Confirmed, Obama White House is "Hostile Workplace" for Women

jr 2012/04/11 22:11:34
The Irony of this is just about too much to bear. The Obamas a book by Jodi Kantor, and Confidence Men by Ron Suskind first alerted us to the fact that the Obama White house was a "hostile workplace" for women until our corrupt media spun the messages out of existence. A new report now confirms the accuracy of these books as it reveals a stunning difference of pay between men and women.

Excerpts, Read More @ The Ulsterman Report
Media Report Charges Obama White House as "Hostile Workplace"

According to 2011 annual report on White House staff, female employees earned a median annual salary of $60,000.00, which was about 18% less than the median salary for male employees ($71,000.00)

War on Women

Read More: http://theulstermanreport.com/2012/04/11/media-rep...

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