Constitutional Revolution

Constitutional Revolution

We are a group revolting against the Democrat and Republican parties. We are attempting to abolish these two parties, as they have proven themselves to be nothing more than thieves, who've used fear and deceit to drive this country into the ground.

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Welcome to the Constitutional Revolution Group. Constitutional Revolution is a group dedicated on the ideology to restore basic constitutional principles of restraint to the federal government of the United States of America. If you do not share these ideologies, please do not disrespect our Patriotic members who do.


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This forum is reserved -- specifically to document the thoughts, ideas behind the formation of the Constitutional Revolution Group on SodaHead.


This subforum is established .. so that Constitutionally minded individuals can meet .. greet .. the Owner and Moderators of this Group .. as well as be a place to share any Thoughts and Concerns with the owners/moderators


New (and existing) members can introduce yourselves here!


This is where group members can provide their links to polls (that do not fall under the specific Federal, State/Local discussion Categories) for group members to weigh in on


LINKS to the Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution and its Amendments


LINKS to House/Senate Legislation in Progress; Links to Bills ready for Signature; Links to Executive Orders, Rules, Regulations, etc


Issues relating to .. Continuing Resolution Authority; President's Budget; Budget Cycle; Any Departmental Budgeting; Domestic Spending issues too (including Public Aid Programs)


This includes DIRECT Taxation and INDIRECT Taxation -- the IRS; Tax Rates; Specific Point of Sale (PoS) Taxes; Historical Tax Rates/Charts; etc


Anything relating to the Banking Industry -- including "Too Big to Fail"; Audit the Fed (HR 1207); any Activity on the Federal Reserve (Board Members, Legislation, etc); Bank Failures/Mergers/Sales; SubPrime Markets; etc


This Forum specifically addresses our National Defense -- to include: Legislation, Codes of Conduct, UCMJ, Active/Guard/Reserve, applications of Martial Law, Specifics in terms of when Federal Forces can enter State/Local Areas .. etc

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  • erwan 2014/10/20 07:41:46
    What's The Impact of Vehicular Networks on Urban Networks?
  • Guest 10000000000000 2014/07/27 19:22:50
    Guest 10000000000000
    Agreed. The United States government is a disgrace, no matter what label is used for each section of the government.

  • 00P 2014/07/16 16:04:04
    Hi all....looks like we have a friend that was ganged up on and the liberal Sodahead team deactivated him.....he keeps trying so maybe with all of us we can help too.....numbers always helps!!!
    First off this is a petition like blog and some of us are also changing our avatars.....what ever you can do to help will be much appreciated....I honestly believe we need to start grouping together like the libtards!!!

    PLEASE SHARE, SHARE :) Keep our fingers crossed...spread the word

    This is his profile page so if you don't know him well, you can see what a great help he is to this nation....plus he is a Marine!!!
    His profile page for contacting Sodahead, Thank you all very much!!

  • TyVig ~ Guru of Bear Necess... 2014/04/12 15:55:27
    TyVig ~ Guru of Bear Necessities
    Revolutionary Reactionaries And The Undesirable Yet Possible American Civil War