Considering that Hitler thought he was Napoleon Bonapart and that he invaded France, did he consider himself as a French liberator?

Captain K.A. 2011/02/20 18:01:41
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  • Pikku13 2012/05/31 04:56:23
    Adolf Hitler would never have thought that, since he himself hated France with a burning passion. However, I find it interesting that you note Hitler thinking of himself as Napoleon Bonaparte. I do not think (if he ever quoted this) he meant literally, but more of a man who knew what he was doing.
    It is interesting, since Napoleon Bonaparte also thought of himself as the second life of Alexander the Great according to his first wife Josephina Bonaparte (a survivor of the height of terror in France.) I think that in their own ways, they tie into each other. But I would hate to compare Napoleon to Hitler, it is almost unforgivable.
  • nononsenseguy 2011/02/26 10:01:46
    France is a center of art and culture right? Hitler was denied admission to an art school right? Then I can conclude that he went"postal" on a large scale and France was merely a large post office. There was also that little incident called world war one.
  • Doc. J 2011/02/20 18:22:34
    Doc. J
    Hitler, according to himself, (I read his book) considered himself to be the savior of Germany.
    He actually didn't much like France at all, given Germany's humiliation at the treaty of Versailles, and he was looking for some payback.....
  • Captain... Doc. J 2011/02/20 18:23:15 (edited)
    Captain K.A.
    Mine Kampf? I was going to read that one. I wonder how much knew much about Napoleon.
  • Doc. J Captain... 2011/02/20 18:28:51
    Doc. J
    I wouldn'l call it light reading....He's rather repetitive, and just seeths.

    He did see himself a concouring hero, and there wern't that many to choose from.
  • Captain... Doc. J 2011/02/20 18:33:25
    Captain K.A.
    What is "seeths"? Great. Luckily I am good at a method of speed reading where you skip anything unimportant,
  • Doc. J Captain... 2011/02/20 18:47:30
    Doc. J
    He is very angry.
  • Captain... Doc. J 2011/02/21 02:23:36 (edited)
    Captain K.A.
    Did you every figure out why?
  • Doc. J Captain... 2011/02/21 05:42:33
    Doc. J
    His interpritation of history and resentment of Jews because they tend to still be doing o.k. while everyone else (this is a generalization, mind you) is standing in bread lines.
    A lot of it is very non specific, but boils down to an opportunistic scapegoating of Jews. Imagine you're standing in a bread or day labor line, trying to figure out how you're going to feed your family and then the "rich Jew" walks by, he's not cold, or hungry, and his clothes are warm and clean. People tend to want to find something to blame such hardships on, and it's suddely not that much of a stretch of the imagination to say "It's the Jews fault!" because they are not miserable and hungry like everyone else, therefor, THEY have obviously engineered the situation to their advantage...."IT'S THEIR FAULT!"
    And a scapegoat is born......
    Plus the art acadamy the Hitler applied to and was rejected from was run by Jews.
    He started out just wanting to be an artist, remember? He work was considered unremarkable, and he was not considered to have enough talant to warrent enrollment. They crushed HIS dream of being a bohemien(sp) artist......

    I often wonder, how many lives would have been spared, and how different history would have played out........If they had just let him paint. . .
  • Captain... Doc. J 2011/02/21 12:18:14 (edited)
    Captain K.A.
    Interesting. Also kind of weird. I wonder if the Jews would have given the mainstream Germans every last cent they had if they would have still asked for more.
  • Doc. J Captain... 2011/02/21 18:15:29
    Doc. J
    The Jews end up paying all that and more by the time it was over..

    Nothing would have saved them once Hitler got into power.
  • nononse... Doc. J 2011/02/26 10:12:03
    The arab and jewish conflict in the middle east I understand somewhat. So what would you attribute the current anti Jewish sentiment to that exists outside the middle east? I have never understood it. So much hate with no sense or logic that I can see.
  • Captain... nononse... 2011/02/26 12:58:56 (edited)
    Captain K.A.
    Yes I agree. People keep saying it was about money, but that is so hard to wrap my mind around. The most I can figure is that some people do stuff that makes no sense.
  • Doc. J nononse... 2011/02/27 10:38:55
    Doc. J
    Pretty much the same thing.

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