better than porn, make them watch reruns of Bay Watch - that would really make them beg for death.
  • grumpy 2009/11/04 03:38:30
    No one in this country cares other than the radical left wing. What is being called torture is what are troops go thru day in day out over there
  • Adam Troy 2009/11/04 03:13:38
    Adam Troy

    Here's a thought on US torture on prisoners in Gutantanamo. A former prisoner of guantanamo, who has been released, and is now moving about as a lecturer throughout the world, was tortured 138 times via waterboarding. If waterboarding is so pass-say, and dangerious, how in the hell did he manage to live 138 experiences of this torture. If you gave me a choice of waterboarding or pulling out my fingernails, which do you think I would choose. Bye; Adam Troy
  • Jack Adam Troy 2009/11/05 00:44:39
    It's not dangerous, it's cruel. So is pulling out your fingernails. You could just as easily survive 138 pulled out fingernails as long as you weren't a hemophiliac. I would opt for neither, thank you very much. I have a rational fear of drowning, as do most humans, and waterboarding simulates just that.

    Your grammar and spelling may be entertaining, but I'm afraid you sound like a bit of a couch philosopher.

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