Diane Feinstein's Bill Wants Gun Owners To Go To Their Police Station, Get Photographed, Fingerprinted, And Be Put Into A Database. Isn't That What Is Done To Criminals?

zbacku 2013/01/15 18:26:34
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Welcome To The USSA.
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Diane Feinstein s Bill Wants Gun Owners To Go To Their Police Station  Get Photographed  Fingerprinted  And Be Put Into A Database   Isn t That What Is Done To Criminals   Diane Feinstein s Bill Wants Gun Owners To Go To Their Police Station  Get Photographed  Fingerprinted  And Be Put Into A Database   Isn t That What Is Done To Criminals
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  • Mr. Smith 2013/01/15 19:06:02
    Welcome To The USSA.
    Mr. Smith
    Says the evil authoritarian who carries a gun in her purse and insists on armed security at every event she speaks. Obama's done the same thing, he just signed a bill to give himself armed security for life, meanwhile asking that law abiding citizens turn in their guns. The hypocrisy can't get any greater than this.

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  • Samuel Adams 2013/03/08 12:31:56
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    Samuel Adams
    I want Dianne Feinstein to come and get my guns from me personally, without her bodyguard, but armed.
  • tytyvyllus 2013/01/17 01:52:24
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    this is what is done with lawbreakers when they can catch them
  • Reggie☮ 2013/01/16 17:42:56
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    Feinstein is a whacko
  • Bronar 2013/01/16 16:37:39
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    I own guns, shotguns pistols and rifles, doesn't bother me (already been fingerprinted to work in the securities industry). Ramp up the incarceration terms for those that possess and own them illegally big time.
    Bash me all you want, I am not replying, done enough elsewhere here.
  • Lizard King 2013/01/16 16:16:23
  • AM 2013/01/16 16:05:50
  • irish 2013/01/16 15:12:23
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    shouldn't she lead the way ? diane  fienstein  gun owner
  • Old Timer 2013/01/16 15:10:47
    Welcome To The USSA.
    Old Timer
    Diane Feinstein's mouth should be sewn shut.
  • irish Old Timer 2013/01/16 15:12:44
    LOL love it!
  • Matt M 2013/01/16 14:36:23
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    Matt  M
    I'm a minority conservative who think that we must review rules around guns and most likely tighten up.

    But once we land on what is allowable, it's a legal product, legally owned and not the government's concern.
  • betz 2013/01/16 13:32:56
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    This woman is an extremist. Extremists in either party can be very frightening.
  • MentalGopher 2013/01/16 13:11:21
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    I can always protect my home with a homemade blowtorch set to go off a la 'Home Alone' if anyone's stupid enough to want to rob a college student, I guess. As for protection away from home, she didn't say anything about stun guns or cattle prods. They're just not as easy to conceal as a gun.
  • User Deactivated 2013/01/16 13:08:11
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    User Deactivated
    Ain't gonna happen.
  • sglmom 2013/01/16 13:06:11
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    YES .. that IS what is done to criminals ..
    WONDER if Feinstein realizes what is ALREADY Required to get a CCW permit too?
    (hmm .. fingerprints, documentation of courses/training .. legal identification as a CITIZEN?)

    Hey, DIANNE ..
    get your head out of your REAR .. and stop with the Unnecessary duplications and layers of bureaucracy ..
  • princess 2013/01/16 12:45:41
    Welcome To The USSA.
    Hey Feinstein, spoken like a true, anti-American Communist.
  • santa6642 2013/01/16 02:45:29
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    I'll pass thank you.
  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2013/01/16 02:06:22
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    Since I have purchased through the DCM before, I have already done that.

    Your turn.
  • evangelism_vision 2013/01/16 01:05:56
    What Do You Think?
    I live in California and she is an Idiot. Did you know that she owns guns? But she thinks that we should not.
    Ya what a liberal, Commie at that. And California has it's head so far up it's Kester those who can't stand here, can't get rid of her.


    IT IT WHATEVER YOU WANT, But I bet those involved in the Shoots are Democrats, and are Full Card carrying supporters of Obama too.

    I plan on researching all of that to the best of my ability and we'll see what I find. But I trust Obama as far as I can spit
  • LawMan5150 2013/01/16 01:03:23
    Welcome To The USSA.
    Pot meet kettle.
  • UnusualSuspect 2013/01/16 00:21:00 (edited)
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    Good going, Diane!

    People don't want any more of their children killed like helpless sheep.

    Make it difficult for anyone to purchase a gun.

    Have potential gun owners photographed, fingerprinted, licensed, and tested, and their names, addresses and other pertinent information put into a national database so we can keep track of them when they decide to go rogue.

    We do it with drivers of cars; why not for gun owners, who may go crazy and kill dozens at a time?
  • cutter'... Unusual... 2013/01/16 15:15:41
  • Unusual... cutter'... 2013/01/16 17:24:54

    But muskets...one ball per fire, manual re-load (taking 15-30 secs) in no way compares to the military-type weapons of today, do they?

    Times change, and we have to change the laws or update the 2nd to account for that change.

    "Time and changes in the condition and constitution of society may require occasional and corresponding modifications." --
    Thomas Jefferson to Edward Livingston, 1825
  • cutter'... Unusual... 2013/01/16 18:06:51
  • Unusual... cutter'... 2013/01/16 18:32:55
    When you get elected to the office of a Governor or President, I'm sure your dream of having total security around you will be fulfilled.

    Until then, you'll just have to be like everyone else and get thru your day, but without assault weapons.
  • cutter'... Unusual... 2013/01/16 18:48:51
  • Samuel ... Unusual... 2013/03/08 12:45:41
    Samuel Adams
    It's like saying remove the horns from the gazelle and the cheetah will not hunt it? The horns of the gazelle are there so that the gazelle has a fighting chance, a GOD given gift to the gazelle. Think about it. We have a right given by GOD to protect ourselves, our family and our property...regardless of rank in society, President or governor. GOD given not Government give rights...that's what Inalienable means.
  • Unusual... Samuel ... 2013/03/08 13:38:57
  • Samuel ... Unusual... 2013/03/08 12:36:54
    Samuel Adams
    Move to Kalifornia, Dope!
  • mich52 2013/01/16 00:10:53
  • sbtbill 2013/01/15 23:31:03
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    Well, other then the finger printing I pretty much have to that for my drivers license. Sounds a little bit extreme but maybe we should have to get a gun license at the DMV. Probably should have to register each gun just like a car, too.
  • rbeas 2013/01/15 23:06:39 (edited)
    Care To Comment?
    Why would you post this without a reference source?
  • topcat128 2013/01/15 22:57:02
    Welcome To The USSA.
    Isn't going to happen, with me, while I still alive. HELL NO!!!!
  • Gid 2013/01/15 22:19:37
    Care To Comment?
    Do I pick up my yellow star there too?
  • Risk 2013/01/15 22:19:00
    Welcome To The USSA.
    I think Diane should go to the nearest Mental Care facility, be photographed, fingerprinted and then be admitted ! Isn't that what they do to genuine mentally ill
    people ?
  • Danielle Risk 2013/01/16 15:19:37
  • Mark P. 2013/01/15 21:59:20
    What Do You Think?
    Mark P.
    So this is good for gun owners but not for voter registration.
  • Rebel Yell 2013/01/15 21:40:34
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    Rebel Yell
    There are 28,690 machine guns, legally owned and registered in Texas. As a Texan, this does not surprise me. Collectively, we like guns. The Bureau of ATF does not give names. But ATF spokesperson Ginger Colbrun says the agency knows where those machine guns are located.

    Owners have a six month waiting period. They cannot be felons, must be a citizen, and must keep the gun secured in a precise location. They must give the exact address where the guns are located and be amenable to random in person visits by ATF inspectors. The inspectors say they have had no resistance to the visits and have seen no violence from those machine guns. Some are trophies, such as the Tommy machine guns used by Al Capone.

    Those laws may be strict, but they work. Texas also remembers 1997 and an attempt to rob a North Hollywood bank. Two men in full body armor sprayed thousands of bullets at police while using illegal machine guns.

    So legit guns are worth the wait and also if you are willing to obey the rules. If not, you have no business with any gun.
  • Danielle 2013/01/15 21:22:45 (edited)
  • Ripley 2013/01/15 20:46:53
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    Yeah, right! I will when the moon turns to blood.
  • dubbie 2013/01/15 20:36:57
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    I,ll have to mail in a photo, Hows this?

    shooting the bird

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