Cops, Wittnesses Back Up George Zimmerman's Verson of Trayvon Martin Shooting

Birthpangs 2012/05/18 13:38:48
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Cops, Witnesses Back Up George Zimmerman's Version of Trayvon Martin Shooting


May 17, 2012—


Florida Releases Evidence, Crime Scene Photos in Trayvon Martin Shooting

Two police reports written the night that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin said that Zimmerman had a bloody face and nose, according to police reports made public today.

The reports also note that two witness accounts appear to back up Zimmerman's version of what happened when they describe a man on his back with another person wearing a hoodie straddling him and throwing punches.

It has been such a contentious case that even the evidence is being disputed.

The police report states that Trayvon Martin's father told an investigator after listening to 911 tapes that captured a man's voice frantically callling for help that it was not his son calling for help.

But Tracy Martin, Trayvon's father, claims that is not true. The Martin family lawyer Ben Crump told ABC News that Tracy Martin initially listened to a distorted version of the 911 calls and said he could not identify the voice. But when he listened to a second tape that had been "cleaned," "He immediately broke down in tears because he knew it was his son calling for help," Crump said.

The new information is part of a trove of documents released by the Florida State Attorney today in the case against Zimmerman, who is charged with second degree murder for the Feb. 26 killing of Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old African American male.

Surveillance video of Martin in a store purchasing skittles right before the fatal incident was also released today.

Zimmerman, 28, is a multi-racial Hispanic man who volunteered for the neighborhood watch committee who claimed that he shot Martin in self-defense after the 6-foot tall, 160 pound teenager knocked him to the ground, banged his head against the ground and went for Zimmerman's gun.

The documents start with a criticism of Zimmerman's decision to follow the teenager, who Zimmerman said was looking suspicious.

"The encounter between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin was ultimately avoidable by Zimmerman, if Zimmerman had remained in his vehicle and awaited the arrival of law enforcement," an investigating officer wrote.

Zimmerman claims he got out of his vehicle to find a house number to let police know where he saw the allegedly suspicious person, and while returning to his car was knocked down by a punch in the nose and attacked by Martin.

Two police officers reported that when they arrived at the scene of the shooting, Zimmerman seemed to have a battered nose and bloodied face. One wrote that his "facial area was bloodied," and the back of his clothing was soiled with wet grass.

"Zimmerman was also bleeding from the nose and the back of his head," Officer Ricardo Ayala wrote.

Another officer wrote, "I saw that Zimmerman's face was bloodied and it appeared to me that his nose was broken."

Witnesses, whose names were redacted from the report, also lent support to Zimmerman's version of what happened.

"He witnesses a black male, wearing a dark colored 'hoodie' on top of a white or Hispanic male and throwing punches 'MMA (mixed martial arts) style,'" the police report of the witness said. "He then heard a pop. He stated that after hearing the pop, he observed the person he had previously observed on top of the other person (the male wearing the hoodie) laid out on the grass."

A second witness described a person on the ground with another straddling him and throwing punches. The man on the bottom was yelling for help, the witness told police.

The documents state that Zimmerman can be heard yelling for help 14 times on a 911 call recorded during the fight.

Yet another witness described the confrontation in emotional terms.

The witness heard "someone yelling, almost crying. Then I heard a gunshot." The witness wrote that he or she "saw a man on top of a guy laying on the ground. He was putting his hands on his neck or chest."

The man asked the witness to call 911.

"He stood up and took a couple steps away and put his hands on his head and then walked back over to the guy on the ground. He looked at him for a minute, then started to walk away toward the road. That is when the police walked up," the witness wrote.

The lead investigator on the case, Officer Christopher Serino, wrote that Zimmerman could be heard "yelling for help as he was being battered by Trayvon Martin."

Martin's death sparked public outrage after police released Zimmerman without any criminal charges for the killing. Zimmerman was later charged with second-degree murder, and the killing provoked widespread debate about racial profiling.

The autopsy also shows that Zimmerman shot Martin from a distance of between 1 inch and 18 inches away, bolstering Zimmerman's claim that he shot Martin during a close struggle.

Martin's autopsy report also revealed that there was a quarter-inch by half-inch abrasion on the left fourth finger of Martin, another indication of a possible struggle.

The teen, who lived in Miami, was in Sanford while serving a suspension for an empty marijuana bag discovered in his possession. Martin had THC, the drug found in marijuana, in his blood on the night of his death, according to the autopsy. His family told ABC News that it was "trace amounts" of THC.

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  • mordenj 2012/05/18 14:27:47
    I think this shows that we should never condemn someone until they're proven guilty.

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  • Mike 2012/05/20 16:27:55
    Will the witch hunt continue? Will Al and Jesse Apologize for the poot they ...
    Al and Jesse apologize - not a chance
  • Birthpangs Mike 2012/05/21 01:56:34
  • mark 2012/05/20 13:20:16
    As I have said from the beginning. WAIT! I'm still saying that. Far too many people have jumped on one bandwagon or another for whatever reason. Pressure did need to be applied to have a trial , however , too many people have already made up their minds on guilt or innocence before a trial even begins. After all evidence has been entered and reviewed , that is when I will give my opinion on guilt or innocence. This piece of evidence doesn't mean it was a witchhunt. It's only part of the body of evidence. Unfortunately , like so many others , someone has already made up their mind.
  • Birthpangs mark 2012/05/21 12:12:10
  • mark Birthpangs 2012/05/22 03:09:41
    Yes , but there did need to be a trial. The problem was that most of those who were screaming for a trial weren't doing so to find if Zimmerman was innocent or guilty. Most had already made up their minds and convicted him.
  • Birthpangs mark 2012/05/22 13:11:12
  • Theresa 2012/05/20 03:36:25
    Will the witch hunt continue? Will Al and Jesse Apologize for the poot they ...
    So now there is Eyewitness testimony huh? So that narrative the Media wanted so badly is so wrong. So what is next? Acquittal? Or is this travesty going to destroy an innocent man?
  • Dagon 2012/05/20 03:35:48
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/05/20 03:27:55
    Will the witch hunt continue? Will Al and Jesse Apologize for the poot they ...
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    This will just piss them off even more. Good! If Tawana Brawley didn't sink them, maybe this witch hunt against Mr. Zimmerman will. These professional racists need to be retired and their mouths sewn shut.
  • Bob, the reasonable one 2012/05/20 03:18:24
    Will the witch hunt continue? Will Al and Jesse Apologize for the poot they ...
    Bob, the reasonable one
    Of course it will.....now the prosecutors are checking out his text messages days after the incident....they are trying hard to label it a hate crime.....all I can say is a lot of money is going to be spent senselessly.....all part of progressive diversion tactics...
  • goatman112003 2012/05/20 01:55:53
    Will the witch hunt continue? Will Al and Jesse Apologize for the poot they ...
    Just on this site you have people looking to find ways of hanging Zimmerman. They don't care of the evidence whether eye or physical they just want a lynching. It's amazing what hate does to people.
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2012/05/19 21:11:15
    FACTS do not matter when you are trying to stir up a race riot in a KEY electoral state....they have all summer to stir the pot towards an explosion...the REAL payoff is nov 6th 2012...when people in florida think 'If Obama the whole state goes up like sanford did"
  • Birthpangs Ballade... 2012/05/19 23:37:17
  • TheTruth1313 2012/05/19 21:06:02
    Will the witch hunt continue? Will Al and Jesse Apologize for the poot they ...
    Once again the racists stir it up while being grossly uninformed. Why are Jackson and Sharpton still relevant anyways?
  • Birthpangs TheTrut... 2012/05/19 23:38:31 (edited)
  • TheTrut... Birthpangs 2012/05/21 06:49:44
    Truly a sad state of affairs. Thank you for the reply.
  • woodstock 2012/05/19 16:40:09 (edited)
    Will the witch hunt continue? Will Al and Jesse Apologize for the poot they ...
    Will the witch hunt continue? HELL YES...These Super Negro's are both to racist against white people and anyone that is mixed with white to apologize.
  • Bob DiN 2012/05/19 15:53:44
    Will the witch hunt continue? Will Al and Jesse Apologize for the poot they ...
    Bob DiN
    Once again race pimp Al Sharpton gets caught like he did with Tawana Brawley. Sharpton fabricates race lynchings of non black people for personal gain. Sharton has made a lucrative career off of race pimping like Jesse Jackson. While this bunch slandered and libeled Zimmerman to try to lynch him, they made the victim the criminal. Notice not a word from these race pimps about Trayvon Martin's record of numerous drug incidents, school suspension, possession of buglars tools, or his assault of a bus driver. Both of losers should be the ones arrested for hate crimes, along with the bias MSM oushed the bogus story and fabricated the events. Zimmerman was patroling his gated community for people just like Martin and had a long time experience in patrolling the community. It's no wonder he was asked to head up the patrol. One issue still has not been focused on, which why was thug Trayvon Martin doing in a gated community where he didn't belong. After all that's what a gated community is for, to keep thugs out. If Zimmerman was a black guy and Martin was white this would never made the bias MSM. The whte couple who were assaulted in Norfolk, VA by dozens of young black thugs is a good example of that. Had that incident not been brought to light by the internet, you would heard about at all. As it is incidents like Norfolk, VA happen everyday, but not a peep out of the bias MSM.
  • l 2012/05/19 14:56:05
    My hope is that this case will bring awareness and some badly needed change's! There were so many error's!
    Zimmerman didn't have the training or experience ,or in my opinion, the maturity to carry a gun or to become a neighbourhood watchman! The neighbourhood committee gave him the go-ahead!
  • Birthpangs l 2012/05/19 14:59:03
  • l Birthpangs 2012/05/19 17:32:28
    The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that when he was told to step down by the police and stop the persuit, he apparently did not! Why?!
  • Birthpangs l 2012/05/19 23:40:13
  • Bob DiN l 2012/05/19 15:57:03
    Bob DiN
    He did have training as well as much experience. Get your facts straight before you make such an accusation. You are almost as bad as race pimps Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.
  • l Bob DiN 2012/05/19 17:24:55
    Instead of you being accusatory towards me I would like you to tell me more about his experience and education and where did you get this information? It's the first time I'm hearing it!
  • Bob DiN l 2012/05/19 18:12:14
    Bob DiN
    Standard police training FSP plus college.
  • l Bob DiN 2012/05/19 19:29:09
    Where did you get this information Bob?
  • Bob DiN l 2012/05/19 21:52:39
    Bob DiN
    I'm a retired Deputy Inspector but semi active. Some in common public knowledge, some is official business. You can't get at it without a police ID passcode. However I was told all of it was repoted to the media.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/05/18 23:55:33
    Will the witch hunt continue? Will Al and Jesse Apologize for the poot they ...
    They never will. They, apologize for starting a race war? For them, it's win, baby, win.


  • Birthpangs Temlako... 2012/05/19 14:00:05
  • sunniday Temlako... 2012/05/20 05:03:46
    This is sad a lot of WATTS in L.A. were burned thats where this song came from.
  • POWERSHAKER 2012/05/18 23:44:07
  • relic 2012/05/18 23:14:19
    Will the witch hunt continue? Will Al and Jesse Apologize for the poot they ...
    Do you mean that after Tawana Brawley and the Duke LaCross team fiasco, Reverend Al got it wrong? Again?
  • mordenj 2012/05/18 14:27:47
    I think this shows that we should never condemn someone until they're proven guilty.
  • Birthpangs mordenj 2012/05/18 18:59:10
  • Bob DiN Birthpangs 2012/05/19 15:24:02
    Bob DiN
  • Birthpangs 2012/05/18 13:40:24
  • relic Birthpangs 2012/05/18 23:16:10
    That's why he was released the same night. Not Guilty!

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