Condom Tracking: Productive or Pointless?

News 2012/03/02 14:00:00
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If you've ever wanted to know where other people are having sex, your day has arrived. Planned Parenthood celebrated National Condom Week (the same week as Valentine's Day) by releasing 55,000 condoms with QR codes at colleges in Washington state, requesting that users scan the packages with their smartphones when they use the condoms.

The result is a "safe sex map," with pin points at each location where one of the condom packages was scanned. The pinpoints are, of course, anonymous, but users are able to attach comments to their pinpoint describing how the encounter went -- "rainbows exploded and mountains trembled." Anyone can view the map and comments at Where Did You Wear It, though we understand that not everyone would want to. (You know you want to.) The purpose is basically to promote safe sex, but the awkward safe sex map is a plus. Do you think this new condom-tracking feature is productive in promoting safe sex -- or is it kind of pointless?

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  • Tasine 2012/03/02 16:11:28
    We don't need to track condoms! We need to track gun runners within our own government.

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  • FalconFlight 2012/03/03 01:20:56
    Just another example of the nature of the DemProgressives and their vision for the rest of us. Pigs of "Animal Farm," in human skin.
  • ahbmasg486bd 2012/03/03 01:17:08
    What is this? I don't even...
  • cellophane 2012/03/03 01:10:54
    I'm sure that when I was in college the novelty would have sucked me into wanting to participate. But it's still pointless.
  • DebraJMSmith 2012/03/03 01:07:21
  • Kyle Popoloski 2012/03/03 01:06:49
    Kyle Popoloski
    you cant fix stupid.
  • Apache 2012/03/03 00:59:17
  • observer 2012/03/03 00:49:30
    America is immature. It needs another 200 or so years to grow up.
  • Died 2012/03/03 00:43:26
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/03/03 00:36:38
    Sinister Ken Doll™
  • FatherLiberty 2012/03/03 00:31:01
    This type of stuff only takes away from being "productive".... first, the people who wasted time making such a stupid program, and then the losers who waste their time, even if its only seconds, using it. Go discover something, advance our sciences, create new forms of (useful) technology for disease treatment, understand law and politics etc. I dont care where someone used a condom and it will not increase the use of condoms just because someone created a stupid program to track them.
  • Moonbeams 2012/03/03 00:26:55
    Who is to say that the condom in question, is even being used for sex.

    Conehead gum
  • sunniday Moonbeams 2012/03/03 05:22:41
    My son thought they were balloons when he was little filled on full of water & brought in to living room while peacher was there.VERY BAD
  • Moonbeams sunniday 2012/03/03 05:25:59
    Oh Lordie!

    What a time to be inquisitive.

  • P. Sturm 2012/03/03 00:06:29
    P. Sturm
    Who can be sure with the cyber-generation. I got into computers when I was 16 and sat at a teletype, (The pro's had the few CRT terminal available) and talked to a computer that was kept at 40 degrees F. and occupied the entire building's basement. (CDC 6400). Now kids start at age 4, with a computer just as powerful, and they carry it in their pocket.
  • Rusty S... P. Sturm 2012/03/03 03:24:33
    Rusty Shackleford
    what relevance does this have?
  • edifyguy 2012/03/02 23:40:31
    Just another gimmick to boost condom sales and give exhibitionists still another outlet. At least this outlet will be where voyeurs go to get turned on, instead of having grandma get an eyeful on FaceBook.........
  • Quazar 2012/03/02 23:15:02
    Yeah, I can see it now, kissing, rubbing, touching, panting, hold it baby, I gots to take a picture of my condom wrapper.

    I bet the staff that thought of this idea within the ranks of Planned Parenthood looked like real beasts and thought it was a real good idea. LOL,,,,,
  • cmvanderwallbrown 2012/03/02 22:44:36
    Is there an option for "funny"? If it helps promote "safe" sex, then fine. It's better to be safe than sorry. Although, for long term relationships, waiting until that first surge of hormones wears off is probably a good idea. :)
  • sunniday cmvande... 2012/03/03 05:24:44
    Is nothing private any more?
  • Angel 2012/03/02 22:21:19
    another example of technology not being used in the best way it can..gimicks
  • BelenColli 2012/03/02 21:48:59
    & weird
  • TwistedArtisan 2012/03/02 21:30:34
  • Tin Man 2012/03/02 21:27:55
    Tin Man
    What's next GPS and micro cams ? Candid Camera, anyone? Pointless folly and self promoting by PP.
  • Centuri... Tin Man 2012/03/04 16:10:51
    We should not give them any such ideas. That might be next.
  • Tin Man Centuri... 2012/03/04 21:34:47 (edited)
    Tin Man
    Check this Rush Limbough clip out. Whoa Rush, say it idn't so: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id...
  • Centuri... Tin Man 2012/03/05 01:59:39
    Surely that comment cost him millions.

    One must be careful to whom one refers to as a slut.
  • NorseMayhem 2012/03/02 21:21:34
    But interesting none-the-less.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/03/02 20:37:13
    Lady Whitewolf
    VERY pointless
  • Boetica 2012/03/02 20:34:48
    Buying one doesn't mean you're using one. Is Planned Parenthood using the money that US taxpayers provide them for this ridiculous stunt? I want my money back.
  • sunniday Boetica 2012/03/03 05:25:30
  • Happy_Evil_Dude 2012/03/02 20:29:11
    So the idea is to go shtump random strangers just because they have a condom?
  • Kid T. Party 2012/03/02 20:22:24
    Kid T. Party
    You'll find plenty of whores..... but at least they're working! But I bet your still feeding their seven kids! haha

    They're smoking crack with their profits.
  • Bill ~PWCM~JLA 2012/03/02 20:17:51
    Bill ~PWCM~JLA
    Put a condom tracker over Washington. The Capital building will light up like a hot spot even when they never use the things.
  • Jose Hernandez 2012/03/02 20:17:41
    Jose Hernandez
    Security systems have reached a level far beyond what George Orwell imagined!
    And the joy of privacy of sexual freedom need not be destroyed by man's evil technology!
  • ...Kat... 2012/03/02 20:06:48
    Who's really gonna use this? Talk about finding hookers! Lmfao xD "Hey guys, let's look at the map & find us a hooker location"... Pointless, & creepy. At least it's only 55k condoms, not like it's every box now. & if PP only released it in a certain area, then hmmm... Where on earth do you think those map pegs are gonna be? Maybe, just MAYBE, in that area... Smh... Stupid people.
  • Stacy F 2012/03/02 20:05:30
  • ktorch 2012/03/02 20:03:02
    Somebody has got to do something to stem the tide of unwanted pregs, which are more likely to occur among the poor and those who are least able to support unwanted children. The Bible is full of baby killing, so if the Bible is the reason for refraining from giving everyone the power over their own sex lives and their reproductive rights, then they have no excuse. We need contraceptives everywhere, and we need to take control of our own families. Why are Christians so ashamed of sex? It's the way we are made and children need to know every avenue of good sex education and how to take care of themselves. In my life time the world has tripled in population! What will the next 80 years bring?
  • mae 2012/03/02 19:54:24 (edited)
    Fun for the college crowd, I quess...I would think they would be having a contest for the most odd-out of the way place to 'scan in'.
  • Louis Contreras 2012/03/02 19:53:47
    Louis Contreras
    People would be going crazy if a corporation was running this. They would be screaming about the intrusion into their privacy.

    This does show that affordable (free) birth control is available, so much for the cries we heard earlier this week before the senate.
  • 2468 2012/03/02 19:52:57
    Productive in that it leads to discussion.

    But really without the video that Limbaugh requested how do we know if they used them as water balloons or sex?

    Seems like it makes a statement on the technology of smart phones.
    That people can do this leads to other things down the road we can't yet imagine.

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