Could you be someone's nameless angel?

Not-A-RINO 2012/03/08 02:46:19
Yes, I will make a donation to an organization such as the Salvation Army!
I already helped out!
Sorry, but I just don't have it to give right now, but my thoughts and prayers are with the victims.
I'll consider it.
I think...
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Have you ever wondered who is watching out for you? Have you been helped by someone you didn't even know? Have YOU been someone's nameless angel? Allow me to explain...

Years ago, my kid brother was killed by a drunk driver. Before he died, I found he has received 42 units of blood. I found it amazing that 42 people who didn't know my brother stepped up to try and save his life. Since then, I have tried to pay the 42 units back.

Before cell phones, I was going south on I-75 in Ohio and hit a white-out. I noticed an accident where it was obvious to me there were injuries, but it was too slippery for me to stop. I called on my CB for the Ohio Highway Patrol to send help to the exact location and the reply on my radio was "Thank you, sir!" Who were these people? were there lives saved? Did any of those people ever wondered who called for help for them?

Another time I was in a grocery store and a young man had grand mall seizures. I pulled him away from banging his head on a freezer while writhing on the floor and comforted him until paramedics came. I have no idea who this guy was. I wonder if he ever thought about the guy who was with him while he was going through seizures?

If this sounds like something you would like to do for someone, you can. Tonight I was reminded about the tornadoes that ripped through IN, TN, KY, GA and OH last week. People were killed, injured and many lost everything they had. I went online and sent a donation to the Salvation Army to help our people - Americans - who need help. I have no family in those states except a son in TN who was nowhere near the destruction.

I am not wealthy, but I wanted to be a part of the relief efforts to help those unfortunate people so I made a generous donation. My point is you don't have to be wealthy either, but you can be part of the team by donating whatever you can afford - even $5 would help. You won't be given awards for being part of this team, but God knows you are and that's sometimes good enough. Even if you don't have anything to give, pray for the people to recover. All too often, Americans help everyone else in the world, but here's a chance to stand up for OUR people. All I ask is you consider making a donation to the Salvation Army or any other good relief group. Even though none of the victims can say it, I will - Thanks for caring.
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  • Amethyst 2012/03/08 03:09:33
    I'll consider it.
    I want to help. Once you are in the habit of doing stuff like that, it becomes easy. The situation hasn't arose yet for me. I like the idea of "paying it forward" to random strangers. You never know how big of an impact you can have. :)
    pay it forward
  • Not-A-RINO Amethyst 2012/03/08 04:53:04
    You just never know who is out there doing something to help you out when you really need it. I have often said when people ask me why I do the things I do, "It always comes back to you. You will never know when or how, but it always will come back."

    As for the people who lost everything they had, if it was me, I would hope someone would be there to lend a hand. There by the grace of God go I.

    Thanks for the great post.

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