Conservatives! At what age should a child be given his or her own, loaded and deadly firearm?

Stephen.Runnels PhD 2013/04/16 19:41:56
1.	At Birth.
2.	When they are old enough to pull the trigger
3.	When it’s time to teach the school bully a lesson
4.	When junior can’t get a date the normal way.
5.	When like dad he realizes he needs something for his self-esteem
6.	When like mom, she is tired of being slapped around by daddy.
7.	When Rush Limbaugh says it is time.
8.	When the NRA says it is time.
9.	After they have been shot by another kid with a gun.
10.	Never Ever.
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I find it interesting the majority of responders of this poll place their
own logic and value system on that of general consensus regarding the maturity safety
of children. Everyone thinks they are rational, decent, and responsible gun
owners. To do otherwise would directly devalue your own sense of self-worth. Parents cannot control the society their
children grow up in, and by extension control the erratic behavior and immature
decisions all children make. You may have the most wonderful kids on Earth, but
I still won’t trust them or their parents when it comes to the safety and
welfare of my family. I don’t know your
kids, or you, or just how sane and responsible you are. Unlike highly trained
police officers you haven’t earned the right to be trusted with my life or that
of my family’s lives.

The Linus Gun
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  • Denai, The Li't Sasquatch 2013/04/16 19:46:32
    10. Never Ever.
    Denai, The Li't Sasquatch
    I chose never ever because the rest of the list just reflects your thoughts about children learning how to use a firearm.

    It depends on the child really. When they are old enough to understand that a firearm is not a toy, to follow the rules, and can absorb the safety rules about using a firearm, then they can be trained. Also it depends on the parent, if they are going to reinforce all the safety rules and keep taking their child to classes.

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  • Ash 2013/05/11 21:46:48
    10. Never Ever.
    I'm not conservative and neither is my family but I grew up on a farm in Kansas and I learned how to use a gun when I was 10. I wasn't allowed to actually use it for hunting or anything until I was 12 and even after that my brother watched me like a hawk. All the guns are locked up in a safe that I don't know the combination to. I only needed a gun so that I could help hunt because we needed to eat.
  • LMA 2013/04/23 00:53:47
    8. When the NRA says it is time.
    This is a stupid post, I was thought in basic rifle fir by my father at around 9, then in higher cal rifles in an NRA shooting range at around 13.
  • Marvelous Wildfire 2013/04/17 04:38:24
    8. When the NRA says it is time.
    Marvelous Wildfire
    That dumbass comment, is the closest to a sensible choice given.
  • Dave Ryan 2013/04/16 22:29:10
    2. When they are old enough to pull the trigger
    Dave Ryan
    The intolerance of the liberal weenie who drafted this question speaks for itself.

    But really... when was the last time a CONSERVATIVE was irresponsible with a weapon and killed someone?
    Hard to find. Because conservatives teach their kids the responsibility that comes with owning or using a weapon. All the recent shooters were liberals, from Jared Loghner to James Eagan Holmes to Adam Lanza to to George Zimmerman to Christopher Dorner were all --ALL!--- liberals.

    Dorner even cited a long list of liberal-media idealogues on MSNBC and elsewhere that shaped his racially charged/victim-culture ideological views prior to his shooting spree.

    CONSERVATIVES teach their kids responsibility with guns and other matters, so they don't run around killing people they disagree with.

    And Americans in general, from a young age, have had guns in their homes for over 200 years without the spike in incidents we've seen recently. The problem is not guns, but something different in the culture that is triggering these attacks. I believe it is the self-indulgent anger and sense of perpetual victimization and justified backlash that is taught by post-1960's liberalism.

    And as seen in the last week, with a mass stabbing on campus, and bombs at the Boston Marathon, guns are not the only way for liberal fanatics to kill people. Even as they whine about conservatives with guns.

  • LayLady Dave Ryan 2013/04/17 01:36:36 (edited)
    "But really... when was the last time a CONSERVATIVE was irresponsible with a weapon and killed someone?"

    Dick Cheney

    "All the recent shooters were liberals, from Jared Loghner to James Eagan Holmes to Adam Lanza to to George Zimmerman to Christopher Dorner were all --ALL!--- liberals."

    Timothy McVeigh, a right-winger, outdid all those other crazies you mentioned above.
  • Dave Ryan LayLady 2013/04/19 01:34:07
    Dave Ryan
    Cheney's was a hunting accident. That's really a stretch. He didn't kill anyone, and the guy he injured is a close friend, who was not permanently injured. Hardly comparable to a terrorist attack. (Although in retrospect, because there was no great injury, it's a bit funny, and a source of much late-night comedy material.)

    Tim McVeigh was back in 1995, almost 20 years ago, and his political beliefs are not ones shared by Republicans or broader conservatives. Most conservatives --myself included-- would have gladly volunteered to pull the trigger at his execution. You would be hard pressed to find a single "right wing" conservative who doesn't view McVeigh as having committed a senseless act of treason.
    As compared to Christopher Dorner, WHO HAS SITES DEVOTED TO HIM FAVORITED BY THOUSANDS ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER, and has pundits like Chris Matthews adn Mark Lamont Hill singing Dorner's praises on MSNBC and elsewhere, rationalizing the legitimacy of Dorner's killing spree.
  • John Hall 2013/04/16 21:51:40
    2. When they are old enough to pull the trigger
    John Hall
    I did to my kids as my dad did to me at 7 my dad showed me his weapons he let me hold them . Look at them and went to the back yard and helped me fired them . Then he put me in a TWRA class where you learned about weapons and to respect them .
  • terrabytes 2013/04/16 21:23:03
    10. Never Ever.
    What a hateful post. You are no better than those you condemn which makes you part of the problem.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2013/04/16 21:20:35
    10. Never Ever.
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot

    Depends on the kiddo and how they are raised, if they have gun safety training, when and where they are allowed to use a weapon. I was raised in far northern Minnesota in hunting and fishing territory - I had a single shot bolt action 22 rifle when I was 10-12 and went hunting with my family. Still have it, among others now, and none of them have even thought about shooting anyone. They are not dangerous and have never found them making a plan to harm anyone.
  • johnc 2013/04/16 21:12:05
    10. Never Ever.
    If that is your mentality, you should be on the no firearm list.

    If attacked you call 911, If I am attacked I will fire. when seconds count minutes don't cut it.
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2013/04/16 21:12:03
    2. When they are old enough to pull the trigger
    Progressives! At what age should a child be given his or her own, already rolled and primo bong?
  • johnc Ballade... 2013/04/16 21:13:09
    Obama says age 10, (dreams from my father)
  • Stephen... Ballade... 2013/04/16 23:59:58
    Stephen.Runnels PhD
    A rolled and primo bong? what have YOU been smoking?
  • Ballade... Stephen... 2013/04/17 00:59:53
    Just keeping things fair and balanced I know that weed is a VERY important subject with the obama drones and the useful idiots
  • frank 2013/04/16 21:03:12
    10. Never Ever.
    What a bunch of stupid answers. The only age at which a child should be given a gun is that age that he has learned to use it, respect it and respect others who own guns.
  • Bronar 2013/04/16 20:55:35
    1. At Birth.
    I shot my first 12 gauge when I was 11. Got my own Remington 1100 at 13, still shooting that same gun close to 40 years later. Skeet, trap and sporting clays. Met some fine people at some damn nice clubs. Not one of them has ever hurt anyone with a firearm. Thanks Dad.
  • Maxine 2013/04/16 20:51:08
    10. Never Ever.
    I chose never--because I believe when they are 18 to 21 and they have shown responsibility as a reliable responsible gun owner. That they have been trained in the proper use and care of a loaded fire arm.
  • The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA 2013/04/16 20:47:25
    1. At Birth.
    The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA
    With all the idiot libturds being born, kids need the edge early on! Once they learn gun safety, it's time to teach them who the enemy of Democracy is, and then you give them the 100 round drum they need to sweep through the first libturd gathering you can wheel them to!

    What a stupid poll!
  • Sgt Major B 2013/04/16 20:42:38
    2. When they are old enough to pull the trigger
    Sgt Major B
    Skew your answers very much? I personally don't find much value in responding to slanted polls from drooling, demented demagogues that just want to rant and display their inability to debate.

  • ken 2013/04/16 20:37:14
    2. When they are old enough to pull the trigger
    When they've proven they can handle a firearm safely and responsibly they are old enough to own one. That doesn't mean they should handle said firearm without adult supervision. I owned my first gun at 13 and after all these years I've never had any desire to shoot an innocent person. Or any person for that matter. Great answer choices, by the way.
  • Woman o... ken 2013/04/17 01:43:56
    Woman of many faces~ijm
    " I've never had any desire to shoot an innocent person"

    And for that I thank you....Lol
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2013/04/16 20:32:57
  • Amasaman 2013/04/16 20:29:51
    8. When the NRA says it is time.
    When they are old enough to understand these rules, http://training.nra.org/nra-g... they should be taught.

    My kids were all shooting a semi automatic rifle that holds 18 rounds (gasp) at about age 8 or 9.
  • whiteflame55 2013/04/16 20:20:05
    10. Never Ever.
    I don't think a child under the age of 18 should ever be allowed to own and operate their own gun. It's just too much responsibility and uncertainty to put in the hands of someone under that age, and while many adults don't use them well, I can't see expanding their usage to children as being beneficial.
  • johnc whitefl... 2013/04/16 21:16:40
    I grew up in the country, and age didn't make a difference, wild animals and wild humans don't check your age.

    At age 5 I got a BB gun by age 8, I was packing a 20 gauge when I checked my muskrat traps every morning.
  • whitefl... johnc 2013/04/16 21:24:11
    Alright, so your personal experience a) defies the odds and b) shows that your parents were willing to teach you how to safely and correctly handle a gun. Odds are that most children at age 8 will not be capable of safely handling a shotgun, and odds are that a great deal of parents don't go through the requisite gun safety with their children. Your individual circumstances where there was a certain level of necessity that you own a gun also is uncommon among most children today. In your case, it's fine. In the vast majority, it's not.
  • johnc whitefl... 2013/04/16 21:59:53
    so there is no age thing involved is what you are saying?
  • whitefl... johnc 2013/04/16 22:20:32
    You're missing my point. I'm saying that, at that age, odds are that fewer kids will be able to wield a gun safely than would, say, an 18 year old. I'm saying that, at that age, a child is much less likely to be able to obtain the necessary information to wield the weapon safely, and therefore requires committed parents. I'm saying that, while some 8 year olds might be able to ingest the information and handle it safely, and while some 8 year olds will be given the tools to ensure that they do, the vast majority won't. It does have to do with age. Maturity levels can differ, parenting levels can differ, but age is still a major factor in terms of trends, and that should guide legislation.
  • johnc whitefl... 2013/04/16 22:33:46
    again, you are confirming that age shouldn't be a deciding factor maturity should be.
  • whitefl... johnc 2013/04/16 23:14:59 (edited)
    But we can't assess maturity. Every single child would have to be assessed psychologically, which simply isn't realistic. You can either allow the practice, ban it outright, or find some restriction that's feasible to enforce. This is not. And since we're talking about giving children guns, we're talking about a system where none even have to go through an investigation, so even if it was feasible, it doesn't apply in this instance.
  • beachbum 2013/04/16 20:02:25
    2. When they are old enough to pull the trigger
    Kind of have a few biased options to chose from............my sons were taught at an early age firearm safety, and they've never, ever killed anyone. In fact, they are both well adjusted, bright, articulate contributing members of society who just happen to know how to defend themselves and their families. They have respect for gun ownership, know and practice safety.
  • Denai, ... beachbum 2013/04/16 20:07:47
    Denai, The Li't Sasquatch
    Good on you for teaching your children the right way!
  • beachbum Denai, ... 2013/04/16 20:16:16
    I taught my sons that with freedoms comes responsibility - can't have one without the other. We lived in the country..........and if they wanted the freedom to go hunting, they would have to have the responsbility to know what to do.
  • Denai, ... beachbum 2013/04/16 20:22:15
    Denai, The Li't Sasquatch
    Wish there were more parents that think like you do...
  • beachbum Denai, ... 2013/04/16 20:40:45
    Thnx! It amazes me that people don't understand that the two go hand-in-hand. Seems most people today want all the freedoms but none of the responsibility...sad.
  • Denai, ... beachbum 2013/04/16 20:47:18
    Denai, The Li't Sasquatch
    It is sad! It also amazes me that people do not see that freedom and personal responsibility, responsibility period go hand in hand. Freedom takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.
  • beachbum Denai, ... 2013/04/16 21:04:23
    Yes, it sure does....freedom is earned, and certainly isn't free.
  • AZ 2013/04/16 20:00:26
    2. When they are old enough to pull the trigger
    I got mine at 3, but I'm not a Conservative.
  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2013/04/16 19:59:44
    2. When they are old enough to pull the trigger

    This is real. The child shot his father at a wedding who later died at the hospital.
  • tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA 2013/04/16 19:57:12
    10. Never Ever.
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    The rest of your answers were just stupid.

    I started hunting with my dad at 10....not carrying a gun, but watching and learning. Took a class through school at 12 years old and started hunting with a gun at 14.

    It's different for every kid.

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