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Dear Congressman Kennedy BY BISHOP THOMAS J. TOBIN

- Dear Congressman Kennedy:
“The fact that I disagree with the hierarchy on some issues does not make me any less of a Catholic.” (Congressman Patrick Kennedy)

Since our recent correspondence has been rather public, I hope you don’t mind if I share a few reflections about your practice of the faith in this public forum. I usually wouldn’t do that... Read full article »
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  • Widoe 2009/11/16 01:25:29
    As a cradle Catholic, I applaud the Bishop. I am NOT in Communion with my faith, because of this, I do not participate in Catholicism. It is disrespectful to the Church to "pick and choose." You are either in Communion with the Church, or you are not. That said, being "Catholic" is part of my identity, because the Church was a huge influence on my life, whether I wanted it or not, positive and negative. I think this is the case for many Catholics, including those of us who are non-practicing (lapsed). It being part of who I am though, doesn't make me in Communion, as the Bishop pointed out. The basic tenets are positive, the rites and Mass are beautiful, the history is amazing if sometimes cruel. I am saddened and often miss the Church, but ultimately, who I have to answer to is not the Church, but God. Congressman Kennedy is trying to have it both ways, to be Catholic enough for the Church, but not too Catholic for the voters. He isn't the first to try to walk this line, he won't be the last. But the truth is, as the Bishop points out, that line doesn't really exist.

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  • Nancy Widoe 2009/11/18 13:34:05
    I've been to the Vatican, Fatima, and many catholic and other churches throughout the world, i.e. Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox etc. I had the same feelings about the gold-laden objects. I questioned it when I was in the Copper Canyon in Mexico where the people have a few cows, a few crops of corn, a few chickens and live in small shacks. The Catholic church, however, is adorned with gold splendor. It finally came to me that, this is the way it should be. God should get the best and this is our way to pay homage to Him. We have to revere the sanctuary after all it is a special place built for us to be together. Churches show our devotion. If we let them rundown, we are not being respectful.
  • Widoe Nancy 2009/11/18 17:44:19 (edited)
    Of course we shouldn't let them get "rundown." There is a world of difference between that and ostentatious display, however, at least in my humble opinion. And in my opinion, the sanctuary is simply a place...the whole universe is God's. I don't need a Church nor an altar. I would argue that Churches have never been meant to show only devotion. They are also often a show of power, wealth and ego. The most holy places have often been the most humble. It is only man who glorifies them, not God. Does God care if you pray in a meadow or or a hovel, or a Church? Does God think better of you if your adornments are of silk rather than rags? Devotion is in the heart. God already has the best, God created it all.
  • Arky in... Nancy 2009/11/19 03:30:22
    Arky in Y'shua
    Yeah, Jesus said, "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's."

    So the Church of Rome (Caesar) gets the gold .. .. .. and God is still waiting for His Homage.
  • Arky in... TheGrou... 2009/11/16 03:03:18
    Arky in Y'shua
    Not a Priest, not a Pope, not a Saint who has gone on before .. .. .. there is ONE GOD, and there is ONE INTERCESSOR between God and mankind .. .. .. that being Jesus the Christ.
  • TheGrou... Arky in... 2009/11/16 03:09:25
    The holy trinity is my roadmap.
  • Arky in... TheGrou... 2009/11/16 03:15:25
    Arky in Y'shua
    One in Substance, three in manifestation .. .. .. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    In the spiritual sense, I see the Father as the Head, and the Son and Holy Spirit as the outstretched Arms mentioned in the other Scriptures.
  • TheGrou... Arky in... 2009/11/16 03:17:49
    For me it has always been, in God the father through my brother Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Lanikai TheGrou... 2009/11/16 15:11:29
    You can join us evangelicals- we have open and direct relationship with Jesus Christ. Rhema Bible is where my pastor was trained and it remioves all of the rules of religion, and puts you IN relationship with Jesus. I got out of organized religion years ago. Baptist, catholic, methodist, all have earthly and restrictive rules that go way beyond what God Himself laid down.
  • TheGrou... Lanikai 2009/11/17 02:19:00
    I can, but I won't. Don't feel bad, I love my machines, my machines love me and I serve the machine masters. Good luck puny humans. Nothing personal, it was my epiphany because after all, everything is a machine in it's own way.
  • '' Hammy '' 2009/11/16 01:00:26
    '' Hammy ''
    sounds like Kennedy is gonna have no other choice.. but, to dig up dirt on Tobin..Thats what Liberals do... they are gonna find something about tobin.. maybe he had a girlfriend once and wasn't allowed to due to catholic rules... thats the liberals way of comi9ng out looking clean...blame others.. no accoutability.pure spin...... http://www.capveterans.com/si... here is your local Liberal parade ...... blame accoutability pure spin httpwww capveterans comsi local liberal parade
  • Arky in... '' Hamm... 2009/11/16 01:19:24
    Arky in Y'shua
    .. .. .. still taking no responsibility for himself .. .. ..
  • Marie 2009/11/16 00:51:16
    I am not a Catholic, but this guy was very good - and he's right - either you are a Catholic or you are not. We need to remember that we can't say we are a part of something and only except half of what they say or three quarters.

    It's kind of like we can't get married and be good for all but say one aspect of marriage. For my example I'll say, we can't be married and decide we don't like the 'fidelity' part. Either you are married or you are not.
  • ALPEAUX Marie 2009/11/16 01:16:22

    Spoken perfectly, you're 100% correct...alpeaux
  • Arky in... Marie 2009/11/16 01:18:26
    Arky in Y'shua
    And Fidelity toward the Lord God is even more important than Fidelity toward a mate.

    Thank you.
  • trader 2009/11/16 00:50:11
    Well said.
  • Terri3GS..Allergic to Stupi... 2009/11/16 00:26:08
  • callen_ace 2009/11/14 21:52:43
    right on bishop!
  • snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cl... 2009/11/13 09:31:39
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    I dont know much about catholicism - im beginning to think that's a good thing.
  • Arky in... snell/G... 2009/11/15 05:58:54
    Arky in Y'shua
    .. .. .. from what I do know, I agree with you.
  • 12 Tone Melody 2009/11/12 18:52:51
    12 Tone Melody
    Stand by your beliefs

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