Counterfeit Chinese Parts Slipping Into U.S. Military Aircraft: Report

Sinpac 2012/05/22 23:51:36
What do know Our Corporate America hard at it again for profit!

Counterfeit electronic parts from China are "flooding" into critical
U.S. military systems, including special operations helicopters and surveillance planes, and are putting the nation's troops at risk, according to a new U.S. Senate committee report.

A year-long investigation conducted by the Senate Armed Services Committee found more than one million suspected counterfeit parts made their way into the Department of Defense's supply chain and were bound for use by "critical" military systems,
according to the 70-plus-page document released Monday. In addition to
Navy helicopters and surveillance planes, the parts were slated to be
put into the Air Force's newest cargo planes.

"The failure of a single electronic part can leave a soldier, sailor,
airman, or Marine vulnerable at the worst possible time," the report
says. "Unfortunately, a flood of counterfeit electronic parts has made
it a lot harder to prevent that from happening."

Chinese companies were identified as the "primary source" of the
counterfeit goods and the Chinese government was criticized for its
alleged disinterest in cracking down on counterfeiting there. The report
said that Chinese companies take discarded electronic parts from all
over the world, remove any identifying marks, wash and refurbish them,
and then resell them as brand-new – a practice that poses a "significant
risk" to the performance of U.S. military systems.

But the committee also pointed a finger at the Pentagon and U.S.-based
defense contractors that rely on "hundreds of unvetted independent

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  • Dweezle 2012/05/23 11:25:49
    Why do people continually to realize the full name of China is Peoples Republic of China meaning Communist. Taiwan, (conveniently forgotten by the media) is the Republic of China. Do not let their "appearance of Democracy" fool you, the same government that gave us Tienanmen Square and seized Tibet is still in power. Corporate quests for the bottom line at any cost Must be quashed. Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex. (& he was a republican I think)
  • Sinpac Dweezle 2012/05/23 21:05:49
    Mainland China is still run by the communist party. According to CIA World Factbook, China's government is still considered a Communist State. However the source does note some economic changes since the 1970s A country's economic policy is only one part of it's government, so just because economic policies are changing doesn't necessarily mean the system of government has changed.
  • Dweezle Sinpac 2012/05/24 10:44:39
    Just imagine what will happen to WALMART, Intel, HP and other US corporations when there is a regime change in the PRoChina. they decide to go back to the old ways, and oopsie... mega dollars gone, & how many US secrets compromised. Just like WD Corp all Hard Drives are made in one plant in Bangkok. a flood hits, oopsie, no manufacturing of Hard Drives till Dec 2012 at the earliest (what I hear). have you priced Hard drives lately?
  • Steve 2012/05/23 06:57:30
    counterfeit parts in military equipment??? Why isn't this front page, headline news, all week?

    Should be straightforward to fix, and fixing it will help US employment and the effectiveness of our troops.
  • beach bum 2012/05/23 02:41:40
    beach bum
    so what else is new
  • RicardoCabeza 2012/05/23 00:20:22
    Better yet how about top secret parts and electronic components are being routinely manufactured in China, or better yet how about the Pentagon's entire data banks being routed through cloud systems and then intercepted world wide every 4 hours?, when you stop educating your own citizens to do this kind of work what do you expect... but we caught the underpants bomber even if we were the one's who put him up to it... Let's have a beer and give each other reach arounds as celebration!
  • Dweezle Ricardo... 2012/05/23 11:43:13
    Good comment, I do not know how much of it is true, but something to look into! When the majority of the US computer software work is done by Indians & PRofChina nationals here on student or H1-B visas there are definitely security weaknesses.
  • Ricardo... Dweezle 2012/05/24 02:11:56
    I was reading that even the old analogue systems had routing applications that would forward data to places it should not go. Makes you wonder about those encrypted personnel records.
  • Dweezle Ricardo... 2012/05/24 10:37:31
    Isn't it comforting to know your bank records are now in Costa Rica, Egypt, Philippines & who knows where else they find other cheap labor. I remember when some Indians employed by B of A were caught using dormant accounts to launder money.
  • Ricardo... Dweezle 2012/05/25 01:15:23
    The bad part happens when the State Dept. decides you are actually conducting the laundering activities and perform an extraordinary rendition in the name of national security and you end up in an African country with no pants.
  • Dweezle Ricardo... 2012/05/25 03:44:52
  • sjalan 2012/05/23 00:15:37
    I wouldn't doubt it and that is why we MUST spec all components of military hardware be made in the USA. PERIOD.
  • Sinpac sjalan 2012/05/23 00:21:07
    It's Crazy not to have our Military goods and products made here
  • Dweezle Sinpac 2012/05/23 11:35:04
    I hear you! agree 1000%. I screamed at my US Senators when I heard that Lockheed was going to get a contract to build a USAF in flight Tanker and they were going to let the French company Airbus build it. (Airbus is famous for their aircraft falling from the skies) Ultimately, Boeing was awarded the contract!
  • Dweezle sjalan 2012/05/23 11:29:20 (edited)
    As I understood the article, the components were originally made in the USA but scrapped & sold to The Peoples Republic of China, where our enemies salvaged defective parts & sold US corporations the junk.
    (edited for Typo)
  • Grabitz 2012/05/23 00:04:00
    American corporation that the tea party just loves ? Go figure . Tea party be the death of all of us some day .
  • Sinpac Grabitz 2012/05/23 00:21:30
    you got that right!

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