Did Bill Clinton Mess up the economy????

I Am The Future 2009/07/17 03:36:20
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im just a high school student..i dont kno nuthin about these Clintons but i hear they were the ones that messed it up bad
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  • Bill Smith 2009/07/17 04:52:37 (edited)
    Bill Smith
    Well he got it started,along with Barney Frank. He did screw up when he refused to take Bin Laden from Yenam when they offered him to us.He also screwed up when he didn't send more troops to Somalia and clean up that hell hole before it really got out of control. Then good old georgie screw up real good in his second term,and now the King Obama has just tossed all laws and rules that he doesn't like out the window and says get on board or else.
  • GOD 2009/07/17 03:44:21
    no he did not that honor would go to this idiot welllll honor idiot
  • Da1NdOn... GOD 2009/07/17 03:59:17
    yea he kinda messed it up bad george busch did it
  • GOD Da1NdOn... 2009/07/17 04:07:17
    yes he did proof for 8 yrs under Clinton businesses payed taxes and we thrived THEN for 8 yrs Bush gave huge tax breaks and we took a huge nose dive

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