Detroit's Unemployment Rate Is Nearly 50% - Is This The Bottom?

JadedTLC 2009/12/17 02:47:15
Officially, Detroit's unemployment rate is just under 30 percent. But the city's mayor and local leaders are suggesting a far more disturbing figure -- the actual jobless rate, they say, is closer to 50 percent.

As many have noted, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which culls federal unemployment data, does not account for all of the jobless in its widely-quoted national unemployment figures. Among those omitted: part-time workers who are looking for full-time jobs and frustrated job seekers who abandon their job search altogether.

(For some context, the official national unemployment rate is 10 percent, but the "underemployment rate" is 17.2 percent.)

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  • Caroline - fan of Audubon 2009/12/17 03:03:15
    Caroline - fan of Audubon
    I live in Michigan a few miles north of Detroit. High unemployment didn't just hit Detroit but most major manufacturing cities and towns across the state. Now with the auto companies going down and a lot of subsidiary businesses effected by those, It will be a long time before jobs are created. It's frightening, because when people have no work and or no unemployment benefits, crime goes up. Most people in the cities have no means to relocate to other states. We need to bring in new technology to take the place of auto manufacturing job losses.

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  • THE ONE 2010/04/15 05:20:31


  • Curious George 2010/04/12 06:22:28
    Curious George
    impeirial county in southern california is about the same. where i live in la county there are allot more homeless in the streets now. the official unemployment out here is 12.5, but i know its much, much higher when you add in all the illegals and people who bennifits have run out. one figure i read in a local news paper had it at around 33%. all they did was ask people if they had a job or not. no strings attached. that is how they measured unemployment during the great depression.
  • Andy 2010/04/10 23:11:28
    i've been getting annoyed about people complaining about imagrants,
    then i remembered 80% of people were against the iraqu was, so maby its just that 20 % thats getting all the attention now
    then i remembered a poll saying the magoriy of the publics conserwn is about, extream world poverty,

    witch did 2 things, before i was anooyed about people complaining about immagrants & not complaing that we are the cause of extream poverty - & people understandably immagrating to the west, cause of that for a better life, but then i relised, that must be why thats the main conswern now,

    & i've read boooks ect to try'n fid out whats going on, but if you ever ask any on whats going on they even witch the limited info they get, they know 'aw this countrys fu[ked',

    its took me ages & alot of reading to figer this out
  • michael 2010/04/09 05:56:18
    Holy Crap-I am really scared now for the future; unemployment is at 50%--it is going to hit the fan real soon. I know here in Indiana it is going down the toilet fast,too. Heck, parts of Indiana's unemployment rates are somewhere between 15% to 20% / What is really scary is many of these people are debt ridden--credit cards, student loans, housing costs, and medical bills really hurt these people. It is a shame to see it.
  • Edward 2010/04/02 16:19:30
    and where are the jobs?that the great loser promised
  • clock 2010/03/28 00:19:00
    unless you consider washing the dishes a job, for most of US's history, the unemployment rate was 50% and everything was fine.

    maybe women should go back into the home so these unemployed could get back to work.
  • ladypuppylove 2010/03/03 16:32:57
    We had a lot of factories here in tennessee but in the last 8 years they have all closed down in 2006 ,one left because of the high taxes they wanted them to pay for the fines for cleaner air, and the others left in 2008 because of the same thing, so unemployement was rising every since then and still rising
  • Rick 2010/01/24 22:35:12
    The issue is education level. When the BLS says unemployment is at 10%, that's really 15% for high school educated folks, and 2.5% for the college educated. No one group is truly at 10%.
  • myoma mars Rick 2010/04/07 19:52:32
    myoma mars
    why do you think that education is the issue?
  • myoma mars Rick 2010/04/07 19:56:03
    myoma mars
    I think the issue is lack of manufacturing jobs, due to NAFTA, CAFTA, unions and other variables, such as the refusal of the american consumer to pay more for the USA product.
  • QuitBlamingBush 2010/01/22 03:05:41
    The difference between Republicans & Democrats

    A Republican and a Democrat were walking down the street when they came to a homeless person.

    The republican gave the homeless person his business card and told him come to his business for a job. He then took twenty dollars out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person.

    The Democrat was very impressed, and when they came to another homeless person, He decided to help. He walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the welfare office. He then reached into the Republicans pocket and gave him fifty dollars.

    walked homeless person directions welfare office reached republicans pocket dollars
  • AL QuitBla... 2010/03/09 00:22:12
    I just wonder what the real number of illegal alien workers is there?
  • J 2010/01/20 21:16:33
    Just printing and giving away US money is not going to fix this problem. We need incentives for producing and buying American made goods. We need some sort of motivation for businesses to set up "call centers" in the US with people who will speak so that callers can understand. We need to cut useless and wasteful government spending that does NOTHING to continue economic growth.
  • AL J 2010/03/09 00:22:59
    You mean O bama money?
  • Billy Sastard 2010/01/20 21:06:08
    Billy Sastard
    Michigan voters got what they voted for ... year after year after year after year. Now the gangrenous cesspool is infecting the rest of the country. It is time to nuke michigan and start over.
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/01/03 06:19:22
    It will stay that way.
  • jackola... jackola... 2010/01/06 01:46:47
    Not at all. The Detroit situation may well go on down the tubes. Once hit with the "Ctack" you have trouble recovering to know who you are let alone do your job.
  • DougE 2009/12/29 05:55:53
    Perhaps if people stood up to the corrupt Unions, manufacturing in Michigan would be more affordable and bring business back. I stood picket lines for the local 402, the union stewards had nice cars, we got stale donuts and scrap lumber to burn in the shelters. Eventually as our dues went up, work was outsourced and we lost jobs. The foreign manufacturers in America don't have this problem, not yet anyway, until card check gets passed.
  • Red Ruf... DougE 2009/12/31 03:30:07
    Red Ruffansore
    Unions are a tool of the DNC, your dues are part of a slush fund and fully integrated with mafia related grift and crime. You could be the most talented, knowledgeable person on the job but you'll get exactly the same pay as the guy next to you. Equal to the masses, even those who sit on their asses, that's the beauty of liberalism and it's twin brother the union. As for card check, if you are talking about voting made public then I propose we do the same thing with elections where they are held in a town square and you walk up in front of a crowd and announce who you are going to vote for. Works fine if you are surrounded by the like minded, doesn't play out so well if you are of a different mind hence the private vote. Not good enough for liberals though, they want their snout in every orifice and eventually you'll see what they have dones is actually taken rights away by promising you new and improved rights....the right to remain silent.
  • DougE Red Ruf... 2009/12/31 21:14:31
    No agrument from me!
  • J DougE 2010/01/20 21:20:27
    The Unions are what cost Detroit. A good living wage is never enough for a union worker. They want more. Unions have pretty much outlived their usefulness. When the unions don't control GM, GM can afford to make cars once again. When you talk about CEO/CFO, etc., pay, you might want to consider the obligation of the stock holders. They are the ones allowing this type of abuse.
  • DougE J 2010/01/21 22:12:26
    I agree 100%. My friends all chose to work at Honda, not International Harvester. They have great 401K's, health care, fitness, etc.. and can retire and live a good life.
  • Billy S... J 2010/01/24 17:31:33
    Billy Sastard
    I agree with you to the extent short of abolishing all unions everywhere forever. Both exorbitant executive pay/compensation and union abuses are responsible for the plight of manufacturing across the US. However much I agree with pissing on unions, I remember WHY unions came to be - americans simply git fed up working in what amounted to legalized slavery. If both unions and executives would accept job performance responsibilities with their salary/benenfit demands, manufacturing in the US would stand up to China. Amen
  • J Billy S... 2010/01/25 16:42:22
    Oh, I think Unions, like Affirmative Action have outlived thier usefulness. They are what need to be re-tooled and re-structured. Unions used to be for the WOKERS, now they are for the UNIONS. Affirmative Action used to be to aide minorities in work, education, etc., now they are for keeping racial tensions alive. Too much of anything left unchecked and unchallenged will become a cancer.
  • McCate DougE 2010/01/21 19:42:46
    Well said!!! Thanks for bringing lite to this subject. an example is Toyota it is doing well.
  • DougE McCate 2010/01/21 22:13:35
    you too! It's sad that Unions hire policy directors to weigh in on our government and lobby instead of taking care of their employees.
  • McCate DougE 2010/01/21 22:43:20
    Thank god I am in a right to work state!!!
    god work
  • DougE McCate 2010/01/21 22:53:28
    The saddest thing of all, Unions started out with the best of intentions.
  • McCate DougE 2010/01/21 23:00:01 (edited)
    Oh absolutely they did. My grandfather worked as a coal miner and at that time they were great. But they have become the mafia today and it must be stopped.
  • Billy S... DougE 2010/01/24 17:32:32
    Billy Sastard
    Amen. Things went astray. :(
  • Molly 2009/12/29 02:46:02
    No it is not the bottom, that is a liberal run state more unemployment to come.
  • Red Ruffansore 2009/12/28 23:03:38
    Red Ruffansore
    Good, you deserve it. You are not just a blue state that not only voted for Obama, you whelped this spawn from your infected womb and spit it out upon the country to endure. Everywhere that liberalism rules, unemployment roars like a raging waterfall. My state is one of the few in the nation that is solvent. So how's that hope-N-change workin out for ya?

    It isn't over yet lemming OBOTS, more misery and pain is coming because he is not done inflicting his vision upon us all.
  • Billy S... Red Ruf... 2010/01/24 17:33:37
    Billy Sastard
    Obots ... I like that term. :)
  • retiredingeorgia 2009/12/28 05:46:11
    I hope to hell the unemployed stay in Detroit or wherever they are now and clean up their own mess. Having lived in Florida for several decades, I've seen what happens when large numbers of outsiders, usually liberals, move in. Next thing you know they're bitching about how we don't do anything right like they did where they came from. Hence higher crime rates, higher taxes, higher prices for everything, job shortages, etc......... When you ask them why they didn't stay where they were, their reply is almost always to get away from what they brought with them. We retired to another state to get away from them. As far as I'm concerned, we can close all the off ramps on the interstates and let them go screw up someone elses backyard. Or better yet, stay where they are.
  • Billy S... retired... 2010/01/21 00:22:56
    Billy Sastard
    Good point. The brain dead liberals move out of michigan because they have no work, yet don't think twice about wanting the same government practices where they move to. Unbucking felievable.
  • McCate retired... 2010/01/21 19:59:55
    AMEN!!!! I to have scene this in CO and it is disturbing. now they are flooding to TX and I see this crap happening all over again and they Bitch because it is not like where they Came from (CA, LA) One ol'boy in an auto parts store said he hated living in TX hated the folks here, blah.. blah.. blah..., I said well.... tell your ass, there is a bus that runs every 15 min and I can give you a map to DFW! I AM SICK OF IT!! I say we load them in a plane and drop them off with Hugo Chavez!!!!! 15 min map dfw sick load plane drop hugo chavez
  • Saint P... retired... 2010/01/29 07:53:02
    Saint Paul the Decider
    Florida well is not much better perhaps weather wise it is .I hope you stay in Florida maybe a snake ,or gator will put you out of your misery or some illegal immigrant from Cuba or Haiti.Perhaps some 90 year old from NYC in a Crown Victoria will run you over before the next hurricane trashes you and all memory of you if we are lucky.
  • TruBluTopaz 2009/12/28 03:50:35
    You can look to the unions that destroyed the car industry by their greed and the government that destroyed it with their mandates. People who used to make a good living are now desperate. And sooner or later, desperate people act out. They will either leave Detroit a ghost town or they will revolt. Obama better hope he has something in place or this summer is going to get ugly. I sympathize with those out of work.
  • DougE TruBluT... 2009/12/29 05:57:28
    When labor union leaders lobby him more than anyone else, I doubt he's got much in the way of reform. Just more bailouts and sanctions on salaries. God bless chairman obama
  • Conservative Crusader 2009/12/28 01:34:07 (edited)
    Conservative Crusader
    Another great liberal run city! The top ten cities in reference to the highest unemployment are run by liberals.

    Example: Phildelphia, Newark, Detroit, Los Angeles

    reference highest unemployment run liberals phildelphia newark detroit los angeles

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