Come sue our state, please, Nebraskans plead

In the fallout following the Christmas Eve health care reform bill vote, even Nebraskans are mad.

When Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Ne) traded his vote for an estimated $45 million to pay for his state’s expanded Medicaid program, which the new bill requires, he thought he was doing the right thing for the corn huskers.

Not according to some Nebraskans, who think the deal may have violated the Constitution, as well as federal bribery laws.

"Equality before the law” is Nebraska's state motto, which Nebraskan Republicans, at least, take very seriously. Seriously enough to ask states to sue them, please.

“Is there anyone out there that will sue the state of Nebraska and/or Senators Ben Nelson and Harry Reid?” asked Patricia Rief-Heskett, the chairman of Nebraska’s Republican Party. “Why should the state of Nebraska not have to pay for the unfunded mandate of Medicaid and all the other states have to pay for Nebraska’s portion?” asked Rief-Heskett.

Nebraska's Republican leader said the deal the senator made for Nebraska violates federal laws, as well as the Constitution of the United States. Rief-Heskett enumerated article and section numbers the deal appears to have violated in the Constitution and existing federal laws, including:

Article 1, Section 9: `No preference shall be given by any regulation of commerce or revenue to the ports of one State over those of another.'

Article 4, Section 4: `The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a Republican form of Government.'

US code Title 18 201, Titled "Bribery of Public Officials and Witnesses," Section B: `Whoever directly or indirectly, corruptly gives, offers or promises anything of value to any public official (officials is defined as a member of Congress, Delegate or Resident Commissioner) ... with intent (a) to influence any official act; or (b) to influence such public official or person who has been selected to be a public official to commit or aid in committing, or colluding, or ally any fraud or make opportunity for the commission of any fraud on the United States.”

“Is there not one person out there who will file a suit?” asked Rief-Heskett. “Or are we just to sit by and watch all of our freedoms taken away, to live in a country with no laws that has only to abide by a Congress, who would buy out votes whether or not it is lawful?”

Nebraska is just one of 15 states that received preferential treatment in return for votes in favor of Reid's health care reform bill on Christmas Eve.

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  • mike 2009/12/27 01:04:43 (edited)
    people in 2010 reid palosi obama Nelson to up for high treason

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  • DW 2010/01/16 03:58:53
    I have a lot of Family living around Cozad and Broken Bow. I want to know what it will take to launch an investigation into just what these deals contain. Are these deals legal. Can Ben boy be impeached. If Americans let this go it will be another nail in the coffin of our great nation. It's sad that these people running the show are supposed to be statesmen. They are nothing more than common thief's and cons. I would like to see every one of them loose there pension when they leave office and serve time. I now where I would be if I cheated on my taxes.
  • super1samuel 2010/01/07 04:56:23
    They should..he is an idiot. Harry Reid is acting to big for his britches.
  • Dora Rachael 2009/12/31 18:26:44
    Dora Rachael
    They are completely shameless and need to be held accountable for their treasonous act! Enough is enough!
  • John Deathhammer 2009/12/31 12:21:52
    John Deathhammer
    These people in our government have completly lost their minds.
    They will stop at nothing to get this turd foisted upon the American people.
    Which then begs the question, " why is this suddenly so important?"
    Helping the people has never been of any significant or particular importance to these despicable shitheads before, WHY NOW?
    The Devil is in the details, my friends and his name is obama.
    This is the beginning of the end for us as a free nation, if we do nothing, and just allow this RAPE of our constitution to continue unchallenged.
    In 2010, go to your polls, get your vote out.
    Remove these traitorous swine, repeal their bill of sedition, indict those responsible and punish them appropriatley.( Hang them)
  • Dora Ra... John De... 2009/12/31 18:27:25
    Dora Rachael
    I couldn't agee more!
  • belle 2009/12/29 03:16:29
    Looks like there is a good poosibility it will happen.
  • imtoast 2009/12/28 01:38:40
    Wouldn't the logical thing to do be for Nebraskans to file criminal charges against Nelson and Reid for bribery? It is a federal offense for a sitting senator to accept a bribe, and that is exactly what Reid offered. There is no court in the land who wouldn't find them both guilty, as they have admitted it multiple times.
  • Kim 2009/12/27 21:22:35 (edited)
    I would think also, Nebraskans would be concerned with how the rest of the nation feels about them now,and I can see they are from what they are saying,,,,,

    I know I for one, IF this monstrosity goes down like this, will not ever step foot in Nebraska or Louisiana again and will never buy a product that I know came from there. This could be the end of tourist trade and business there...
  • Dora Ra... Kim 2009/12/31 18:29:03
    Dora Rachael
    I feel the same way!
  • Magus BN-0 2009/12/27 20:22:46
    Magus BN-0
    Does Ms Rief-Heskett have any clue what a port is? Apparently not if she thinks this healthcare bill has anything to do with ports. And citing Article 4, Section is just bizarre.
  • dee 2009/12/27 18:48:12
    vote them all out.
  • W 2009/12/27 17:23:29
    these posts make me want to move to nebraska.........some real americans
  • unicorn_lady1 2009/12/27 07:37:33
    I am a Nebraskan. While this is not a Nebraskan's way to take hand outs. It is also not a Nebraska's way to go Socialism. Sue Nebraska, sue that slime Ben Nelson, I would swear on all I know of Nebraskan's he is not one. He has to be an import. This is so wrong. :( Nebraskans speak out! This is wrong. Tell that freak to not vote for the final bill.
  • Kim unicorn... 2009/12/27 21:24:21
    God Bless you for saying so
  • Hazel 2009/12/27 05:41:54
    Thank goodness we have two republican senators but I would help back any one who sued these states that took bribes. goodness republican senators sued bribes
  • marcuss... Hazel 2009/12/27 14:44:18
    Congress is the opposite of Progress.
  • Kim Hazel 2009/12/27 21:25:08
    I already emailed my Senators on Christmas Day to ask if they planned to sue these states as well. am awaiting word from them
  • mike 2009/12/27 01:04:43 (edited)
    people in 2010 reid palosi obama Nelson to up for high treason
  • rwayne7... mike 2009/12/27 06:45:07
    Add Landrieu to that list too Mike.
  • Bigoot 2009/12/26 21:54:50
    Nebraskans need to get enough signatures to throw the dishonest bum out of iffice. maybe we all should start a petition to do that in our own states, that way we can clean house before 11/10

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