Did Barack Obama buy the election?

Politics 2008/11/04 01:56:44
Yes. Barack Obama bought the election.
No, Barack Obama won the election based on his politics.
I think Barack Obama...
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As everyone knows, Barack Obama has spent excessive amounts of money on his presidential campaign, with a total at least doubling that of John McCain's. Barack Obama took out ads in video games, and even had a special 30 minute infomercial broadcasted just for this 2008 presidential election. Obama is trying desperately to reach out to young voters and minority voters, but there gets to a point when you've gone too far. If you have to spend hundreds or billions of dollars to get elected, is it really about politics, or does it just come down to popularity and riches? Barack Obama was spending at a rate close to $91 million in just two weeks, where John McCain was only spending a mere $22 million in a two week period.

Why did Barack Obama spend so much money during this election, when John McCain spent bushels less? Did Obama buy the election?

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  • TTT 2008/11/05 16:53:01
    No, Barack Obama won the election based on his politics.
    You insult the people of United States inferring that we could be bought. Speak for yourself. To insinuate that people voted for him only because of his "color" would also insinuate that an equal amount of people voted for McCain (or against Obama) because of his color. If color is an issue, it exists on both sides of the coin. You don't think McCain was trying to garner some female voters by choosing Palin? If you are that much of a sore loser, maybe you should listen to your candidate's concession speech. You are insulting him as well. Nobody here is going to change anyone else's opinion, but some of these accusations are incredible. Foreign money bought the election? Did they sneak in under aliases and vote for him too? You should be ashamed. If you are that concerned about this country, suck it up and contribute on a bipartisan level to improve things.

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  • Freshcut 2008/11/10 03:29:58
    No, Barack Obama won the election based on his politics.
    Regardless of how much money Obama spent on this election, he won because he was the best opponent. Why is it that people raise ignorant questions like THIS ONE and try to make excuses and speculations as to why and how he won?? Why can't he just be THAT good? Regardless of the amount of campaigning done, people in the end are going to vote on who they feel is the best......why don't you ask if John McCain LOST because of his failure to put the money backing his campaign to good use?? Come on, those robocalls and all types of efforts to downplay Barack Obama extremely HURT McCain's campaign. As an African American, Obama had to work hard to win this election, although he is one of the most intelligent men of our time......and I believe he deserves it. Hell, if he had the money to do it.....I am damn sure glad that he used it. Obama '08, nuff said.
  • Val 2008/11/10 03:29:27
    Yes. Barack Obama bought the election.
    Please this whole thing was a joke. Letting people who don't even pay taxes vote(homeless: park bench 6) people who don't even live and pay taxes in a certain state(like OH) and he was on at least 5x more than McCain. I hope that he does a good job, but it was bought.
  • Volusia65 Val 2008/11/10 03:32:33 (edited)
    here is the sad truth as to what we have ignored and now face.....
  • critter 2008/11/10 03:27:53 (edited)
    No, Barack Obama won the election based on his politics.
    He is smart and ran his election the same way, GO OBAMA
  • Guardia... critter 2008/11/10 03:46:11
    Guardiansof the Constitution
    Its a joke. But i'm thrilled.
  • Berdie 2008/11/10 03:27:32
    No, Barack Obama won the election based on his politics.
    Mr Obama won the election fair and square. Just because he was able to get almost every individual to contribute to his campaign he also got their votes.

    He did not play the race card. McCain played the race card more than any one else and that ended up going against him. Too bad so sad...

    I have been for President elect from the first time I listened to him make a speech in congerass 4 years ago.

    I am not African, nor hispanic nor am I American Indian.. . However, I am an American Citizen born and raised here and I am proud to call Mr Barack Obama My President. He should be yours as well.

    The people of these United Stated have voiced their choice. We have chosen a very intelligeng man. Give him the chance he deserves.

  • bb Berdie 2008/11/10 03:45:32
    Yes ,you are an American born citizen.
    the president of the United States must be too, lets not overlook it if it turns out not to be so
  • Bear 2008/11/10 03:26:37
    I think Barack Obama...
    Is someone who has no experiences at anything.What has he done in 4 years in gov.? NOTHING!!! But hes the holy one,don't you dare say anything about him,his name,or what hes done in the past. HE WON THE ELECTION BECAUSE HES BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he came do some good. Dems never do anything for others.I hope some stupid people dont take him out,cause then his people will say its all the whites falt.HES NOT MY president I DIDNT VOTE FOR him!!!!! SCREW obama the ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Taos Tr... Bear 2008/11/10 11:08:23
    Taos Trapper
    "The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind."

    —Thomas Jefferson, Letter to William Hunter, March 11, 1790
  • what does it matter i'm white 2008/11/10 03:26:03
    I think Barack Obama...
    what does it matter i'm white
    Won on his issues. The money spent in his campaign was nothing any other politician wouldn't have done to get his name out there and be noticed. After you get noticed, that is when you when or loose. That is done on your issues.
  • mztims 2008/11/10 03:23:57
    No, Barack Obama won the election based on his politics.
    I don't think he bought the election. People gave to him of their own free will. If McCain were able to raise that amount of money he would have campaigned just as hard as Obama did! He was smart when said no to the Federal Public Presidential Campaign Finance Plan. It was a chance he took and it paid off big!
  • maracuya1982 2008/11/10 03:22:19
    I think Barack Obama...
    might have still won, but not as many electoral college votes. In fact if there were no black people that voted, McCain would have gotten more states making him get closer to 270 electoral college votes, making him the winner and not Obama.
  • mztims maracuy... 2008/11/10 03:26:22
    Huh? The popular vote was closer than the electoral votes. The electoral votes was a blowout!! Black people only represented 23% of the votes that Obama received. His majority came from white people.
  • maggie mztims 2008/11/10 04:12:44
    Wrong. If the black population did not vote at all, McCain would have won by a large majority. I asked many of my black associates why they were voting for Obama and not one of them give me a good reason other than he would be the first black president. When asked if that was a good reason to lead the country, the resounding answer was that he was going to make changes. I asked changes in what? No one could tell me what changes would be made. The only change that I see Obama making is a change to a Marxist type Government.
  • MPE 2008/11/10 03:21:34
    Yes. Barack Obama bought the election.
    I think he get money from his new Choef of Staff and his people
  • Volusia65 MPE 2008/11/10 03:26:33
  • cmm01 2008/11/10 03:21:29
    No, Barack Obama won the election based on his politics.
    He deserved it because he worked hard to earn it.
  • Laja cmm01 2008/11/10 03:23:34
    In that light, with his policy, he should share the wealth. I guess that is just for us mere mortals.
  • Guardia... cmm01 2008/11/10 03:47:57
    Guardiansof the Constitution
    Yep all 145 days in the Senate. Really paid his dues. Funny thing is he wouldn't be able to pass a background check if he wanted to be CIA or FBI. Odd.
  • Big ToNy 2008/11/10 03:21:00
    No, Barack Obama won the election based on his politics.
    Big ToNy
    ok, I am stating my opinion.. what made me vote for Obama is the fact that he hit the nail on the head when vowing to give tax breaks for familys earning under 200k. cmon, how many of us out there really make over that much? i dont! U felt under Mccain the rich would have gotten richer, and poor even poorer. I do feel all this crap is tied together, Gas prices started it all, and the oil companies pay kick backs to politicians to look the other way how do you think these people get there campaign money?!! Yes Mccain was a scape got for Bush's mistakes, but he should have distanced himself from Bush right from the start. In the end, everyone, You,me every single human being does whats best for ourself. If McCain would have won, this exact same BS would be going on, peole accusing him of cheating, racialy motivated etc... no one can blame anybody, we all had our chance to voice our opinion by voting...It looks like no matter who won, Obama or McCain, because we as a people cannot get pass the negative effect of it all and continue to disagree and point the finger, as a nation will fail not the person in the white house.. He is only One person...we can only control what we think and how we act. If we truel want change, it starts one person at a time..lets stop pouting and stomping because we didnt get what we wanted, some one always has to loose!!!
    Please no disrespect,
    this is just my opinion....
  • bb Big ToNy 2008/11/10 03:50:54
    If you think this tax break for anyone making less than 250K,then it was 200,then 150 is not going to hit you your nuts. With all his promises he is not going to give you anything, thats why so many people voted for him, the less fortunate are under the mistaken impression that he is going to pay there bills,give them houses etc...all the things that the man has taken away, they are under the impression its payback time. I don't think he can legally follow through with that
  • Greenbay 2008/11/10 03:21:00
    No, Barack Obama won the election based on his politics.
    President Elect Obama for the first time in eight years actually won fairly. Florida and Ohio were not in play this year to cause any problems.

    So give him a chance, he has a very, very large mess to clean-up and he will need all our support.

    I am extremely impressed with a President that can speak and is actually inteligent. I wisy him the best, because if he fails we all fail.
  • BaRock Da Vote 2008/11/10 03:20:42
    No, Barack Obama won the election based on his politics.
    BaRock Da Vote
    I dont believe that Obama has "bought" the election. You have two choices when making the decision to finance a campaign. One is that you can choose a set amount of government funds or Two, you can choose to raise your own funds but cannot use both. McCain chose to use government funds while Obama chose to fundraise. You cannot buy an election especially if donations are what procures the Obama campaigns budget. Just because Obama spent more in order to reach out to a specific genre doesnt mean his intent was to purchase a vote. Obama can only spend as much as he raised, thus the the amount speaks for itself.
  • Rochelle 2008/11/10 03:20:08
    Yes. Barack Obama bought the election.
    Not only did he buy the election, he cheated and got every illegal, duplicate vote he could bet (buy). Did you hear the guy interviewed by CNN who said he voted several times on election day? All he had to do was wait in line again. I say we bring in the purple thumbprint method that Iraq used when they had their first democratic election. It's permanent ink for a few days and you can tell who has already voted and who hasn't. And they (the iraqis) were proud to have that purple ink on their thumbs. I truly hope Barack does right by this country but based on his 'promises' I am expecting things to get worse. God Bless America. And I DO look forward to the first true African American president and I will vote for him/her if they stand for the right stuff. Barack is not the first African American president, he's the first 1/2 black, 1/2 white president.
  • looker 2008/11/10 03:19:07
    Yes. Barack Obama bought the election.
    he was backed by many rich left wings such as Bloomberg and others that want to take America to dictatorship and the U.N.
  • kissit 2008/11/10 03:18:51
    Yes. Barack Obama bought the election.
    Yeah TTT -- "contribute on a bipartisan level to improve things"

    Just like all you left wingers did; fancy clad with your "He's not my president" bumper sticker and all! Obama doesn't deserve any more support than he gave Bush!
  • G 2008/11/10 03:17:47
    I think Barack Obama...
    Despite the effect of ACORN and similar organizations whose purpose is to cheat for thier candidate, Obama would have won the election anyway. Unfortunately, I do think that the majority of voters choose based on emotions and not facts...so if your vote went to Obama because of charisma, his general message of change, or his race, then your decision was poorly based on irrelevant criteria. Obama is a fluent speaker (certainly better than McCain), however, his true beliefs were not exposed by the liberal media. As an indepedant, I've done my research and studied his voting records in the senate. He is without question one of the most extreme left wing liberals ever to hold office in Washington. I honestly don't believe that his beliefs are in line with mainstream America. On a side note, accusing people (who actually did thier research) of not voting for Obama because they are racist is absolutely idiodic. Yes, there are people out there that didn't vote for Obama solely because he's black - this is a shame. However, voting FOR Obama solely because he's black is also racist, completely idiodic, and is merely an overcompensate for racial sensitivities.
    "I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." - MLK
    Honestly, was Obama chosen because of the content of his character?
  • bb G 2008/11/10 03:58:38
    G, you said it better than anyone else has so far, thanks for you sane input. I am a Catholic and a conservative. I am devistated that Obama won, by cheating using Acorn, or Oprahs influence or reverse racism, whatever it was he won and I respect the office enough to treat him with the respect President Bush should have had but ignorant liberals were disgracefull to him.
  • Bush 2008/11/10 03:15:44
  • clingin... Bush 2008/11/10 03:29:16
    Why does it have to be racist to say he stole an election~he did regardless of his color which is only 1/8 african american anyway~I would not care if he was purple he got a free pass from the press and the Alinsky methods he used to get votes were scandalous so cut the BS racial discontent crap this Country ELECTED him every single time someone brings up a valid point against this guy that is all I hear is "racists"Cut the Crap!! It fly's even less now that he has been elected than it did before so give it a rest already!!! This well known Alinsky method to rub raw the sores of discontent doesnt work on the wiser!! Either arm yourself with some intellegent ammo or stay out of the arena!!!! it's laughable, like bringing a Goldfish to a Rottweiller fight!!!
  • freeman 2008/11/10 03:12:22
    Yes. Barack Obama bought the election.
    Of course he bought it! He was running 6 ads for every 1 Mccain ad.... Obama's ads were full of misleading statements and LIES. Mccain simply didn't have the cash to keep up, and would get ATTACKED by the media(who profited more from obama's fat wallet) anytime he said anything negative!! Yet the all the major networks let Obama tell lie after lie... And even covered up for him. Obama utilized the internet for astroturfing, corrupted the electorate via Acorn.. Jeez, Obama is THE dirtiest politician since Nixon... If any of you were not so busy being BRAINWASHED zombies, you could see that!!!! Shameless sycophants!! and many of you are racists to boot.. Yeah thats right, YOU are the racists!!
  • JT 2008/11/10 03:12:00
    Yes. Barack Obama bought the election.
    Not only did I think that Obama bought the election I think he played the "Race Card" to win the election and now that is has won, he doesn't know what he is going to do to keep his 100,000 plus promises. I don't think he has the experience to run the country but I hope that I am wrong.
  • brewboy 2008/11/10 03:11:56
    Yes. Barack Obama bought the election.
    Makes me nervous who's he's indebted to now. Big oil? The middle east? Whoever it is, he is bought and paid for before he even gets to office
  • Gill 2008/11/10 03:10:28
    I think Barack Obama...
    won the election hiding what left wing agenda he has for the country. The media sold their souls to Obama and never outed his radical beliefs!
  • Volusia65 Gill 2008/11/10 03:16:42
  • Patty Gill 2008/11/10 03:21:32
    He was definitely protected by the media and McCain didn't challenge him on his past associations like he should of. What about Obama's wife? I am more than disappointed that she will now be our First Lady.
  • change 2008/11/10 03:10:07
    Yes. Barack Obama bought the election.
    Yes Barack Obama bought the election!!!!! And the media was on Obama's side. The media didn't treat McCain the same way they treated Obama. Instead of Obama spending $91 Million in just two weeks, why didn't he give/donate to some of these poor people whom lost there houses to forclousure, how bout the poor, the economy???
  • Gator 2008/11/10 03:08:42
    Yes. Barack Obama bought the election.
    With his ads in video games, his many relentless attack ads on
    McCain and Palin and his 30 minute infomercial, it's pretty much a no-brainer
    that he did. They voted him just like they vote for American Idol. If he looks good and
    sounds good, he must be good.. all the while forgetting that his decisions can affect
    each and every one of us good or bad and have an affect on the world at large. Fact is also that 95% of the black vote and less than 46% of the white vote went to Obama. It's quite obvious that it isn't his policies that got him in either. Between his money and the fact that he was black, I think it's not hard to figure out.
  • Patty 2008/11/10 03:07:28
    Yes. Barack Obama bought the election.
    I think that Barack just stated what he was told that the public wanted to hear. Just because your a good speaker and have surrounded yourself with a talented group of people that know how to fundraise doesn't mean your qualified to be president. Unfortunately a lot of people are swayed by the fact that he's black which was the novelty in this race and think that this will help race relations by making up for the past. Being black he was given preferential treatment and was viewed as a novelty by the media. Hopefully he's not all talk and will follow through on all the promises he has made. We'll just have to wait and see..........
  • Electrican Lady 2008/11/10 03:07:06
    No, Barack Obama won the election based on his politics.
    Electrican Lady
    Barack Obama did not buy this election, the American people did. First they voted with their pocketbooks and then at the ballot box. It is about time that the people are finally heard, all the people. Give us the turth and all the facts and let us decide.

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