Congress away on Thanksgiving recess just weeks from so-called “fiscal cliff”. Will they reach a deal in time?

Fox Report with Shepard Smith 2012/11/20 16:38:09
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  • April Dawn 2012/12/09 21:40:21
    April Dawn
    I sure would hope they do.....
  • DeeB 2012/11/28 16:32:23
    And those freaks do not deserve a vacation. Hell what do they do besides stomping all over the Constitution and taking the peoples rights away? Oh, hard work!
  • Drew~PWCM~JLA~ 2012/11/28 09:02:24
    At least I hope not. That will give us a reason to take our country back from illegals and an illigitimate regime. ;)
  • Logical American 2012/11/28 07:08:39
    Logical American
    Obama openly said he will not accept anything that does no increase taxes for the wealthy. The Right will never agree to that, so an issue we do have.
  • joe.noonan2 2012/11/28 04:07:05 (edited)
    I know the Republicons won't allow this, but it is simple. Cut the military, Let Bush tax cuts expire, close tax loop holes, remove church tax exempt status. Getting the taxes that Romney owes alone will put a nice dent in the deficit.
  • Thomas G Towns 2012/11/28 03:45:26
    Thomas G Towns
    oboman is hell bent for leather, over the cliff is his strategy bankrupt
  • Slayer Tudd 2012/11/27 23:41:17
    Slayer Tudd
    While I believe the fiscal cliff situation is indeed a serious matter I do not believe the US govt really cares to make a deal to avoid default and govt shutdown. Do you ever get the feeling that theres a plan in the works to default? Govt spending is at an all time high, ensuring indentured servitude for many years to come. This is not a lost fact to the states wanting to seccede either. You would think if this was as serious of a matter that Congress would forego the days off and holidays and work as hard as they can to resolve the issue. This unfortunately is not the case. The dollar and economy is being destroyed by design. This will set the stage for a collapse and a future necessary reboot of the economy so to speak. If the bond bubble also bursts, which country do you believe will take the worst hit? Yep, the US. Once the bond market collapses treasury bills will be as worthless as used toilet paper. As you can see, there are many catalysts and actions and apparently inactions inexorably leading to a very horrific ending, one that may forever change the United States. Maybe this is what Obama meant by CHANGE....
  • Charles E 2012/11/27 22:13:02
    Charles E
    Republicans want spending cuts along with tax increases.
    Democrats want tax increases in exchange for promises of spending cuts that they have no intention of doing.
  • gforce9 2012/11/27 19:03:05
    They will make it to where they will not cut spending and taxes will raise and make it to where they push the blame somewhere else besides on themselves. Welcome to the soon to be third world country U.S.
  • Pay me 4profile 2012/11/27 18:47:03
    Pay me 4profile
    The only way they can rea h a deal is by firing ben barrancy from playing both side of the coin. One he stole all the forcluser from the construction industries and force people to be unemployed, the held the fed rate low to allow banks to borrow money for thier own corporate gains with helping unemployeed people to purchase homes.

    The correct fiscal managment should have increase the fed rate to allow the construction industy to create more employment, ghen allow investors to liquify yheir position to then sell homes to the local people with employment. When the contractors recieve payment, they move on to the next home to rebuild it and continue the cycle.

    Holding the fed rate down only kept people from working, and to clear help the currupt banking system to create a return with federal loans.

    The answer is to simple, call donald trump to say hello to ben barnaki, and the higher the teacher jim cramer to take over his job and higher the best secreatary of my life time, donald rusmfeld.

    The bottom line is a lawyer highers people to balance their finacial earnings.

    The bottom line u can fight law, and virgin equity capitol will not digress to fiscal missmanagement.
  • Eastexn25 2012/11/27 18:37:16
    Doubt it because Obama will more than likely move the goal post right at the end like he did with the jobs bill.
  • MsDianna 2012/11/27 18:12:42
    no they shouldn't have left Washington before their work was completed
  • FlyGalsMom 2012/11/27 16:34:07
    all vacations and/or days off should NOT be allowed if there is unfinished business~ if they take off time without finishing what is at hand then their pay checks should be DOCKED or they should have to pay a $100,000 Fine~ Let them contribute to the mess they have allowed to happen~~
  • Tuna 2012/11/27 14:40:54
    Simpson-Bowles said we need to raise revenues and cut spending. But Obama has a better plan; let's raise revenues and cut spending. There is NO fiscal cliff; if there were Congress created it, not "we the people".
    jail the corrupt politicians
  • Red 2012/11/27 10:50:13
  • ehrhornp 2012/11/27 02:35:07
    But it is not all that bad if they don't. It is more like a fiscal curb than a fiscal cliff. Republicans should just agree to continue the tax cuts for the lower 98% and allow the rates to rise on the rich. Otherwise, off the cliff we go. Then republicans will have to agree to reduce the taxes for the 98% or show once again that they are only for the rich.
  • Kubs ehrhornp 2012/11/27 19:22:55
  • Kubs Kubs 2012/11/27 19:24:19
    Oh and I'm not wealthy and am living paycheck to paycheck so don't try playing the biased card!
  • ehrhornp Kubs 2012/11/27 21:09:15
    Well you really should be a democrat as the republicans just want to transfer wealth from the middle class to the very rich.
  • Kubs ehrhornp 2012/11/28 12:16:05
  • ehrhornp Kubs 2012/11/28 15:12:12
    One just needs to look at the distribution of wealth in this nation from WWII to Uncle Ron and from uncle Ron to now. You will see that since uncle ron, the rich has gotten much richer while the middle class has stagnated.

    Economy has crashed guess when? When republicans are generally president.

    Shame you didn't review Mitt's tax policies. If you had you would see that is exactly what he was doing. (transferring wealth from the middle class to the rich)

    But hay, stay in your bubble free from any knowledge.
  • ehrhornp Kubs 2012/11/27 21:04:06
    lol, a sheep in the bubble. The party that gave us G W Bush should never talk about waste as that is all he did. I have my disagreements with Obama but at least he is not into Voodoo economics which is now the core plan for republicans. Shame you never heard of Eisenhower. He was the last republican who balanced the federal budget.
  • Kubs ehrhornp 2012/11/28 12:20:04
    Really, so bush who incurred a debt over 8 years with a large percentage being from the war effort vs Obama who doubled it in half that time sole throwing money into nonsense programs that collapsed and doing absolutely nothing to balance that budget! He's an incompetent ass who should have never been trusted! Don't claim democrats no how to handle money because they don't! They have proven over and over how wasteful and retarded they are!
  • ehrhornp Kubs 2012/11/28 15:16:27
    GW inherited a balanced budget and in record time unbalanced it while promising that tax cuts for the rich would keep the federal budget balanced. You forgot this already? His promises did not come to pass. The rich did not trickle down on the rest of us.

    I know it is tough but the fact is recessions in this country generally happen under republican presidents while democrats give the country growth.

    Now go back and practice your voodoo. lol
  • Kubs ehrhornp 2012/11/28 15:43:17
  • ehrhornp Kubs 2012/11/28 16:09:40
    lol, read his tax policy such as doing away with the estate tax. But enjoy your bubble. Shame you phony conservatives don't even know who you are supporting or that his effect will be.
  • Kubs ehrhornp 2012/11/28 15:46:31
    And talk about voodoo! You're hiding behind Obama who has promised changed!! And oh has he DELIVERED! THE INLY PROBLEM IS THAT THE CHANGE has been for the worse our economy has been crumbling due to his spending, policies and programs! Oh but that's right apparently him like all democrats are actually wonderful and doing a superb job at balancing the budget and fixing THEIR MESSES!
  • ehrhornp Kubs 2012/11/28 16:12:16
    The change for the worst happened under G W Bush. You might have remembered him? He slept while 9/11 happened, destroyed a balanced federal budget and ran two wars on a credit card. Gave tax cuts during a time of war. And you idiots consider this conservative? lol what fools you are. Shame you have discarded your past leaders such as Eisenhower.
  • Kubs ehrhornp 2012/11/29 11:45:05
    You're honestly pathetic and its pointless to even discuss this further! You are driven by liberal media and nothing more! Sad!
  • ehrhornp Kubs 2012/11/29 15:44:30
    Love your answer. You were the one that mentioned change for the worst and I just pointed out that we got this change under G W Bush. I don't think this can really be debated. GW inherited a balanced federal budget and promptly unbalanced it by giving tax cuts to the very rich. He took a country largely at peace and converted it into a war machine.

    But you call Obama the worst. Unfortunately you don't really say why? You say the economy has been crumbling but I sure would take an economy that saw its stock market go from under 7000 to around 13000 any day over one that saw it decline 30%.
  • Kubs ehrhornp 2012/11/29 19:05:04
    So let's see, under democrat jimmy Carter, America plunged into a major recession with inflation at 12.5% and unemployment at 7.5%! Under Reagan though who did increase the national debt, through his policies brought inflation down to 4.4% and unemployment to 5.4% and produced 16 million new jobs! Reagan full admitted his failure to fix the economy completely, but put this country on track! Many economists agree it was his policies that eventually spiked the economic boom in the 90s!under bush sr. The economy did begin to stop though it resulted from bush caving to democrat demands to raise taxes! After this, the country took another huge economic hit! This was bush St.fault but democrat policy and force! And why don't you read the link below!
    The surpass under Clinton was not all that good and can be traced to later collapse!


    Bush following Clinton may not have been the best president but he was confronted with greater difficulties then Clinton and the budget wasn't completely balanced and for casted for collapse! Then there Obama who double the deficit in half thetime as bush, is drastically increasing taxes including those through his socialist obamacare, and has led to an all time low in unemployment! You can't blame bush for his incredible failures!
  • ehrhornp Kubs 2012/11/29 19:25:57
    Ah so typical of a phony conservative. Who brought down inflation was not Uncle Ron but the Fed Chairman. Carter appointed Volcker in 1978 and he raised interest rates sky high. This ended up causing a recession but it ended inflation.

    But today's republicans even though they claim to love Uncle Ron would not accept him today as he did two things republicans do not like. He increased taxes something like 11 times and if given his way would eliminate nuclear weapons entirely.

    Fact is GW was the worst president ever. I know it is always the democrats fault. lol
  • Kubs ehrhornp 2012/11/29 21:04:56
    Its a waste of time with you uneducated liberal morons with their heads so far up their asses to see what's going on in the world! Obama has earned his place as the worst followed by carter!
  • ehrhornp Kubs 2012/11/29 22:19:43
    lol, only a phony conservative would call the doubling of the stock market bad. Only a phony conservative would call using private employment to pull the country out of the worst recession since the great depression bad.

    Obviously you are out to lunch and no longer worth my time. Talk about uneducated, it is not me who believes in voodoo.
  • Kubs ehrhornp 2012/11/29 23:13:42
    Wow you really do live in fantasy land! Actually you're probably one of those people that is fully capable of working, but instead doesn't and just let's Obama give you all of us hard working Americans tax money! Did you get your "obamaphone"!!!!!!!!
  • ehrhornp Kubs 2012/11/30 00:08:39
    I am always amazed at you phony conservatives. I notice you didn't address my points. You really need to get out of that bubble.
  • Kubs ehrhornp 2012/11/30 17:08:43
    Really because you addressed any of mine?!!!!!
  • ehrhornp Kubs 2012/11/30 17:48:04
    What point didn't I address?
  • Kubs ehrhornp 2012/12/03 14:36:51
    Um well let's see.... the entire rundown on every president from carter to ofailure! You stated one BS fact about carter and nothing more! You're a one trick piny and simply want to blame bush for everything and claim he came into a spectacular economy with a bright horizon! You're an idiot and have proven that! You're not worth my time and no longer will a continue arguing with an uneducated, liberally biased ass!
  • ehrhornp Kubs 2012/12/03 15:31:46
    Such an intelligent statement. Fact is your hero inherited one of the best situations in the history of this nation. First time in my adult life we had a balanced budget, largely at peace, and a relatively decent economy. GW changed this almost overnight and closed by running the economy off a cliff. You phony conservatives are amazing. Still blaming Carter. lol

    I don't need to be anything more than a "a one trick piny" as GW is responsible for 99% of the mess we are in. But continue to live in denial.
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