Dems Out of Money Before Obama is Even Nominated?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/06/26 21:10:59
Democrats canceled a political convention kick-off event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and will move the activities to Charlotte’s main business district, the convention’s host committee announced.

The move comes as party planners are grappling with a fundraising deficit of roughly $27 million, according to two people familiar with the matter who requested anonymity to discuss internal party politics. With a party ban on direct contributions from corporations, the host committee has raised less than $10 million, well short of its $36.6 million goal, said one of the people.

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  • Mr. T 2012/06/26 21:47:06
    Mr. T
    As long as taxpayers have money, Obama is never out of funds. He will use his "powers" to siphon off funds from somewhere to use for his benefit wait and see.
  • Aurora 2012/06/26 21:37:05
  • Walt 2012/06/26 21:29:15
    Since they can't afford to rent Charlotte Motor Speedway, the 0bama campaign should consider renting the bumper car enclosure at the Putt Putt Fun Center in Raleigh. It's more in their price range.

    bumper car enclosure putt putt fun center raleigh price range
  • Schläue~© 2012/06/26 21:27:46
    It's all meaningless right now because the contributors know it's a lost cause.

    0bozo is cheer-leading for cash but will not be the nominee in September.
    Everything the DNC is collecting now will go towards trying to salvage the Senate in November and the big contributors are waiting to see if they can come up with ANY replacement who will stand a chance against Romney.
  • ♥dreamer-leigh♥ 2012/06/26 21:17:16
    LOL Dems are always running on deficits...they keep spending money they do not have, mainly ours!! Tax Payers!!
  • Outta' Here. 2012/06/26 21:15:35

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