Crime; Do we need stiffer punishments or more money into public programs and rough areas of cities?

Republic of Honor 2008/04/22 05:06:53
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I have been reading a book that has been showing some interesting statistics on crime rates and such and I was wondering what the public thinks.
Do we need to be more stearn with our penalties or
Do we need to spend more money in public programs for the ghettos and development of the dirtier areas of cities?
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  • MadHatter 2008/04/22 05:15:35
    More Money into these areas will clean up the cities and the attitudes therin...

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  • hurricanflower-Czar of Me 2008/04/22 14:34:37 (edited)
    None of the above
    hurricanflower-Czar of Me
    I don’t have the answer but I believe a big part of the problem revolves around poverty and breakdown of the family unit, particularly lack of parental (father) involvement. I do believe they should do the time if they did the crime but I also think a different kind of education is needed in public schools in certain areas starting in kindergarten.
    Years ago my husband and I hired non violent men that had served time in prison. The problem from what we saw was not so much lack of real work skills; all the men we hired did a great job at first and were willing to learn. However, the biggest problem seemed to be getting hired after having a prison record regardless of work skills. There was a much larger turn over in this group as many eventually went back to their old ways in the neighborhoods they came from. I do not think sinking money into this area is the answer, I think the answer is to stop future generations in certain areas from following suit by addressing the reason for these problems and reorganizing the curriculum in public schools starting with grade K, thus prevention.
  • ಌMiss Ranaಌ 2008/04/22 10:51:47
    None of the above
    ಌMiss Ranaಌ
    A good balance of both..
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2008/04/22 07:32:17
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    The US has the highest level of recidivism in the world. We send them to jail but do nothing to rehabilitate them - it is as if we think they came from Mars and are going back there. Prison, yes but we must develop programs for prison inmates so they can re-enter society in some acceptable functioning capacity. Canada has the lowest rate of recidivism; they have a highly successful program that is staged and includes jobs etc. As to inner city, man o man, we have tried so many programs and they have failed - a few successes but mostly failure. I think we need to involve more than government; government doesn't run anything well. I think we need to get church, schools, and citizens involved - there is no easy answer to this with children having children.
  • Republi... Jackie ... 2008/04/22 07:39:42
    Republic of Honor
    good anwser, but lets remember the inmates have to be willing to change and develop themselves!
  • Jackie ... Republi... 2008/04/22 08:15:56
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    True, but what the Canadians found is that many of them (most in fact) do not know how to function in even the simplest things. And I mean simple. They, after some appropriate time and assessment, move them to a dorm like situation with a guard - sorta a four plex - or 4 bedroom apartment - within the jail walls. They found that some of them had never made a bed, washed dishes - basic stuff. They were made responsible for different chores within this living unit. Next step was finding a job and so on. This requires a huge commitment in time and money - classes, constant assessment and control. Dunno if their model would work here but it is an idea.
  • Republi... Jackie ... 2008/04/22 08:19:09
    Republic of Honor
    yes an Idea but, heres the question are you alright with your tax dollars going to support them in their basic living classes?
  • Jackie ... Republi... 2008/04/22 08:28:43
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Actually, I like that better than the retirement programs for congress. There are so many bloated programs that we have the money right now for many things. Sheesh, don't start me down that path or I will be here all night. I gotta get some sleep!
  • Republi... Jackie ... 2008/04/22 08:41:33
    Republic of Honor
    hahaha......yes I hear you, there are definetly many ways our tax dollars could be spent and invested much wiser. that i think is something that everyone agrees on across the board!
  • Republic of Honor 2008/04/22 06:48:44
    Much harsher penalties and counseling/church involvement will eliminate crime
    Republic of Honor
    Liberal approach to crime - leniency in sentencing, greater procedural protections for the accused, rationalizations (poverty, rage, mental state or frustration) for criminal conduct, and continual blame of society, rather than the actual offender for criminal actions.
    Has not done anything for the U.S. but make it worse espically in the 1960s-70s.

    Stiffer punishments and more moral involvement. is the key i believe!
  • 168290 2008/04/22 05:36:19
  • MadHatter 168290 2008/04/22 05:47:42
  • JaknHarely 168290 2008/04/22 05:53:40
    ahhh, the theory? wanna hear it? The bigger the population in prison the bigger a need for more prisons. Prisons can be used for mass housing for a slave type population close to China's set up, but more ... brutal. So they make laws that people will break, overpopulate, keep building and eventually there is enough room for all of us. Why are there over 25 concentration camps in America, that could house criminals but lie empty with but a handfull of soldiers to keep it operational? to make room for all of us... just in case we need to lock up all of the Muslims, or Christians, or Jews, Why else would we have so much of it? and no one in it?
  • 168290 JaknHarely 2008/04/22 05:56:07
  • Shrek 168290 2008/04/22 05:56:25
    I personally don't think it should be my job to provide these criminals counseling and therapy. I shouldn't have to rehabilitate them, I just want them punished for what they did. They have to rehabilitate themselves. It's not something that can be forced on you.. and your right, jail is a revolving door, that's exactly why we need to make jail so bad that no one would ever want to serve two terms.

    I am ok with making weed legal, but not all drugs. Most drugs are illegal because of the damage they caused before it was illegal. Making it legal will just increase the amount of use of the product and increase the amount of side effects.. For example, when prohibition ended on alcohol the number of fatalities from alcohol has increased exponentially. Therefore, your idea that making something legal will automatically help is way off based because that is not true to any evidence we have in history.
  • 168290 Shrek 2008/04/22 06:09:47
  • JaknHarely 168290 2008/04/22 06:17:57
    Why can't I come off so polished and friendly? I always seem to make people abrasive. couldn't have said it better myself.
  • 168290 JaknHarely 2008/04/22 06:21:24
  • JaknHarely 168290 2008/04/22 06:25:29
    this guy's like a reporter! I don't know if he's misunderstanding you or just picking out what he wants to hear!?
  • Shrek 168290 2008/04/22 06:22:06
    I agree that this is how organize crime began, with prohibition, however the fact still remains that there was a good reason for making alcohol illegal.. As soon as it became legal the crime rates didn't suddenly vanish.. they went and found other things to sell and make profit off of.. If someone is going to be a criminal they are going to be a criminal no matter what their selling...

    As far as your personal responsibility clause... I think the problem with this world is that people don't take enough responsibility.. they want more and more freedoms but they don't want to be responsible when they do stupid shit with that freedom... You can't have it both ways...

    Yea, and I'm sure the alcohol has a very little to do with the drunk driving accidents... I'm sure it's mostly the coming of the automobile that caused numerous people to consume large quantities of alcohol and try and drive home afterwards.. That had nothing to do with the alcohol at all...
  • 168290 Shrek 2008/04/22 06:26:03 (edited)
  • JaknHarely 168290 2008/04/22 07:38:41
  • Republi... JaknHarely 2008/04/22 07:48:17
    Republic of Honor
    police have the right to protect themselves and now yes i understand there are cases where it is abuse, but I want to know both sides of the story before I make a judgement!

    your tape just makes it look like the police walk into a wedding cerimony and shoot 41 rounds at the groom for standing there, come on!
  • JaknHarely Republi... 2008/04/22 08:04:08
    My father, retired zone6 Atlanta (yes the bad part) officer of 30+ yrs says, there is no such thing as good cops in this young generation of police, greedy ones stupid ones or power hungry bullies, but no good ones. I don't agree with him in whole. I know there are good cops, lots of them, but their power must remain in check, Always, I'm not saying that 41 rounds in the groom is the norm, I'm saying when it happens those cops need to be held accountable, and the evidence allowed, and that doesn't happen. That 41 in the groom happened at his bachelor party, 1 hr from me.
  • Republi... JaknHarely 2008/04/22 08:17:01
    Republic of Honor
    correct every power given out needs to be held in check!
    I just want to know what he did to deserve 41 slugs flying in his general direction.

    And dont get me wrong I am well aware that there is corruption among police officers, i agree with that! not all but some im sure!
  • 168290 JaknHarely 2008/04/22 08:36:51
  • Republi... 168290 2008/04/22 08:47:36
    Republic of Honor
    ok yes, and no, the police see the vehicle as a weapon as do I, now I dont know that it is the child in the vehicle all i know is it is a stolen vehicle and the theif is trying to get away I need to stop him before he hurts me or my fellow officers or an innocent civilian. Now he is ramming cop cars, where do you draw the line, when it is time to use deadly force once, an officer or 2 are dead or injured or maybe after the theif runs over a innocent bystandered. It is a tough call, but this is why you dont break the law, because you could end up paying the ulimate price!
  • 168290 Republi... 2008/04/22 09:01:43
  • Republi... 168290 2008/04/22 23:31:57
    Republic of Honor
    I bet the wives and children of the officers were scared to death as well when they hear that their husband and father is in the line of fire every day, and in this case just about getting run over by a sunday driver!
  • JaknHarely 2008/04/22 05:25:42
    None of the above
    We need to legalize weed, put guns in the hands of law abiding citizens, and stiffen up the penalties for breaking laws that make sense. Get the government out of everyones business, crime will fall when they realize every one they try to rob is packing! lol.
  • Republi... JaknHarely 2008/04/22 06:02:16
    Republic of Honor
    what about the gate way drug ideology! weed is just a small part of it, the begining to a downward spiral!
  • JaknHarely Republi... 2008/04/22 06:13:01
    That is a great point. Sometimes that is the case, but the point is more so that we use it as a gateway to get kids in prison, where they learn how to shank, make the wrong kind of friends, and destroy their chances of ever being rehabilitated, by putting them with encouragement of that type lifstyle. As well, I don't think the government should put people in jail for something the government brings here. Love the name man.
  • Shrek 2008/04/22 05:15:40
    Harsh penalties will do the trick
    I'm not spending any more money to help someone who doesn't want to be helped and who continually robs those trying to help them. They have a tough life, boohoo, so do a lot of people. Not everyone chooses to go into crime like them. They are offered more help and given more things then most in this country are so forgive me if I don't exactly feel that sorry for criminals...
  • Republi... Shrek 2008/04/22 06:02:49
    Republic of Honor
    Thank you!
  • MadHatter 2008/04/22 05:15:35
  • Shrek MadHatter 2008/04/22 05:17:39
    Read my comment above and tell me that it is not true.
  • MadHatter Shrek 2008/04/22 05:49:18
  • Shrek MadHatter 2008/04/22 06:09:24
    No, I haven't been to jail because unlike criminals, I don't break the laws of this country!!

    Also, What is your point? that sitting on your ass doing nothing and having someone else pay for your food, clothing, and all your needs is a really harsh life.. If that were true then why are so many so willing to go back and do the same crimes over again... Couldn't have been that bad... I don't care how stupid you are... if you do something and the consequence is bad, you don't do it again...
  • Republi... MadHatter 2008/04/22 06:03:42
    Republic of Honor
    so pouring more money into societies problem areas is your solution?
  • Republi... MadHatter 2008/04/22 06:33:47
    Republic of Honor
    I have some interesting statistics for you on your idea in this.

    Between 1960-1999 violent crime went up 226%
    murder up 122% between 63-1980
    rape up 287%
    robbery up 294%
    assault up 215%
    burglary up 189%
    larceny up 159%
    auto theft up 128%

    violent crimes jumped from 1 million in 1960 to 2.9 mil in 1970
    plus the number of prison sentences handed out by the courts declined from 40,000 in 1960 to 37,000 in 1970

    all this really means is that out of every 100 serious crimes in 1960 3.6 were punished by prison terms, in 1970 it declined to 1.3 per every 100 serious crimes.

    This was the liberal way to handle these things and the outcome obviously didnt work!
  • southernbell 2008/04/22 05:12:14

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