Did Nastradamus predict Obama?

tess 2008/10/02 18:48:56
Yes.  God help us all.
No.  He was speaking of someone else.
I don't believe in prophecies.  Only most of it is true.
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Many have credited Nastradamus with predicting Napolean, Hitler, and now maybe Obama. He doesn't have good things to say, should he be elected.
LOL Ok. So you got me with the daily squib. (http://www.dailysquib.co.uk/?c=117&a=1300) Jokes on me, I guess. But, now seriously.......Couldn't find the quatrain that I was looking for. Sooo, now that I have your attention here it is.....


Century 2, Quatrain 30

One who the infernal gods of Hannibal
Will cause to be reborn, terror of all mankind
Never more horror nor the newspapers tell of worse in the past,
Than will come to the Romans through Babel (Iraq).

Eternal gods of Hannibal means North Africa or the Middle East; there comes forth a man who will bring trouble to the whole world. I realize Kenya is more East Africa than North and Indonesia is not quite middle East. But, Nostradamus often only comes close, not exact. He talked about Hisler (most believe he ment Hitler).

Here is another interesting thing......

Century 2, Quatrain 62

Mabus then will soon die, there will come
A horrible slaughter of people and animals:
At once vengeance is revealed coming from a hundred hands,
Thirst and hunger when the comet will run.

Many think Mabus is somehow related to the AntiChrist (if not him directly). Interestingly enough Barack Obama's top advisor is nonother than Gov. Ray Mabus. Yes, spelled exactly the same. Stange coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

Please do read what an Obama supporter had to say about all this. It is a fair piece, with an interesting point of view.


Could this be Obama, the next Napolean/Hitler. Nastradamus has also predicted the end of the world around 2012 (which the same date the Mayan Calendar gives). It might be time to break the prophecies.

Some below had not heard of Gov. Ray Mabus and were doubting his existance. I'm sure all the Obama supporters would view Obama's own site as creditable (I would hope anyway).
Gov. Ray Mabus is a top advisor to Obama. He advises on the Middle East. .......end of new edit.

So, Is Nastradamus speaking of Obama in this quatrain?
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  • raghul 2011/12/03 18:06:50
    Yes. God help us all.
    The mighty power will help us
  • scared 2010/07/27 13:44:34
    Yes. God help us all.
    wow wow woow
  • kingzach74 2010/04/28 07:12:44
    Yes. God help us all.
    I don't believe in god or a higher power but there wasn't a yes answer without god attached to it.
  • frostback 2010/03/14 04:27:39
    Did he say who wins the Stanley Cup this year?
  • MarionRanger 2009/12/03 20:23:07
    Yes. God help us all.
    OK, if Nastradamas predicted Obama and the former Gov. of Mississippi Mabus is the AntiChrist and scientists are predicting another "Big Chill" Ice Age, well I guess the Mayan Calendar is correct and 2012 will be the end of the world. Jeeezzzz, and I was having such a good time! Oh well, all you folks go see the movie 2012 and watch how you are going to get to KISS YOUR ASS GOODBYE!!!!!! And if you believe any of this Nastradamus crap you have more than one screw loose! Oh yes, for those who do not care for my comments that is fine. You have the right to your opinion and can BITE ME!!!!!!!
  • tamtoxic 2009/06/02 04:18:43 (edited)
    None of the above
    Obama IS NO SAVIOR! There is only one savior and that is the lord jesus christ! Obama is A POLITICIAN! Nothing more! Nothing less! I see Obama as such. Whatever he does-right or wrong-he does as a politician. He will make mistakes. Just like every president before him has. Do not glorify him..He is man! Not a savior. Call him a role model,call him your hero,call him a great leader,call him whatever you like. But do not call him a savior.That is blasphemy.And btw I dont care what color the president is as long as he is a GOOD president. It seems to me that Obama is trying to do alot of "firsts" the first president to do this or do that. and there isnt nothing wrong with that just as long as he doesnt make things worse than what they all ready are.I am glad bush the idiot is no longer president and i dont care who fills those shoes as long as they fill them well.
  • Fight for Freedom 2009/01/15 21:50:50
    Yes. God help us all.
    Fight for Freedom
    His predictions have been right so far. It looks like it.

    History channel has been running Armageddon week. Check it out.
  • Obamain09 2009/01/10 05:46:34
    No. He was speaking of someone else.
    Obama is our savior. The evil members of Skull and Bones are now out of power, and will try to rule our world still through fear and terror. The Bush administration did all but fly the planes on 911. Its already been proven, but Fox News is paid to keep it covered. And The stupid american sheep, ( redneck , rightwing, ignoramuses) are too proud to believe the truth.that someone they put into office could do such a thing. Well, to all them who do know the truth, thank you for voting for Obama. Our Lives and future will be bright because of it. 322 should remember, the purple walls have said," whether rich or poor all are equal in death". Good Bye Jr.
  • tess Obamain09 2009/01/15 22:32:05
    You say "Obama is our savior". SPEAK FOR YOURSELF.
    I have only ONE savior and it's NOT Obama. But your view of him as a savior and others of his followers viewing him as such makes this prediction all the more realistic. savior speak savior obama view savior followers viewing prediction realistic
  • nation 2008/12/24 22:58:03
    I don't believe in prophecies. Only most of it is true.
    this is rediculous one can make anyone the quote anti-christ lol come on guys don't be so gullible OBAMA!!!! woo!!
  • tess nation 2009/01/05 19:32:02
    Maybe. Nostradamus predicted 3 anti-christ. The first (by those who a studied his writings) is believed to has been Napolean and the second is believed to be Hitler. That would leave one left. If there is to be any credit given to the predictions of the first two. It must also be realized that a third is coming, if not here already.

    You must remember, Naplean and Hitler were both beloved leaders. Although, we now see things differently (hindsight is 20/20), a little foresight never hurt.
  • Socialite Lola 2008/11/18 07:32:18
    None of the above
    Socialite Lola
    This is a whole lot of nonsense.
  • deleted 404 2008/11/14 16:59:34
    Yes. God help us all.
    deleted 404
    I believe it to be true.... maybe with some variations, but most everything I read about this subject gives me the same answers--
  • Aya 2008/11/13 09:06:29
    None of the above
    The Mayan calendar ends in 2012, big deal. The Mayan calendar is mostly based on religious or spiritual events. The way the calendar works is on a base of the numbers 20 and 13. It started out at (so the first day was and once it got to it would then go to and so on) the calendar ends 5,126 days after it began, ending at on December 21, 2012. Many believe this will be the apocalypse/end of the world (or at least the majority of it). More than likely, it was the shift into a new age, believe to be THE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT.

    Or here's a thought. Nostradamus was a crazy old man that may or may not have predicted some things (I find it odd that every prediction has to be made to fit the situation). And the Mayan calendar, well it may be like every other freaking calendar ever made, after it runs it's cycle you reset it. We don't think the world is going to end every year on December 31st because that's the last day on our calendar. No, we go out and buy a new one that will say January 1st on it. Anyone ever think that the following day will just be the first day of the new Mayan calendar? That it is mean to just reset itself for the next 5,126 years, untill the next ushering of a new age?
  • tess Aya 2008/11/18 16:36:27
    That is possible about the Mayan calendar. I guess we will all find out in a few years. What makes you think Nostradamus was crazy? Any of of could be called crazy at some time or another. Nostradamus was an astrologer the same as the Mayans. Many of his predictions were based on astrology. If you hold any credibility to the Mayan calendar, which you appear to, you can't (or atleast shouldn't) totally disbute Nostadamus.

    The similarities between Nostradamus' predictions and our current and past history, is somewhat uncanny to say the least. Time will tell. But to know that we could do things differently to change it and didn't, is tragic. I know of no one who would not have stopped the Halocausts had they known it was foretold. Yet we can't seem to learn from history.
  • DIVA 2008/11/12 04:34:41
  • tess DIVA 2008/11/12 17:21:41
    How about Obama breaking his promise about NOT letting lobbyist in the White House. Obama has broken his first promise even before being sworn in. LOL Get used to it. Many more promises will be broken.
  • Aya tess 2008/11/13 09:40:11
    he's not in the white house yet, so how is that possible?
    all politicians break their promises, get used to it, it's a way of life. however, just because he broke one doesn't mean all.
  • tess Aya 2008/11/18 16:22:58
    He has lobbyist serving in his transition.

    Yes all politician do break promises. The majority of his followers didn't seem to see this while the competition was under way. Additionally Obama ran under the premise that he was NOT a TYPICAL politian. If he is just a typical politian, than we must face the facts, most of America just got doubt.
  • Mabus 2008/11/11 06:55:31
    No. He was speaking of someone else.
    So I went through and reading this blog. Anyways I saw that a bunch of people were listed with the last name Mabus. And come to think of it that is my lastname and my nickname. I think its kinda lame that its being attacked personally I dont think it matters to be political or anyone from the middle east... Seriously the bible has been around so long and been rewritten to many times its like when your a kid and you whisper and say pass it down. Im not trying to be rude or nothing but until you actually find someone with the triangle and the 666 your just rattling utter nonsense. connect the dots the devil isnt stupid he's gonna make the market hard to find and you wont find it... when the time comes it'll come...so i think you should live your life to the fullest instead off spittin on my families proud name. thanks Mabus
  • tess Mabus 2008/11/12 17:18:27
    Nostradamus did predict Hitler. However, he called him Hisler. Slightly off. Predictions are made to for tell what maybe. I perfer to think of them as warnings. And if we are not so blind and ignorant, just maybe we can do something about them so that don't have to be. I do believe that a prophecy can be broken. And I would very much like to believe that Obama is not the person that Nostradamus speaks of, but there are a lot of coincidences.

    Thanks for making a new account just for my post. It MUST be worth discussing.
  • booboo 2008/10/29 17:36:03
    None of the above
    You're so trying to jam square facts into round nonsense I can't help but laugh.
  • StorytellerAngel 2008/10/07 17:35:33 (edited)
    Newsflash Nostradamus did NOT predict the end of the world in 2012... Many scholars note he has a few that date astronomically to the nexty 150 years beyond us..

    The Mayan calendar stops at December 21, 2012... but only because their cycle runs several hundred years, and they simply didn't survive as a strong enough culture to date the next series and cycles...

    more animals
    When quoting from Nostradamus, you need the complete collection in French, with a neutral scholar responding, not some of those "written for these times" books. They twist his words all too heck and back.
  • tess Storyte... 2008/10/09 14:21:45
    True, many feel that Nostradamus is not predict the end of the world in 2012 but is predicting massive change and AN END TO THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT and see it today. Many cultures predict 2012 to be a major changing period in human history.
    Some believe Nostradamus is predicting a comet, to strike in that year (so it would be an end for many, if that where to be the case).
    Who is quoting any prediction is not as noteworthy as who is interpreting. They can be interpreted many ways. But, that is part of what makes them intriguing.
    Thanks for stopping by.
  • Tiki 2008/10/07 17:15:48
    Yes. God help us all.
    it is possible that he did. He has predicted a lot of things that have already happened. But whether he did or not, I predict that Obama if elected will be the biggest mistake in history!
    god predicted predict obama elected mistake history
  • jones c... Tiki 2008/10/08 22:58:31
    jones cynique
    Wow. Just.... wow. I know there's probably not a lot I can say to change anyone's ideas, but maybe those of you who are immersed in the Nostradamus stuff could look at some information from other sources.

    The prophesies have pretty much been debunked, here's 10 of them: http://listverse.com/miscella...

    Or look up James Randi. Or Google "debunk Nostradamus"
  • PickleS... Tiki 2008/11/15 05:40:19 (edited)
  • Pjayee~American Patriot~Jus... 2008/10/07 17:03:53 (edited)
    Pjayee~American Patriot~Just gimme some truth
    tess, now this is even more scary to me, I have read some of Nastradamus and I have read alot of Edgar Cayce. When Obama first ran against Hillary I looked up all I could find but the name was so far from Obama that I thought oh well non important, with the finding of this man Mabus I can tell you I fell slightly sick to my stomach.-----The man we know as Mabus may be some obscure future terrorist who, if he is not identified and restrained in time, will trigger World War III and the extinction of civilization as we have known it.
  • Brenda Pjayee~... 2008/10/07 18:55:07
  • Pjayee~... Brenda 2008/10/07 19:28:38
    Pjayee~American Patriot~Just gimme some truth
    I haven't looked at mcCains , guess I should huh
  • tess Pjayee~... 2008/10/07 18:59:33
    It is a very strange coincidence to say the very least. I just get bad feelings about an Obama presidentcy. Even though by beliefs are best represented by the democratic platform.
  • Pjayee~... tess 2008/10/07 19:36:21
    Pjayee~American Patriot~Just gimme some truth
    I have not felt good about an Obama presidentcy either , I am afraid he is to naive about the economy and his views on disarmament is scary to say the least, yes even without the Mabus.
  • PickleS on a stickkkkkkk~ 2008/10/07 15:20:55
  • Brenda PickleS... 2008/10/07 19:12:23
  • PickleS... Brenda 2008/10/07 21:48:07
  • Brenda PickleS... 2008/10/08 02:20:33 (edited)
  • Kara ~~... Brenda 2008/10/10 02:02:34 (edited)
    Kara ~~~ American Patriot
    The facts are right in front us Francis. They do not have anything to to with Nostradomas. The facts are: Obama lacks experience, has dubious close associations, he has told lies upon lies, and he has a radical, socialistic Marxist mentality. Obamas' done nothing that strikes out as important.
  • Brenda Kara ~~... 2008/10/12 00:11:39 (edited)
  • tess Brenda 2008/10/14 20:43:11
    Come on we can go on and on about who suports who. There are democrats voting republican for the first time in their lives. Many of whom are former Hillary supporters, like Lynn Forester de Rothschild.
    Many Obama supporters don't even know what he stands for, much less any legislation that he has supported. His record is weak. He is not the person during to lead us during our darkest time. We need a president not American Idol.
  • Kara ~~... tess 2008/11/14 15:16:37
    Kara ~~~ American Patriot
    Fran, Real women do not support killing babies just because the mother made a mistake. I do not like Obama. I have taken Woman Studies in college and know all about the feminists such as Jane Fonda and Naomi Judd.—I say no thank you to those kind of feminists.
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