Communism: If People In The United States Are So Against Communism Why Do We Support And Buy Goods From A Communist Country?

Sinpac 2012/03/17 21:59:52
Major combat in the Chinese Civil War ended in 1949 with the Communist Party of China in control of mainland China, and the Kuomintang

In April 1989, spurred by the death of deposed Communist Party General Secretary Hu Yaobang, mass gatherings and protests took place in and around Tiananmen Square.[3] The largely student-run demonstrations aimed for continued economic reform and liberalization,[4] and eventually evolved into a mass movement for political reform and freedom of the press.[4] Peaceful protests also occurred in other cities, such as Shanghai and Wuhan, while looting and rioting broke out in Xi'an and Changsha.[5]
The movement lasted seven weeks after Hu's death on 15 April. Party authorities declared martial law on 20 May, but no military action took place until 4 June.

Chi Haotian, China's Minister of Defense, gave the following speech

in a SECURE BRIEFING to his military leadership.

In it, he spoke openly about China's need for more living space
and stated bluntly that The United States, Canada and Australia are the only places
large enough to accommodate future Chinese needs. He notes the need for a quick
effective biological attack upon the U.S. to depopulate it
as a prelude to conquest, and plainly states that China is working on
genetic bio-weapons to kill everyone except yellow people.

China willing to shoot and kill women, children and prisoners of war.
He admits deliberate deception of the U.S., with China portraying itself as a
peaceful business partner, while actually planning to kill 200 million Americans.

The Chinese Mean To Control The Global Gold Market






Get ready for the Pan Asian Gold Exchange, scheduled to
open in June, 2012 in Kunming City, Yunman Province– the gateway to all
of Southeast Asia. This is serious, as the Pan Asian Gold Exchange is a
part of China’s five year plan– which means it is part of China’s
strategy for dominance in global financial markets and the global

Pan Asian will allow Chinese to speculate in gold futures contracts
or buy physical gold through an account with a bank or broker. All 320
million customers of the giant Agricultural Bank of China will. simply
be able to use their Renminbi, the Chinese currency, from their bank
accounts to trade gold. Sounds bloody dangerous doesn’t it.

It means the spot market in gold could be headed for China– and away
from London’s Metals Exchange or the Comex in New York. I’d like to know
who is going to oversee and regulate all this action. For example,
when the Comex raises margin requirements to dampen speculative fervor–
will China bew governed by that? I doubt it very much.

In June you’ll be able to buy spot gold or futures contracts in
China. It also means that the Chinese currency- not dollars– will for
the first time become the ruling currency used in one of the major
speculative commodities of our age. All eyes will be on the influence of
the gold trade in China rather than New York, London, Switzerland or
South Africa.

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  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/03/18 04:06:54
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Because Maobama sent all the jobs over there by over taxing American corporations? Whaddya think?
  • The Ele... Aqua Su... 2012/03/18 08:23:59
    The Electrician
    Maobama ? Richard Nixon started this in 1972, not President Obama.
  • Sinpac Aqua Su... 2012/03/18 12:25:31
    Let's not leave out the Great American Expansion. Whadda think?
  • my2cents 2012/03/18 02:28:33
    That's the beauty of free enterprise--you're free to support a communist country instead of your own!
  • Damocles my2cents 2012/03/18 19:37:06
    Free enterprise is what sent all the jobs to China. If you can get it made cheaper and sell it cheaper, that's free enterprise. No rules, no holds barred, right?
  • my2cents Damocles 2012/03/19 05:54:08
  • flaca BN-0 2012/03/18 01:12:06 (edited)
    flaca BN-0
    When China WAS communist we hated them. We urged them to change. They did.

    Now we hate them because they are better at capitalism than we are. I think the word is ironic...................... LOL
  • Mindlesspartyhack 2012/03/18 01:08:17
    Why does everyone bring up Wal-mart as the only example of crappy Chinese goods?
    Check out JC Penney or Macy's or all the rest.
  • Sinpac Mindles... 2012/03/18 01:10:53
    It's just the first store that pops into my mind.
  • Mindles... Sinpac 2012/03/18 01:59:18
    Whenever this topic comes up, you'd think Wal-mart is the only store that brings in the Chinese junk.
    People really rant and rave about it. JC Penney won't hire full-time and pay their employees crappy wages. It's the same with K-mart, Macy's, etc..
  • Sinpac Mindles... 2012/03/18 02:00:28
  • Mindles... Sinpac 2012/03/18 02:02:10
    I guess we could add them.

    Americans will buy themselves out of jobs.
  • Sinpac Mindles... 2012/03/18 02:09:41 (edited)
    Good point!
  • The Ele... Mindles... 2012/03/18 08:29:52
    The Electrician
    Wal-Mart is responsible for 60% of daily retail sales in this country, other then Foods, we don't really need them, they've put the "Mom & Pop" stores out of business.
  • ed 2012/03/18 00:20:58
    That's a very good question.
  • Rave 2012/03/18 00:14:01
    As someone who actually lived in China for ten years, I'd hardly call it a communist country.

    I don't know why anyone would consider China's political system as communist these days, the government cannot regulate almost anything, if you don't have a job, you don't have money, you basically die, no one will save your ass, the government won't offer you help, of course some charities and shelters will help and if you have family they'll help you out (Family values are very important in Chinese culture) but isn't the point of communism government control and these government systems that supply equal pay and food and medical care etc. for everyone?

    China runs in a very capitalist system these days, at least in the cities, it's a very competitive business, many new companies forming, lots of men and women working hard to gain an education so that they could become rich. Money and materialism is embraced everywhere you turn to.

    Nope, China hasn't really been communist since Mao died.
  • Idiot repubs 2012/03/17 23:38:58
    Idiot repubs
    Because it makes Sam Waltons kids rich and drives down American salaries.
  • Sinpac Idiot r... 2012/03/17 23:51:53
    Profiting from death? Lawsuit filed in Wal-Mart life insurance case
    Jane Sims always knew her husband was a valuable employee to Wal-Mart. She just didn't know how valuable. Sims discovered recently that Wal-Mart, the company her husband, Douglas, worked for before he died, had taken out a life insurance policy in his name. When Douglas Sims died in 1998 of a sudden heart attack, Wal-Mart received about $64,000. She got nothing from that policy.
    "I never dreamed that they could profit from my husband's death," said Sims, whose husband worked in receiving at Wal-Mart's distribution center in Plainview for 11 years.

    Companies routinely take out secret life insurance policies on the lives of their low-level employees and collect thousands of dollars when they die. The families never know the policies are in place and typically receive none of the money.
    The policies are called corporate-owned life insurance policies or COLIs for short. But they're better known in the insurance industry as "dead peasant" and "dead janitor" policies.
  • Idiot r... Sinpac 2012/03/17 23:53:31
    Idiot repubs
    Geezus, thats cold.

    Why am I not surprised?
  • sjalan 2012/03/17 23:03:50
    Good question. Answer, WalMart and Sam's Club. More than 85% of their goods come from China.
  • Sinpac sjalan 2012/03/17 23:06:13
    I have not Stepped in Walmart for about 5 years now.
  • sjalan Sinpac 2012/03/17 23:12:32
    Nor have I. Once I found out how they treat their employees and how they intimidate their vendors, I quit going to them for ANYTHING.
  • Sinpac sjalan 2012/03/17 23:15:09
    Not to mention the fact walmart builds there parking lots over Indian Burial grounds
  • sjalan Sinpac 2012/03/17 23:26:08
    LOL. They paid dearly for that screwup and still are.
  • Sinpac sjalan 2012/03/17 23:28:20
    LOL In the 5 years post Walmart I found out I can buy stuff from other stores.
  • sjalan Sinpac 2012/03/17 23:32:07
    Yep and guess what!!?? The people at those other stores actually begin to recognize you and call you by name. I shop a locally owned stores only now.
  • Sinpac sjalan 2012/03/17 23:35:57
    I do that as much as posible
  • DefendnProtect 2012/03/17 22:50:12
    Because the banking elites that (want to) rule this world want to have slave workers, so they control everybody.

    Only for those with an open mind..
    Aaron Russo an insider tells about their practices and plans.

    You can find more disturbing info if you got courage to be independent and face truth.
  • Sinpac Defendn... 2012/03/17 22:53:18 (edited)
    "You can find more disturbing info if you got courage to be independent and face truth."
    Oh I know the truth! I also know where this started.
  • Defendn... Sinpac 2012/03/17 22:55:11
    What knowledge do you have where it started my friend?
  • Sinpac Defendn... 2012/03/17 22:58:22
    February 21, 1972, President Nixon went to China for an official trip and began open trade talks with China. What are your thoughts?
  • Defendn... Sinpac 2012/03/17 23:06:56
    I'm not familiar with US Chinese diplomacy. So you might be very right!

    I'm more familiar with European imperial colonial history and the bankers that control governments. Especially UK. UK opium wars, was about getting apathy, dependency, control and extraction, not much different than bankers using governments and wars for extracting, MSM for apathy and expanding their control over governments and people globally.
  • Sinpac Defendn... 2012/03/17 23:11:22
    So saying that do you believe as i do that there is a push world wide to level out or regulate labor costs across the board?
  • Defendn... Sinpac 2012/03/17 23:17:25
    Yes, there is a push by this banking dynasty for a long time to get world wide socialism/communism. I know it sounds strange. But ultimately they are so rich already, the thing they want now is total control over all people. To have labor competition to the bottom helps to get everybody else poor and in debt.

    This clique will have all property and all control, which essentially is the same as worldwide communism and oppression.
  • Not a Fundy 2012/03/17 22:35:27
    Not a Fundy
    Because a lot of people can't afford American Made even when it is available, especially those on fixed incomes or who have had a severe income decrease.
  • Sinpac Not a F... 2012/03/17 22:43:52 (edited)
    What if I told you it is possible to buy American good at affordable cost. I was at Home Depot the other day and I bought a box of 12 full size screw drivers Made in the USA for 15 bucks. they are huskey brand and look just like Craftsman. I have noticed in Menard's there is a lot more products Made in the USA. I have been seeing more and more stuff being made here. For me I take a certain pride in buying American because I know I am helping another fellow American put food on his table to feed his family. But I do see the other side like you mention
  • Not a F... Sinpac 2012/03/17 23:48:14
    Not a Fundy
    Sure I buy American when the price is comparable.
  • Matt 2012/03/17 22:23:26
    China also sells weapons to countries that do not like us very well.
    Chinese weapons terrorists
  • Sinpac Matt 2012/03/17 22:28:59 (edited)
    We buy there goods so they can build weapons for our enemies.
  • John Mirra 2012/03/17 22:15:27 (edited)
    John Mirra
    Because China is in love with the United States and we know it.

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