Department of Homeland Security buying up enough ammo to wage seven-year war against the American people

Teri- Oregon 2012/07/28 22:20:57
(NaturalNews) As we recently reported, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), an agency that says its main purpose now is to thwart "homegrown terrorism," has awarded a contract to ammunition manufacturer ATK for acquiring 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammo. You can view the announcement of the ammunition purchase at this press release: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/atk-secures-40-caliber-ammun...

Many NaturalNews readers may not know this, but "hollow point" ammunition is never purchased for practice or training. This ammunition is purchased for the sole purpose of being used in active fighting. At the same time, it is a violation of the Geneva Convention to use hollow point ammunition on the battle field.

This is crucial to understand. It means the occupying federal government is acquiring this ammunition to be used against the American people. Furthermore, DHS does not fight wars overseas. It is a domestic agency with domestic responsibilities. Its purchase of .40 ammunition is a clear and obvious indication that DHS plans to wage war on the American people.

How big of a war? Here's where this investigation gets really interesting.

A seven-year war with AmericaHow much ammunition is 450 million rounds, exactly? To answer that question, I searched the internet for testimony from U.S. military brass who might give us a glimpse into the number of rounds fired in an active war.

This information was remarkably difficult to find, but I eventually located testimony by Maj. Gen. Buford C. Blount III, given in 2004 before the Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services of the House of Representatives. You can read this testimony yourself at this government website:

This testimony reveals that:

• In active battle operations in Iraq, ammunition is expended at the rate of 5.5 million rounds per month.

That's 66 million rounds in a year. The General's testimony states that the "past year" in Iraq "resulted in the expenditure of 72 million rounds," which isn't too far off from 66 million. I'll use 70 million as a rough figure for annual ammo usage in an active war zone.

This is 70 million rounds of all types, including rifle rounds such as 5.56, .308, .50, etc. Pistol rounds most likely include 9mm (the common NATO round) and .45. There isn't much .40 pistol ammo used by soldiers serving overseas, by the way. That round is only popular in the United States. For example, several cops I know prefer to carry the .40 instead of a 9mm. They feel it "stops bad guys" more quickly, meaning it causes more skeletal and tissue damage upon impact.

7+ years of war with the American people?So if an active shooting WAR between two nations uses roughly 70 million rounds of ammunition a year, if you look at the DHS acquisition of 450 million rounds of .40 ammo, you quickly come to realize this is enough for 6.4 years of active war with the American people. But wait! There's more...

An active war uses a variety of rounds, not just one type. As war is usually fought with rifles, not pistols, rifle rounds (like 5.56) are actually expended at a much higher rate than pistol rounds (.40), meaning that these 450 million rounds of pistol ammo are more than sufficient to provide the pistol ammo needed for a ten-year war against the American people when combined with a supply of rifle rounds, too. Because, you see, there are other contracts out there where the government is purchasing large quantities of rifle ammo such as 5.56, 7.62 and .308. In all, the non-military branches of the federal occupying government are acquiring enough ammo to wage what can only be called a long-term domestic war.

(I use the term "occupying" because our current federal government has been infiltrated and overrun by Goldman Sachs operatives, non-U.S. citizens with falsified citizenship documents, and agents who openly serve foreign interests such as the United Nations.)

Remember, again, that this is all ammo to be used domestically, against the American people. None of this ammo goes into the hands of the military fighting wars overseas.

Arming TSA agentsI have no doubt that the ultimate plan here is to arm TSA agents and unleash them across the USA as a new storm trooper force to put in place total tyranny across the country. The military will be kept out of it precisely because most soldiers would refuse to participate in tyranny, as they actually have morals and ethics.

TSA agents, on the other hand, are child porn distributors, pimps, drug runners, child molesters, thieves, felons and perverts. They are the security force that has no moral bounds -- they will do ANYTHING to another person as long as they get a paycheck. These are the pot-bellied government thugs who will happily torture, rape and murder innocent Americans if they are ordered to do so. They are the "Brownshirts" of Amerika. They are the most pathetic human beings working in government today, and in their hearts and minds they are demonic criminals just waiting to be given yet more power so they can sexually molest little children, supermodels and elderly grandmothers.

The next logical step in the downward spiral of oppression is to arm these agents and use them to slap down total police state tyranny across America. At the first opportunity -- probably after a government-staged false flag attack involving a dirty bomb or a bioweapons release -- these TSA goons will be set up on every major road and highway, using their new bulletproof roadway checkpoints and their .40 caliber hollow point ammo to put America into a complete Martial Law clamp down where everybody is considered a possible terrorist, and secret arrests (torture, interrogations, beatings, etc.) are commonplace.

What happens from there is anyone's guess, but I can't help but think such a plan might be deliberately designed to start a shooting war with the American people, because at that point armed TSA agents can be unleashed to just kill and rape anyone they want under the banner of "protecting the homeland." (Hence the name "Homeland Security" which is, of course, intentionally borrowed straight out of Nazi Germany and its term "Heimatland.")

The ten steps to establishing a dictatorshipRemember, Naomi Wolf talks about all this in her documentary The End of America, where she outlines the 10 steps through which all nations establish a dictatorship.

Those steps are:

1. Create an internal/external threat that terrorizes the populace. This has already been accomplished with Oklahoma City (false flag) and 9/11 (another false flag). Get the film "A Noble Lie" from www.InfoWars.com to learn the truth about Oklahoma City.

2. Create secret prisons, with torture. Obama did this nicely with the NDAA (as well as keeping GITMO open even after promising he would close it).

3. Create a paramilitary force. This is the TSA.

4. Single out ordinary citizens as 'troublesome persons.' This has been accomplished by Janet Napolitano's "if you see something, say something" propaganda campaign.

5. Establish surveillance of citizens' groups and ordinary citizens deemed 'troublesome.' This is already well under way through surveillance of emails, phone calls, vehicle movements and more.

6. Detain and release citizens without formally charging them with any crime. This has been "legalized" under Obama's NDAA. (http://www.naturalnews.com/034537_NDAA_Bill_of_Rights_Obama.html)

7. Target key individuals who are well known, popular figures. This has already begun and will likely accelerate. Who do you think killed Andrew Breitbart? Congressman Bono?

8. Restrict the press. Already done. The U.S. government, in fact, essentially runs the mainstream media today. White House announcements are simply printed as "fact" with zero journalism and zero fact checking taking place.

9. Redefine dissent as treason. This is already happening with figures like Ted Nugent who was recently "visited" by the Secret Service after his anti-Obama rant. All throughout government speeches today, the criminals at the very top proclaim that anyone who questions government is "anti-American" and might be involved in domestic terrorism. The FBI even warns that people who "stockpile food" might be terrorists! (Even though the government itself stockpiles massive quantities of food, guns, ammunition, communications gear, medical supplies and more...)

10. Subvert the rule of law. Already done. Law has been complete abandoned by the ATF, DEA, FDA, USDA and every other federal agency you can think of. The Attorney General Eric Holder actively plots ways to destroy the Bill of Rights, and the government stages false flag terror attacks to undermine constitutional protections.

See this important speech from Wolf at:

What does it all mean?In all, this massive purchasing and stockpiling of ammunition by DHS can only be a red alert warning that Janet Napolitano is planning on waging a massive shooting war with the American people. Why else would DHS purchase to much ammo?

As someone who consistently urges a de-escalation of violence, this concerns me greatly. It almost appears as if the government is getting an itchy trigger finger and can't wait to start firing away at crowds of innocent American protesters, like the corrupt government in "Running Man."

That's the obvious target here: Protesters. Because once the financial debt system implodes, protests will be unleashed nationwide whether we like it or not. As Gerald Celente says, "When people lose everything, and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it!"

DHS almost certainly sees this coming. So they are getting locked and cocked for the coming mass slaughter of anyone who tries to exercise their First Amendment right to engage in public protest. After all, we already saw widespread police brutality against the Occupy Wall Street protesters. In many cities, the police are highly militarized and completely out of control. Add 450 million rounds of hollow point ammo to the equation via DHS, and you have nothing less than a recipe for massive bloodshed across America.

I can only hope and pray that those who believe in liberty, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the rule of law in a free republic may yet achieve the restoration of liberty in this nation before it devolved into regrettable bloodshed at the hands of the government... a government which is increasingly trying to actually pick a fight with the people. It is the government, of course, that actually sets up and stages all the false flag terror attacks. The FBI has been caught red-handed doing so, as has been widely reported even in the mainstream media! Read this story to learn more:


Get prepared NOW with the Health Ranger

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035649_DHS_ammunition_domestic_war...

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Top Opinion

  • XZQZQ 2012/07/29 09:39:20
    Considering that the US government appears on the brink of fiscal collapse, clearly the Feds are taking steps to deal with any ' civil unrest '... .40 S & W is the primary handgun round for police and federal agents... not used by any military that I am aware of...

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  • John Rohe 2012/08/04 00:49:26
    John Rohe
    Has anyone considered some or all of this ammo might be headed to the Philippines and other South China Sea nations facing the Chinese bullies?
  • Teri- O... John Rohe 2012/08/04 11:22:41
    Teri- Oregon
    Home land security is just that "HOME LAND" security! They don't buy ammo to take care of China or what ever, that is the job of American military!
  • Wahvlvke 2012/07/30 00:14:19
    The Market Watch info has disappeared.
  • Marlene... Wahvlvke 2012/07/30 04:11:53
    Marlene Wilkins
    Gee...wonder why???
    I don't think any of us need to wonder too much, right?
    This smells like Fed-monkeys suppressing info.
  • Wahvlvke Marlene... 2012/08/01 12:31:10
    All of obie's negative stuff disappeared too ... in the Spring of 2008 ... probably the same monkeys.
  • Marlene... Wahvlvke 2012/08/01 16:49:52
    Marlene Wilkins
    Good point...
    Obie and his band of elitists bear close scrutiny.
  • Wahvlvke Marlene... 2012/08/01 17:37:21
    It's the chicago gestapo.
  • Marlene... Wahvlvke 2012/08/01 18:35:22
    Marlene Wilkins
    It all keeps looping back to Chicago now and then...thn there's the matter of his executive-order-sealed records...
    450 Million rounds, and the marketwatch data got pulled really quick...just a little bit suspicious, yes??
  • Wahvlvke Marlene... 2012/08/02 04:01:53
    Just like everything else the slime ball does.
  • Marlene... Wahvlvke 2012/08/02 07:06:14
    Marlene Wilkins
    I have to agree...his trail of distraction and devastation speaks for itself.
    But the ammo...
    F-CK that's a LOT of it!!
    Expensive, eats up a lot of storage space...and only one purpose or it, and it ain't training.
    Especially the .40 S&W rounds--those suckers were developed for the FBI, by S&W at the request of the FBI for an ;optimally lethal' pistol round.
    This has a worrisome feel to it...
  • Wahvlvke Marlene... 2012/08/02 12:13:13
    It sure does seem worrisome but in the end one has to take into account several things. (1) Does the government ever do anything that makes a whole lot of sense? (2) The biggie, at the first word of atrocity there would be piles of dead politicians here and there. (3) In the final analysis the military will not put up with such nonsense.

    The number of Armed citizens is about twenty times the size of the military and are everywhere. Only about 20% of the population identifies themselves as liberal and rarely do you find anything but a candy ass in that crowd. And they could consider themselves lucky that conservatives still believe in principle instead of muscle ... otherwise there would be no liberals left standing.
  • Marlene... Wahvlvke 2012/08/03 09:18:36
    Marlene Wilkins
    All good points, but that all leaves out ONE important thing.
    They might just be dumb-ass enough to TRY regardless.
    Gov't right, and led by 'the self-anointing one'...
    I do agree your points are very good, and I GENEUINELY hope you're right!!
    ...but the Dumbass-factor still makes me wonder/worry because of all the other preparations done also.
  • Wahvlvke Marlene... 2012/08/03 12:58:32
    In the end ... ingenuity will trump all else. Their little booths may stop bullets but can't stop heat from fire or a speeding vehicle or overcome gravity. Just a little for instance there to brighten the day.
  • Marlene... Wahvlvke 2012/08/04 05:44:46
    Marlene Wilkins
    Good points< and those fancy-ass 'patrol' vehicles of theirs...not that tough actually. Everyone thinks assault rifles are SOOOO powerful...yeah, right.
    Ever look up the ballistics info on some hunting ammo??
    .308 rounds...make a .223 round look like a popgun, and will blow right through an armor vest, but even if not, will inflict enough kinetic transfer to take the man out of combat right there.
    .300 Winchester or Weatherby magnum...treats an armor vest like tissue paper.
    3 inch 12 gauge magnum with triple-ought buckshot, maybe won't punch through kevlar, but the impact energy will break the wearer's ribs.
    So...more food for thought. :-)
    Get ahold of a .375 Holland & Holland Magnum, and you can punch holes in Light Armored Vehicles easily...like their engine.
    Assault rifles...*snort*
  • Wahvlvke Marlene... 2012/08/04 13:15:56
    There is nothing more ingenious than a pissed off American.
  • Marlene... Wahvlvke 2012/09/05 09:49:15
    Marlene Wilkins
    No joke! Ty for saying!! I'm nothing, all I know Husband and John taught me. ;-)
    Sorry for the late reply--Life...
  • Wahvlvke Marlene... 2012/09/05 12:40:41
    No problem ... thank you.
  • Marlene... Wahvlvke 2012/09/07 05:32:46
    Marlene Wilkins
    ya welcome. :-)
  • XZQZQ 2012/07/29 09:39:20
    Considering that the US government appears on the brink of fiscal collapse, clearly the Feds are taking steps to deal with any ' civil unrest '... .40 S & W is the primary handgun round for police and federal agents... not used by any military that I am aware of...
  • D D 2012/07/29 07:34:02
    D D
    I was already well aware of this, but it does need to get brought up over and over because not everyone knows. Some might think they bought all this ammo for our military fighting overseas. NO. Dept of Homeland Security is not in charge of that. DHS has also been buying bulletproof checkpoint boxes as well. And look at these lovely military vehicles they have been taking around the US. These vehicles are to use within the US. Put everything together and you can see they are planning for something.


  • XZQZQ D D 2012/07/29 09:42:37 (edited)
    When the Soviet Union collapsed, I thought it would have been an excellent opportunity to buy BMP armored cars,... plus spare parts, at an excellent price...
  • Marlene... D D 2012/07/30 04:13:14
    Marlene Wilkins
    I really feel sorry for you Americans these days, and worry about you too--pretty constantly, actually.
  • santa6642 2012/07/29 01:31:45
    TS, let them come
  • S. Gompers 2012/07/29 00:25:08
    S. Gompers
    If they truly wanted to thwart homegrown terrorism they would not be arming terrorists to our south who are spilling their violence into America, and they would not be importing so many American haters as well.
  • ConLibFraud 2012/07/28 23:53:56
    A message to all homeland security personnel. You are citizens first who have taken oaths. Join with the people and give the middle finger to the DC thugs.
  • jaymz 2012/07/28 23:53:10
    the'll need more than that to get my guns ! Black powder makes big firecrackers !
  • Marlene... jaymz 2012/07/30 04:16:04
    Marlene Wilkins
    Look up Gauss Guns...
    Husband has played with that tech for a while, and some of the designs he's done-up are frighteningly powerful.
    Anyone can build a simple one powerful enough to go right through a kevlar vest, using a nail (head removed) as the projectile..
  • john Kills 2012/07/28 23:51:40
    john Kills
    I have been telling everyone to hide guns, ammo, food, medical supplies in several locations like I have. This war will be forced on all the people and there is no way but to fight or surrender from the start. As for me, I will take as many as I can. Learn hit and run gorilla tactics and primitive skills.
  • Marlene... john Kills 2012/07/30 04:16:40
    Marlene Wilkins
    Well said, and excellent point!!

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