mustangluver 2012/09/07 04:15:42
How can any baby boomers and seniors vote for BO is a mystery. It's like trusting your cardiologist to unblock the affected clogged arteries but does the wrong ones. Do you give him another chance to get it right?
you're on Medicare

don't be
insulted that I sent this to you if you're not on M'C
yet - just send it to someone else you know who is


You should watch this
little video if you’re on Medicare, close to the
time of being on Medicare or know someone who
Check this out. I
love this announcer's very factual presentation
while his voice displays no emotion whatsoever.
It's not some heated rhetoric - just the facts,

PS. The video is very short.
Forward this to every senior you know and ask them
to pass this along. Very important they all know
what is going to happen . . .
Remember what FDR said, "There are no
coincidences in politics . . .
Click here: The President's $8 Billion
Coincidence |

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  • Ron in Oregon 2012/09/07 19:47:32
    Ron in Oregon
    This is very informative.
    This is proof positive of the ulterior plans of Obama.
  • Bevos 2012/09/07 11:04:26
    I cannot bring up videos, but would very much like to know what is in it. Do you have or where can I find the Transcript of it?
  • mustang... Bevos 2012/09/10 19:22:08
    I must have deleted it. Try googling it..
  • retiredingeorgia 2012/09/07 04:55:21
    Have sent this on and posted to FB.
    I'm not at all suprised at this. That whole bunch are a sneaky bunch of bas*ards.
    So glad I private supplemental insurance and not Medicare Advantage. Just wish I wasn't forced to pay for and go on Medicare.
  • S* 2012/09/07 04:49:08
    how can anyone making less than a million dollars a year vote for Romney is a mystery? It is like trusting your stock broker to determine what fees he will charge, would you give him a second chance to get it right?
  • Bevos S* 2012/09/07 11:08:20
    A better Question! ,,,,,How can anyone with a Brain vote for OWEbama? You Libbers are so jealous of Mitt Romneys money you can't even stand it!!!
  • S* Bevos 2012/09/07 15:36:39 (edited)
    No, I am envious of his tax rate. I wish I paid half of what I do, or under Ryan's tax reform plan, 1%, and then have ignorant individuals happy for me while they foot the bill, when we are in a financial hole that only increasing revenues will pull us out of.
  • Bevos S* 2012/09/08 12:57:34
    So why is it that all of the Libbers are screaming about Mitt's taxes? He is wealthy enough to have a lot of write-offs, so he does not have to pay so many taxes. People like Warren Buffet doesn't pay as big a % in taxes either. Mitt Romney DONATES a LOT of his money to the POOR, Children's Funds, Crippled Children's funds, Orphanages, PLUS a lot more, and those Donations give him BIG write-offs, and he does not pay as big a %.
    I'll bet OWEbama does NOT donate to ONE charity. While OWEbama is living off our taxes for these four yrs. he is investing his $33,000.00 a month that he gets, and making money hand over fist with it. So when he leaves the WH in 1-20-13, he will be one WEALTHY SOB. And I would bet, he has not paid one cent on his taxes on the money he has made while in office. Last count, it was over 7 Million dollars. Don't know for sure, what it is now!!!
  • S* Bevos 2012/09/08 14:47:35
    Gee, when the richest among us pay next to nothing in taxes, seems one sided, I do not see it as a class war, I merely wish for an even playing field. Romney made millions last year and Ryan's initial plan was for his exposure to be less than one percent. If you do not see anything unfair about that, fine, but my wishing for an equal tax burden, rather than obscene gifts to the truly rich, is not based in some feeling of jealousy. Try laying off the stupid envy comment. I feel your position is based in ignorance. And BTW, the Democrats have created twice as many jobs during thier Presidency than the republicans, so dispell that stupid myth too.
    I do not care what he makes, but taxes are not just for the middle class, regardless of what you think or he wishes.
  • Rabbit 2012/09/07 04:42:03
    I won't be there for a bit, but good to know. Hopefuly we won't have to worry about this too much come November.

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