Detroit Artists Freeze House: What Should We Do With Abandoned Homes?

Jackie 2010/02/02 17:39:13
We need to find a way to return residents to their homes.
The abandoned homes should be scrapped for parts and reused.
I think the housing crisis...
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In an attempt to raise awareness about the housing crisis, artists have frozen an entire house in Detroit, MI. Thousands of abandoned homes line the streets of Detroit, following months of foreclosures. Michigan residents were hit as hard as anyone in the country by the economic recession of 2009.

Photographer Gregory Holm and architect Matthew Radune covered an abandoned Detroit home with hydrant water to create the desired effect. The two artists seek to draw attention to the crisis in order to come up with new solutions. Holm and Radune suggest that the homes could be deconstructed and reused in other ways.

What should we do with all of these abandoned homes?

Read More: http://www.icehousedetroit.blogspot.com/

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