Could Mickey Mouse Defeat Obama in 2012 Election?

Fef 2011/10/02 07:16:27
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I went to a party the other night and a bunch of Liberals admitted that President Obama has no chance and Mickey Mouse could defeat him in 2012. Barack Obama has very high disapproval ratings and low enthusiasm ratings in "Blue States" the Democrats normally consider "safe states" for presidential elections. Currently, Obama would lose to an "unnamed" Republican candidate, but we still have over 13 months until the election in November 2012.

I haven't heard many people vocally support re-electing President Obama. I know some people will support him, but they haven't bragged about supporting his re-election as they bragged about electing the country's first "black president" in 2008.

Republicans can shoot themselves in the foot like they did in 2008 and hand the election to the Democrats; the GOP can nominate a really bad candidate (like they nominated John McCain in 2008). More thoughts/votes on "GOPacolypse Nov".

I Hope that Liberals and Democrats can vote truthfully and not use this as a "push-poll" to try convincing people of something they don't believe in.

Mickey Mouse always get some write-in votes in elections... maybe more votes than Obama in November 2012.

President Obama has an awful economy on his hands. He cannot point blame at George W. Bush forever. The high unemployment rate, high deficit and debt, and inability to defeat terrorism through Hope and Change will cause Americans to vote against Barack Obama in 2012. President Obama himself said that the election will serve as a referendum on him -- not the GOP's candidates. Watch the Video:

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  • mrdog 2011/10/02 07:26:21
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    It is important that Mick has Bugs as running mate... bark

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  • HappyGuy 2012/05/07 11:58:33
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    Not now he won't !! The Country wants a change more now that ever !!
  • True~Male 2012/05/07 03:14:06
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    No chance in hell !!
  • chuck 2011/10/09 15:59:09
    President Obama Has Moderate Chance of Re-Election
    We vwill be worse off with rebublcans
  • HappyGuy chuck 2012/05/07 11:59:38
    I disagree
  • RobinPeta HappyGuy 2012/05/07 15:02:23
    You think 4 more years of bush economics will do the trick?
  • HappyGuy RobinPeta 2012/05/11 03:44:12
    It's possible
  • RobinPeta HappyGuy 2012/05/17 02:37:16
    No it is not possible. Trickle down economics is well documented to not work. And this is what Willard's economic model will be.
  • HappyGuy RobinPeta 2012/05/18 12:25:46
  • Mark 2011/10/05 20:08:41
    President Obama Will Likely Get Re-Elected
    So far NOT 1 republican is a true conservative = all of them are examples of false cons.

    The nice thin , is that Chaney & Rumesfelds' little sabbatuer$ will be forced out of D.C. in 2012 , that have plagued D.C. since back when Ford was in office .
    Evil Boehner has 12 replacments ready , so we need to keep out the false cons presently running . The ones that added everything bad to the health care plan , so it would stink ; the ones that killed the civil engineering plans for all the out dated roads & bridges to be fixed ; the ones that stop any energy use that isn't OIL based , etc. etc. etc. evil bastards that WILL fry in the end .
  • HappyGuy Mark 2012/05/07 12:01:34
    I really think the people are tired of his laxadaical attitude
  • A├žorda 2011/10/05 19:56:22
  • gidianedwards97 2011/10/05 03:30:55
    President Obama Has Moderate Chance of Re-Election
    I don't know to soon to tell.
  • Sandy 2011/10/04 20:21:12
    President Obama Will Likely Get Re-Elected
    When people realize what type of government the republicans's ideas will bring forth (hint, worse than Bush, but along the same lines), they will give Obama the benefit of the doubt and reelect him. Huntsman, the most reasonable amoung the republican presidental wannabes, and the one who would best be able to debate Obama, has garnered little support in the republican field.
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2011/10/04 07:09:08
    President Obama Has Moderate Chance of Re-Election
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    I think there is always a chance of anything happening.
  • HappyGuy Annie~P... 2012/05/11 03:45:37
    Maybe a landslide for the Republicans
  • Cal ~ Pegleg4570 ~ 2011/10/04 05:01:45
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    Cal ~ Pegleg4570 ~
    Anyone but Obama

    Obama Must  Go
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2011/10/04 00:35:43
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    I would vote for Mickey over Obama, can Taz be VP?
  • CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/10/03 22:37:38
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    Mickey in a landslide. Obama is too much like Wile E. Coyote.
  • reality... CMackle... 2011/11/24 07:08:55
    I think Wiley Coyotes SAT was much higher than Obunglers 670 combined Wiley actually EARNED his degree and want given an honorary (that was going to be stripped before he ran for Pres.) Obumbler's IQ is about two points above cretinism its (97)
  • HappyGuy CMackle... 2012/05/11 03:46:28
  • No More Commies 2011/10/03 22:09:20
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    No More Commies
    At this point anyone running and millions of other people would be better then the Financial Terrorist. It will however take someone with a good financial background like Herman Cain to straighten out the mess. If a RINO like Romney or Perry gets in we will have more problems before it gets better.
  • YouSirName 2011/10/03 21:21:19
    President Obama Will Likely Get Re-Elected
    Mickey is old enough and an American. Unfortunately, he is a rodent and the White House Pest Control would have to eliminate him.
  • studiobrat PWCM AFCL 2011/10/03 21:01:29
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    studiobrat  PWCM AFCL
    Mickey Mouse would surely win as he is "Americana" and Obummer is not! BTW, I am appalled that a bunch of Liberals made that comment since they would NEVER admit their candidate has no chance of winning the election! Praise the Lord! Mickey Mouse for President
  • jimrthy BN-0 2011/10/03 19:19:29
    President Obama Will Likely Get Re-Elected
    jimrthy BN-0
    Even if he doesn't, the republicans will most likely run a candidate who's pretty much exactly the same.

    Yet again.
  • RobinPeta jimrthy... 2012/05/07 15:06:55
    8 years of failed trickle down economics didn't teach anyone anything.
  • dahacks jimrthy... 2012/05/08 05:13:59
    no obama is a commie. communism hasn't worked in the past nor will it work in the future if you do a little research thing started going bad when the dems took over the house and senate.. bush warned them about fanny and freddy but they refused to listen. so no its not gonna be the same not even close, not Even in the same ballpark
  • Truthteller 2011/10/03 16:46:02
    President Obama Has Moderate Chance of Re-Election
    Mickey Mouse has a chance over Obama, but the Mouse had better get busy at recruiting Black Panthers (I don't think Goofy will do) to stand outside of the polling centers, otherwise Obama's thugs will scare off the Mouseketeers from voting for their favorite rodent.
  • Ldude893 2011/10/03 13:52:24 (edited)
    President Obama Will Likely Get Re-Elected
    Mickey Mouse is a fictional character.
    Fictional characters cannot run for president.

    Of course, if he were real and is actually running for presidency, Mickey's likely going to be a liberal. That or he's not interested in politics at all.
  • sam123 Ldude893 2011/10/03 15:08:19
    everyone know that Mickey Mouse is a fictional character ,daaaaaaaaaaa! even babies knows mickey is not real .

    Mickey mouse refer to something else ,
    wake up - you so belind-
  • CMackle... Ldude893 2011/10/03 22:29:00
    CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    Obama's 'Love for America' is fictional.
  • Wyzard 2011/10/03 13:06:54
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    obama sux
  • my2cents 2011/10/03 06:23:29
    President Obama Has Moderate Chance of Re-Election
    I don't believe a bunch of Liberals said that. The "Mickey Mouse could beat Obama" is a conservative mantra, not a liberal one.

    Aside from that obvious bit of BS, Mickey Mouse could beat out EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE for the GOP nomination. I suggest you guys try to get him to run!
  • Common Sense Conservative 2011/10/03 06:14:43
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    Common Sense Conservative
    I've been saying it since he was elected, Hussein Obama will again be a part of history when he will be on the losing side of the biggest landslide vote in the history of the vote..
  • TheRichZone 2011/10/03 06:12:32
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    ABO 2012
  • Flamingo Flame Gem *AFCL* 2011/10/03 04:56:14
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    Flamingo Flame Gem *AFCL*

    He's lost a lot of his major supporters........Hook, line, and all......Mickey mouse has a better chance of being president , just ask the kids.
  • Chris 2011/10/03 04:27:10
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    I heard Obama is not running, he admitted defeat ahead of time in a twitter... says he is going to start looking for a new job, but can't seem to find one, says he hopes the next president has a plan to help the economy so he can get a job. :P
  • wow-really 2011/10/03 04:05:52 (edited)
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    Mickey's too busy to run, with the whole Disney gig and all.....

    I'd say Goofey has a better chance at winning ; )

    ShareGoofey gif s
  • The Wrong Guy 2011/10/03 04:03:04
    President Obama Will Likely Get Re-Elected
    The Wrong Guy
    The GOP is too busy letting the left-behinds and arm-chair "revolutionaries" of the Tea Parties lead them around to field any decent candidates. They need to distance themselves as far away from the Tea Parties as they can before election time, or they won't have a chance in hell.
  • CMackle... The Wro... 2011/10/03 22:31:25
    CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    You know what the best thing is about the Tea Party? It pisses liberals off.
  • Lerro DeHazel 2011/10/03 03:14:15
    President Obama Won't Get Re-Elected
    Lerro DeHazel
    Mickey Voted a lot for his friend in the last Election . . . I don't think that he would be running against him . . .

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