Devastating, this story is NOT for the faint of heart!!!

Flowers 2012/04/18 22:58:30

PORT RICHEY - A Port Richey woman was accused of running scalding
water over her 7-week-old baby boy, burning him so severely that his
skin bubbled and a nipple came off when his shirt was removed at a

Chekayla Ariel Dampier, 18, was arrested Tuesday night and charged
with aggravated child abuse. She was being held at the Land O' Lakes
jail. Her bond was set at $150,000.

She told Pasco County Sheriff's investigators she was "frustrated"
because the baby was crying "for hours," according to a detective's

Dampier said she put the child in an infant washtub and ran hot water
onto his head for two to three minutes because he had been crying for
hours, according to detectives. Forensic technicians measured the water
at 142 degrees.

Dampier said the baby's skin was bubbling and parts of it came off when she tried to dry him with a towel, the affidavit said.

Maria Fernandez, who described herself as the baby's godmother, said
Dampier called her Monday because she was concerned about the baby.
Dampier initially blamed someone else for the baby's injuries.

"When I see the baby, I say, 'No - that's not normal,' " Fernandez
said. "The baby was different. I was so scared and nervous, I got sick. I
threw up and my body was shaking."

Fernandez said she rushed Dampier and the baby to North Bay Hospital
in New Port Richey about 10 p.m. Monday. The boy was eventually taken by
helicopter to the pediatric burn unit at Tampa General Hospital,
according to the affidavit.

Physicians said the child suffered severe second-degree burns to his
head, chest, arms, eyes and ears, according to the affidavit. When
medical staff removed his shirt, his left nipple pulled away, the
affidavit said.

Doctors at Tampa General Hospital told investigators it was too early
to say how badly the child's eyes and ears may have been damaged.
Spokeswoman Ellen Fiss said he is still in critical condition.

Dampier had announced the baby's birth and posted a photo of him on
her Facebook page, with messages like: MOMMY AND DADDY LOVE Uā€¦

Fernandez was devastated to learn that Dampier had admitted to
harming the child. "I know she's young, but I don't know how a mother
could hurt her baby," she said. "I love that little girl ā€“ but I love
the baby more."

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  • Old Nellie Bones 2012/04/19 18:13:00
    Old Nellie Bones
    My blood is boiling.Too angry to cry right now.
  • sglmom 2012/04/19 08:05:02
    SICK, sick, sick ..
    How could anyone do that to a beautiful little one?

    I'm so disgusted .. by these who have kids ..
    and don't understand ..
    they are not 'toys' .. not 'inconveniences' ..
    They burp, need diaper changes, cry, make noise too ..
    They are your responsibility to raise to adulthood and independent lives ..
  • beach bum 2012/04/19 04:49:51
    beach bum
    that is horrible
  • Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru 2012/04/19 02:31:32
    Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru
    I'll try to comment later, Tears, Sick.
  • Flowers Assassi... 2012/04/19 03:36:13
    :( I know it's sad
  • Walt 2012/04/19 01:43:02
    That's insane.

    How could she think scalding the baby would make it stop crying?
  • Link 2012/04/18 23:18:47
    It's times like this that I really believe in "an eye for eye"...
  • Flowers Link 2012/04/18 23:45:45
    She deserves to feel how it feels
  • Rogue_Loner 2012/04/18 23:04:11
  • Flowers Rogue_L... 2012/04/18 23:11:42 (edited)
    For me, the saddest part is that drs are fighting to save the baby when they SHOULD be letting it pass away. That child will be disfigured for life, possibly Have health problems associated with Ears nose and throat due to the damage, not to mention the mental damage of they can comprehend why they suffer from the injures bc of his mother. It's sad to think of the baby dying but the alternative doesn't have to be a life time of pain and misery.
  • Link Flowers 2012/04/18 23:19:40
    I have to agree... sad as that is...
  • Flowers 2012/04/18 23:00:02
    Absolutely disgusting. WHY if a child was crying, this GIRL would do something that would cause pain AND MORE CRYING??
  • Rogue_L... Flowers 2012/04/18 23:02:01
  • Walt Flowers 2012/04/19 01:43:45
    My thoughts exactly.
  • Flowers Walt 2012/04/19 01:53:02
    great minds. My heart breaks for the baby, he didn't ask to be brought into this world just to be faced with unimaginable pain

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