Deconstructing The ‘Guns Mean Freedom' Meme

ProudProgressive 2012/09/23 13:43:23
Deconstructing The ‘Guns Mean Freedom' Meme
September 23, 2012
By Justin Acuff

How many of you have seen this meme or something similar?


If you haven't seen this one, you've probably seen something similar, or heard a conservative blabber on about something to the same effect. The "Freedom's Only Guarantee," of course, insinuating that they'll fight back if the federal government tries to take away their "rights." While I support the right to own guns–for self defense or hunting–I strongly disagree with this as a matter of logic. Why? Because this:


Does not beat this:




Does not beat this:


And this:


Does not beat this:


If you think your right to bear arms is what's keeping you free, you're an idiot. There's no other way to say it. If you sincerely believe the government is out to get you, you're an idiot.

Want to know what really protects your freedoms? The right to vote. A good system of democracy. Ironically, the same people that are creating memes like the one seen above are the same that are voting Republicans into office that have engaged in a war on democracy–voter suppression. Voter suppression, you see, is an act of war on democracy itself.

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  • Professor Wizard 2012/09/24 16:30:13
    Professor Wizard
    While little may not beat big... We have NOT completely won the war in Iraq, or Afghanistan... We have not won, because Insurgents are still killing our solders... they are killing our solders with light weapons, and home-made bombs.

    YES.. if enough citizens are armed, nobody can completely take over this country by force.
  • jackolantyrn356 2012/09/23 15:34:01
    Why deconstruct the truth, Lefty???????????????????
  • rustyshackelford 2012/09/23 14:19:49
  • Reichstolz 2012/09/23 13:53:02 (edited)
    Voter suppression? Proving that you are who you say you are is essential to assuring every vote counts equally. It is funny those who supposedly tout equality at every turn, want to make sure that when it comes to voting, the election can be easily influenced by illegals, felons, state non-residents(students), etc. Sorry but your quip is transparent, and vapid as usual.

    For those too ignorant to understand the point.
    illegals marching in LA
    Can be stopped by this
    drivers license
  • Magus BN-0 Reichstolz 2012/09/24 01:46:36
    Magus BN-0
    Voter fraud doesn't happen.
  • Reichstolz Magus BN-0 2012/09/24 13:54:51
    Yep and the sky isn't blue.
  • ProudPr... Reichstolz 2012/09/24 14:51:19
    It is on Earth. You ought to visit some time.
  • Reichstolz ProudPr... 2012/09/24 14:56:23
    Your ignorance is showing again.
  • ProudPr... Reichstolz 2012/09/24 12:35:02
    LOL there is no polling place voter fraud in this country. It's amazing that idiots who claim to give a sh*t about democracy seek to make it as difficult as possible for American citizens to exercise one of their most precious rights. But then, there's no other way for you to win elections, so I guess it's understandable. Besides, when has a Republican ever cared about constitutional rights anyway.
  • Reichstolz ProudPr... 2012/09/24 13:55:54
    If there is no fraud what are you worried about? Is your party relying on those too stupid to get an ID to elect your candidates?
  • Magus BN-0 Reichstolz 2012/09/24 19:43:55
    Magus BN-0
    What we're worried about is that millions of Americans don't have a photo ID. You're trying do block millions of people from voting because you don't think they'll vote for your candidates.
  • Reichstolz Magus BN-0 2012/09/25 04:47:15
    So you are admitting you think there are millions of Americans that are too stupid to get a government ID. I only want those who can prove they are a citizen to vote, a government issued photo ID is the only way to assure that.
  • Magus BN-0 Reichstolz 2012/09/25 06:06:35
    Magus BN-0
    Why is it "stupid" of them, if they've had no reason to get one until Republicans suddenly createda requirement, with too little time before the election at that.
  • Reichstolz Magus BN-0 2012/09/25 13:40:32
    Come to my precinct and see the 4 pages of people with the same first and last name, some with the same address, and you will understand why I want ID presented to vote. A government ID can be obtained in less than a day. If they want any government services, such as medicare, social security, medical, food stamps, an ID must be presented.

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