BlueMax372 2011/03/04 21:55:19
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The Washington Post

WASHINGTON -- A retired FBI agent who vanished in 2007 while investigating a smuggling case in Iran is apparently still alive, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday [Mar. 3] in a statement that deepened the mystery surrounding the man's nearly four-year-old disappearance.

Robert Levinson, 63, who disappeared during a visit to the Iranian resort island of Kish, apparently is being held "somewhere in southwest Asia," Clinton said, citing unspecified evidence received by the State Department.

Clinton did not elaborate on the nature of the evidence or the circumstances of his detention but called on the Iranian government to assist in his repatriation.

"As the government of Iran has previously offered its assistance in this matter, we respectfully request the Iranian government to undertake humanitarian efforts to safely return and reunite Bob with his family," Clinton said.

The evidence, if borne out, would represent the first news about Levinson's well-being in years. Levinson, who worked as a private detective after he retired from the FBI in 1998, was said by family members to have been in Iran to investigate a cigarette-smuggling case on behalf of several corporations.

--The St. Augustine Record, March 4, 2011, p. 5A; www.staugustine.com
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  • Ken 2011/03/05 04:45:08 (edited)
    What's the odds of Obama and Clinton of getting something done on this? Nil.

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  • Andrew 2011/03/08 00:10:52
  • Evan 2011/03/05 21:21:06
    Retired in 98? Wonder if he knew something about the Klintoons that was not good for him?
  • Michael 2011/03/05 19:18:48
    I hope that he is still alive.
  • Tom 2011/03/05 16:35:16
    So what are we doing about it?
  • Icanbean Arschloch 2011/03/05 16:15:21
    Icanbean  Arschloch
    Here is a job for Jesse Jackson.
  • danjac1263 Icanbea... 2011/03/06 21:46:11
    No,countries that hate us only use jessie jackson when a republican is president. they do this to undermine them.
  • Cathy 2011/03/05 15:38:51
    This man is one of our "an American" and we need to pray for a safe recovery so that he can be back home with his family. If this had happened to one of your family member, wouldn't you want the same thing?
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2011/03/05 14:10:27
    I think we'll have to write this man off. Obama will never get him back.
  • danjac1263 Temlako... 2011/03/06 21:47:58
    If obama can use this case to help himself then he may try to get the guy back. He certainly wont be doing it in order to help the prisoner.
  • BlueMax372 danjac1263 2011/03/07 00:20:15
    At the moment, the POS hasn't a clue what to do, so he went out for a round of golf.
  • danjac1263 BlueMax372 2011/03/07 00:22:42
    When Bush would play golf the media wouldattack him.Obama plays golf and they talk about how wonderful it is that he can relax.
  • Tucker 2011/03/05 14:02:41
    Another diversionary tactic. Anything to get the mainstream people sidetracked.
  • A Carpenter 2011/03/05 05:05:07
    A Carpenter
    My heart goes out to the mans family. but i hold out no hopes that this regime will put it's neck out for one of it's own.
  • aro A Carpe... 2011/03/05 05:22:37
    The sad thing is that this administration doesn't see this man as one of its own. Bush was still in office in 2007, so they'll just blame his imprisonment on Bush and then do nothing to help him, much like the economy.
  • A Carpe... aro 2011/03/06 04:23:04
    A Carpenter
    I have a sad feeling you are right. may god have pity on us all.
  • Eaglescout 2011/03/05 04:58:50
    We need to pray for this man's safe recovery to his family.
  • S. Gompers 2011/03/05 04:51:53
    S. Gompers
    If he was retired, why was he "investigating"?
  • A Carpe... S. Gompers 2011/03/05 05:09:49
    A Carpenter
    the post stated it bold and clear in plain English. In case you actually did not read the full post, here is the part you should read. ..... again!
    "Levinson, who worked as a private detective after he retired from the FBI in 1998, was said by family members to have been in Iran to investigate a cigarette-smuggling case on behalf of several corporations."
    in case you are a 'big tobacco hater', you might understand that he was a private contractor working as a self employed individual on behalf of a paying customer.
    of course, if you hate capitalism, you have my permission to remain confused!
  • S. Gompers A Carpe... 2011/03/05 06:30:05
    S. Gompers
    I mean investigating in a rogue nation, that is not the best judgement call. Or do you mean this Capitalism?


    U.S. law does ban virtually all commerce with the rogue nations (Iran). The cigarette companies often blame organized crime for the massive amount of cigarette smuggling worldwide, but much of the organized criminal smuggling that accounts for the vast majority of cigarette smuggling worldwide has occurred with the knowledge of the major cigarette companies themselves, and would not occur without the cigarette companies’ compliance.


    I grow tobacco. The United States does not maintain relations with Iran and they cannot assist travelers in securing visas to this country. There is no posted expiration date for this Travel Warning. To read the Travel Warning in entirety;


    While I do hope for the safe return, this is not a path I would recommend others to try. Just like those hikers.
  • Ken 2011/03/05 04:45:08 (edited)
    What's the odds of Obama and Clinton of getting something done on this? Nil.
  • bman~AVA~BTTB 2011/03/05 04:10:10
    Interesting story. I'm a little surprised he's still alive.
  • James Rowntree 2011/03/04 22:19:01
    James Rowntree
    Maybe that case ties in with Hezbollah being active in smuggling cigarettes between states in America... buying them cheap in low-tax states and smuggling them to sell in high-tax states... with the profits going to finance...? Jehad? Hezbollah USA branch?
  • BlueMax372 James R... 2011/03/04 22:38:57
    This could very well be.
  • James R... BlueMax372 2011/03/04 23:13:24
    James Rowntree
    Just shows... smoking cigarettes REALLY can be bad for your health...
    wonder what those Hezbollah cigarette smugglers spend their profits on?
  • jubil8 ... James R... 2011/03/05 14:36:13
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Guns? Virgins?
  • James R... jubil8 ... 2011/03/05 15:29:23
    James Rowntree
    Guns I can believe... Good luck with finding a virgin most places in America...
    except in a convent... or junior school.
  • Drew~PWCM~JLA~ 2011/03/04 22:17:12
    Good luck with that.
  • Murph 2011/03/04 22:06:09
    If we know where he is why aren't we bombing their capitol city till we get him back?
  • BlueMax372 Murph 2011/03/04 22:07:24
    That would be a question for ☭bama.
  • Theresa 2011/03/04 22:00:38
    That is interesting after 4 years we get a sighting!
  • Steve J... Theresa 2011/03/05 03:30:47
    Steve J~PWCM~JLA


    Granted, an American in Iran during 2007..............Yes, they are reliable................

    Now, he magically reappears......................

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